Experience the Wonders of Nature at Nomad Tanzania Serengeti Safari Camp

Experience the Wonders of Nature at Nomad Tanzania Serengeti Safari Camp

First Things First

Experience true luxury while camping in the wilds of Africa at the nomad tanzania serengeti safari camp. The eco-friendly camp’s prime location affords visitors a breathtaking panorama of the Serengeti grasslands and a front-row seat to the incredible annual Great Migration.


Each of the six canvas tents at the serengeti safari camp nomad tanzania is designed to provide visitors with the highest level of luxury without negatively impacting the natural environment. These spacious Meru tents feature a large double bed and an attached bathroom, or they can be separated into two rooms to accommodate a family.

Sustainable Infrastructure

The eco-friendly design extends to the restrooms, which come equipped with bucket showers in the form of a safari and flushable eco-toilets. Guests will have access to hot water whenever they need it while simultaneously reducing their impact on the environment.

Peaceful Ease

At the front of each tent in these serengeti safari camp tanzania is a little open space where guests can sit and take in the breathtaking vistas of the Serengeti. The views and sounds of the African plains are only a few steps away, whether you’re waking up to the sunrise or winding down at sunset.


Regional Cuisine

Enjoy authentic African cuisine cooked by in-house chefs utilising fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Whether you choose to eat inside or out, you will do so with the breathtaking Serengeti scenery as a backdrop.

S’mores Around the Campfire

The outdoor fireplace and seating area is a great location to unwind with a drink at the end of a long day. Relax with a drink, sample some African cuisine, and watch the stars come out.


Guests of the Nomad Tanzania Serengeti Safari Camp will have an unobstructed view of the Great Migration thanks to the camp’s prime location. In their natural environment, thousands of wildebeest can be seen on shared or private game drives led by knowledgeable guides.


Due to the absence of city lights, stargazing in the Serengeti is an experience unlike any other. While taking in the spectacular view of the African night sky, educate yourself about the constellations and the art of star navigation.

Safari in Hot Air Balloons

Choose a hot-air balloon safari (at extra expense) to see the Serengeti from above. Fly through the sky with the birds and clouds, and then come down for a hearty bush meal.


Reviews on Tripadvisor

The service was impeccable; the meal was superb; the staff was both professional and warm; and the atmosphere was inviting. There is nothing more pleasant than the beds in the sleeping tent…” A Londoner named mark121

We spent three wonderful nights at the Serengeti Safari Camp, and we can’t say enough good things about it. The camp was gorgeous, with stunning views, immaculate facilities, and outstanding service. From BetsyRob in Mercer Island, Washington


The Nomad Tanzania Serengeti Safari Camp provides an unparalleled combination of high-end amenities and genuine safari experience. It’s ideal for those in search of an authentic African experience because to its eco-friendly construction, plush lodgings, delectable regional cuisine, and exciting array of on-site pursuits.

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Are you prepared to be enchanted by the Serengeti? The Nomad Tanzania Serengeti Safari Camp is the perfect place to stay for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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