Affiliate Disclosure

One of our business slogans is “Transparency in all communications and a definite commitment to things that make life so much easier for each one of us.” This is why we have created an Affiliate Disclosure page to allow our visitor analyze and do reviews.

If we approve a product or service on our site, then it is likely that we have personally used it or have done a thorough research and believe without a doubt that the relevant product or service is of high quality and of interest to visitors to our site.

Please note that, in some cases, we have established a joint venture with a person or company that produces / manufactures / provides the relevant product or service.

In simple terms, we will receive payment for certain products or services that will result from our promotions and suggestions to our website visitors.

As a result, we also identify / evaluate products and services for which we do not receive payment – of any kind. In addition, our evaluation will provide realism when we believe a product or service does not meet expectations.

In our view, joint ventures allow all of us to benefit from the unity among each of us.

Isn’t life that great?

If you have any questions about our affiliates and / or partnership, please contact us via email at!