Content Guidelines

Text Guidelines allows and encourages users to publish all kinds of quality text, including reviews, photos, events, votes, suggestions, privacy messages, articles, and so on. Here, all the technical, kindergarten level, and random principles apply.

Please read these guidelines for clarity on the different types of text that you can (or cannot) publish.

  • Inappropriate text: The language of jokes, cunning, embellishments and pictures is okay, but there is no need or tolerance for threats, torture, immorality, hate speech, and other manifestations of bravery.
  • Conflict of interest: It may not be a good idea for you to write a review of your business.
  • Importance: Please make sure your contributions are relevant and follow the best code of conduct. For example, reviews are not a place to complain about business recruitment techniques, political ideologies, unusual events, or other factors that do not address the core of customer experience. We encourage transparency, so if you as a customer have had an unpleasant customer experience, support the business by offering solution suggestions as well as information that you have failed to be provided.
  • Privacy: Do not disclose other people’s private information. Please do not publish close-up images of other people without their permission, and please do not publish the full names of other people unless you indicate the best-known service providers with their full names.
  • Professional Property: This guide is especially difficult for us at Please, please, please, do not take text from websites or other users. Believe in your best and most creative abilities. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create your best reviews, photos and articles! You will do a great job!

Review Guidelines

We always love enthusiastic and transparent review. Remember, words are powerful beyond measure so what you write can change a person’s life course. These are some of the additional things to consider, for experienced reviewers.

  • Personal Experience: We would like to hear your life experience. When you share unique events from your life you provide a wealth of information that customers and businesses can gain valuable knowledge and suggestions. From your story, they will be able to plan the best shopping, appointments, family vacations, e.t.c. Isn’t it good to be a part of that?
  • Accuracy: Make sure your review is accurate. Feel free to comment, but do not distort your experience. We do not take sides in point conflicts, so we hope you support your review.
  • Review Correction: Review corrections should reflect new experience or interaction with business. Staying in antiquity is not fun so don’t go back to the old story you already gave. If you would like to add new knowledge to your old experience, just revise your review instead of writing a new review.

Image Guidelines

In today’s world of high technology, professional images are readily available. You can upload photos to your personal account or to any business listing. The best business photos will reflect the realities of the customer experience (for example business appearance, products / services that the business offers, etc.) Pictures and quotes that show your personal experience are best uploaded to your personal account.

Event Guidelines

Do you have an event, market, celebration, or conference that the world needs to know about? You can post it here. Please do not use the event to publish recurring promotional ads or sales. We also like to keep current text, so please do not publish events more than six months before the event.

Guidelines to Businesses

Businesses need to get involved as well. Ensuring that your business listing is interesting and leaving a realistic review where needed helps you gain customer loyalty and loyalty. For information and resources that provide business information building support, visit the UNITEDREPUBLICOFTANZANIA.COM Training Center.

Other words of knowledge:

  • List Details:

You can use the “Listing” feature to tell all your customers about your business. There is NO limit to the amount of text you can print. Please make sure they are relevant: do not use this opportunity to attack your competitors, reviewers, or UNITEDREPUBLICOFTANZANIA.COM, and do not use them to fill in keywords or publish unique or extension editions – we will remove them as soon as we see them.

  • Public Opinions:

Writing private messages is sometimes the best way to resolve a dispute with a dissatisfied client, but business people can also resolve issues publicly by posting public comments. By resolving issues of customer dissatisfaction publicly you show customers that you are running a transparent business and that you care deeply about their experience. In private messages, we often ask the seller to upload a clear image to help personalize their message. Do not use public comments to initiate personal attacks, make ads, or provide a stimulus to modify reviews.

  • Video:

Video is the best way to grow your business! Be as creative as you can, but make sure the video is clean. We do not condone images of war, drug abuse, nudity, or acts that imply anything. Also, please do not use your video to discredit other businesses, other users, UNITEDREPUBLICOFTANZANIA.COM; request or seek reviews from users; or respond to user reviews.