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Utilizing documents situated on non-Unitedrepublicoftanzania.com servers

To increase the usefulness of Unitedrepublicoftanzania.com, certain documents, (for example, open source libraries, pictures and contents) might be conveyed consequently to your internet browser by means of a confided in external party server or content provider. The conveyance of these records is aiming at giving a consistent web visitor experience by speeding reaction times and keeping away from requirement every visitor to our website to download these documents. Where relevant, explicit privacy proclamations covering these records are accompanied in our Privacy Notice.

Publishing content in Tanzania’s official languages

The Official Languages (Communications with and Services to the Public) Regulations prerequisites comes up when we utilize both English and Swahili to offer services to or relay information to individuals from the general population. When there is no commitment to give data in both official languages, content might be accessible only in one official language. Content published by entities not impacted by the offical languages law is in the language(s) shared. Content distributed in a language other than English or Swahili is just for simplifying the browsing experience of our visitors.

Connecting to non-Unitedrepublicoftanzania.com sites

Connections to sites not operated by Unitedrepublicoftanzania.com, including those to our social networking pages, are shared exclusively only with the intention of simplifying accessibility of our content to our site guests. We are not liable for the precision, currency or credibility of such sites. Unitedrepublicoftanzania.com doesn’t offer any assurance in such manner and isn’t answerable for the data found through these linkages, and doesn’t promote the websites, the networks and their material.

Web guests should likewise know that content offered by non-Unitedrepublicoftanzania.com websites to which this site connects isn’t dependent upon the Privacy Act or the Official Languages Act and may not be available to people with incapacities. The content offered might be accessible just in the language(s) utilized by the websites being referred to. Regarding protection, guests should explore the privacy documentations of these non-Unitedrepublicoftanzania.com sites prior to giving individual data.

Ownership and content consumption on our site

Content on Unitedrepublicoftanzania.com was generated or put together to for the intention of providing people worldwide with all kinds of readable material regarding the country, Tanzania . You may consume and reuse the content as follows:

Recreation for non-commercial purpose(s)

Except if in any case indicated you may imitate the materials in entire or to some degree for non-business purposes, and in any configuration, without charge or further consent, if you do the accompanying:

  • Take time to review and assure the materials recreated are 100% accurate.
  • show both the full title of the materials imitated, including the creator (where accessible)
  • ensure to note that the recreation is a duplicate of the original material accessible at [URL where original content is available]

Recreation for commercial usage

Except if in any case determined, you may not duplicate materials on this site, in entire or to some degree, for the intentions that are business oriented without getting authorization from the copyright owner. To get a reproduction authorization to imitate any of our material on Unitedrepublicoftanzania.com for business purposes, kindly get in touch with the answerable entity for that content by going to our contact page.

A portion of the material on Unitedrepublicoftanzania.com might be dependent upon the copyright of another entity. Where content has been created or copyright isn’t held by our site, the materials are secured under the Copyright Act, and International accords. Insights about copyright proprietorship are explained on the related page(s).

Brand name notice

The official images of the Unitedrepublicoftanzania.com, including the logo icon, text of the logo, and whole logo itself may not be replicated, regardless of whether for business or non-business purposes, without prior request of approval.

Our responsibility to accessibility

Unitedrepublicoftanzania.com is focused on accomplishing a top quality level of accessibility as characterized in the Standard on Web Accessibility and the Standard on Optimizing Websites and Applications for Mobile Devices. In case of challenges browsing our site pages, applications or gadget based mobile apps, reach us for help or to get other options in formats, for example, standard print, Braille or another suitable format.

Collaborating with us via social media platforms

This notification has been composed to clarify how Unitedrepublicoftanzania.com interfaces with online visitors via social media networks.

Your communication with Unitedrepublicoftanzania.com by means of social media is to a limited extent represented by the Terms of Service/Use of the applicable external social media network providers, plus Terms and Conditions. Unitedrepublicoftanzania.com has no influence over the online social media networks’ Terms of Service/Use, therefore you are highly recommended to peruse them notwithstanding those that follow.

Content and Recurrence

Unitedrepublicoftanzania.com utilizes social media fan pages as another approach for interfacing with visitors worldwide and of sharing the content posted on its site, encouraging access to Unitedrepublicoftanzania.com content and services, and giving partners an option to connect in an insightful and civilized platform.

Since social media networks and their platform are operated externally, our social media pages are dependent upon downtime that might be out of Unitedrepublicoftanzania.com’s control. Our business won’t be answerable to any obligation regarding those networks being inaccessible or unresponsive.

Linkages to different sites and advertisements

Social media networks may post or show links or advertisements for sites that are not under the operations run by Unitedrepublicoftanzania.com. These linkages are given exclusively for the convenience of visitors. Unitedrepublicoftanzania.com isn’t answerable for the content found through these linkages or promotions; neither does it support the websites or their material.

Following, “liking” and subscribing

Unitedrepublicoftanzania.com’s choice to follow, “like” or joining another social media page doesn’t infer any support of that account, channel, page or webpage, and neither does sharing (re-tweeting, reposting or connecting to) content from another entity.

Comments and interaction

Unitedrepublicoftanzania.com will review remarks and take an interest in conversations when suitable. Your remarks and contributions must be applicable and aware that you are on a civilized environment.

Unitedrepublicoftanzania.com won’t participate in sectarian or policy driven issues or react to questions that disregard these Terms and Conditions.

Unitedrepublicoftanzania.com maintains all authority to eliminate remarks and contributions, and to shutdown user accounts dependent on the accompanying rules:

The remarks or contributions:

  • include personal information
  • include protected or classified information of the Unitedrepublicoftanzania.com
  • infringe upon intellectual property or proprietary rights
  • are contrary to the principles of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Constitution Act, 1982 (note: company offices are in Canada, even though website has content related to the United Republic of Tanzania)
  • are racist, hateful, sexist, homophobic or defamatory, or contain or refer to any obscenity or pornography
  • are threatening, violent, intimidating or harassing
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  • constitute impersonation, advertising or spam
  • encourage or incite any criminal activity
  • are written in a language other than English or Swahili
  • otherwise violate this notice

Unitedrepublicoftanzania.com retains the discretion and right to report users and/or their comments and contributions to third-party social media service providers to prevent or remove the posting of content that is contrary to these Terms and Conditions, or to the Terms of Service/Use of the third-party social media platform.

Unitedrepublicoftanzania.com maintains all authority to report visitors as well as their remarks and contributions to external social media network companies to stop or eliminate the posting of material(s) that is violating these Terms and Conditions, or to the Terms of Service/Use of the external social media network.

Accessibility of social media platforms

Social media networks are external entities and not operated by our company. Additionally and are not limited by Unitedrepublicoftanzania.com principles for web accessibility.


Materials, data and content in general posted by Unitedrepublicoftanzania.com is subject to the Copyright Act.


Social media networks are not Unitedrepublicoftanzania.com and represent only their presence on external service providers.

Official languages

Numerous social media networks have a variety of language choices and give guidelines on the most proficient method to set what works for you. Unitedrepublicoftanzania.com regards the Official Languages Act and is focused on guaranteeing that our content is accessible in both English and Swahili and that the two forms are of equivalent quality.