A Quick Snapshot of the Mtoni Palace Ruins

A Quick Snapshot of the Mtoni Palace Ruins

Background of Mtoni Palace Ruins

Beit el Mtoni means “The Palace by the Stream” in Arabic. The magnificent position of the Mtoni palace ruins on Zanzibar‘s western shore gave rise to the palace’s name. In Zanzibar, this was the island’s most important palace throughout the rule of Sultan Sayyid Said when he transferred the metropolis seat of the Oman Empire from Muscat to Zanzibar in the 19th centenary. It was formerly home to more than 1,000 people, but the castle was abandoned in the 1880s and fell into disrepair.

Music and Dining

Mtoni Palace Concert & Dinner
Mtoni Palace Concert & Dinner

The Mtoni Palace ruins hosts music and dining event roughly twice a week. As the sun begins to go below the horizon, relax and enjoy the sounds of traditional Zanzibar music, delectable cuisine, and the enchanting atmosphere of 1001 nights. Mtoni Palace, where Princess Salme was born, is next door to the Mtoni Palace.

Conservation Efforts

Through the establishment of a museum, the restoration of the garden, and other efforts to enhance the historical space’s beauty and attractiveness, the Mtoni Palace Concert & Dinner, in partnership with the Department of Antiques, hopes to raise funds to assist in conservation efforts. The Mtoni Palace Ruins in Stone Town have been neglected for far too long, and our goal is to make them one of Stone Town’s most popular historical sites. The Mtoni Palace ruins formerly housed over a thousand people is currently being restored by Mtoni Palace Concert & Dinner in conjunction with the Department of Antiques. They’re throwing a spectacle event with a living narrative and delicious fundraiser for the Conservation Project every Tuesday and Friday night.

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