Serengeti Balloon Safari - Kind of Experience and Things to Expect!

Serengeti Balloon Safari – Kind of Experience and Things to Expect!

Brief Overview of the Serengeti Balloon Safaris

You should add romance to your Tanzania safari by taking a hot air Serengeti balloon safari over the Serengeti or the Maasai Mara grasslands. There’s nothing like the rush of soaring above vast plains in the early hours of the morning and then descending into the wild for a champagne brunch.

The spectacular views of the sunrise, appreciating nightlife and crepuscular animals. Serengeti balloon safari is an ideal way to remember a special occasion like a wedding anniversary or a romantic getaway on your honeymoon (see Tanzania honeymoon safari). End the celebration with a lavish champagne breakfast.

Details on a Hot Air Serengeti Balloon Safari Expedition

Yes; it is possible to add a hot air Serengeti balloon safari to any holiday itinerary that includes a visit to the Serengeti or the Mara.

Driven to a Thousand-Foot Height During the Balloon Safari in Serengeti

Before the sun has even risen, you’ll arrive at the designated launch location to start the adventure. Prior the embarking of your Serengeti balloon safari, your hot air balloon’s captain will brief you on how to be safe and give you a taste of what you can expect from your vantage point.

During your hot air Serengeti balloon safari, you will soar to a height of 1000 feet over the park‘s other inhabitants and the Wildebeest Migration. 

Indescribable Vistas and Wildlife Sights in Every Direction

A flight during the hot air Serengeti balloon safari offers spectacular vistas of the surrounding area, as well as a chance to see some of the plains’ nocturnal and crepuscular inhabitants.

This includes cheetahs-lions- leopards-elephants-buffalos-hyenas-vultures-eagles-wildebeests-baboons-warthogs-monkeys-giraffes-zebras-and hippos amongst others.

Hot Air Balloon Safari Serengeti Breakfast for the Senses

You’ll arrive in the woods for a sumptuous breakfast after a scenic Serengeti balloon safari over the plains that last around an hour. A meal in the Serengeti-Mara plains, surrounded by acacias and dense grass, is one of the rarest ways to start the day.

Breakfast for the Senses
Breakfast for the Senses

Rides in a Hot Air Balloon

There’s no better way to take in the park’s splendor than on a Serengeti balloon safari. Observe the wildlife on the ground as you soar silently above the Serengeti plains. For visitors to Serengeti National Park, this is a must-do safari experience.

Balloon Safaris Serengeti National Park

There are four launch sites in Serengeti National Park where daily Serengeti hot air balloon safari flights take off at 06h00: one in the vicinity of Seronera all year round, another runs (from 25 December to 15 March) near Ndutu, the Western Corridor runs (from June to October), and the northern Serengeti (from July to October).

The Adventurous Event

Although Serengeti balloon safari isn’t cheap, they’re worth it. As the dawn begins to rise over the horizon, a bird’s eye view of the endless Serengeti grasslands is revealed. Even nocturnal predators may be preparing for the day as our leaving time is pretty early.

You’ll see more of the Serengeti from above. Still, there may be sections where the Serengeti balloon safari pilot flies low to the ground, putting you in closer proximity to the region‘s wildlife. Flying low over rivers and streams is possible for pilots with substantial experience, gliding just meters above grunting hippos and giraffes. You can get some fantastic aerial wildlife photographs if you fly low. As you soar into the skies, balloonists in their cars keep tabs on your every move from the ground.

Hot Air Ballooning and the Great Migration

safari balloons serengeti
Safari balloons Serengeti and the Great Migration

As part of your Serengeti balloon safari, plan a trip to the Ndutu region between December and March to catch a glimpse of the Great migration and its vast herds of wildebeest and zebra. Keep in mind that the herd is nomadic and may only be in one place for a few days, if not hours, before moving on to the next location. A good fortune will be required for this to work out for you.

Serengeti Balloon Safaris Price

Balloon safari Serengeti cost – A flight above the Serengeti National Park in a hot air balloon usually costs around $599 per person, including the $40 TANAPA ballooning fee (note: The Serengeti balloon safari cost will vary basing on your travel agency). Transportation to and from lodging or camp to the balloon launch location. The Serengeti balloon safari flight itself and champagne brunch are all included in this package (after landing). An approximate duration of 50 to 70 minutes has been estimated for the flight. Additionally, the breakfast location changes daily depending on where the plane lands. Sixteen other people can ride with you in the hot air balloon.

Thinking of Setting up a Hot-Air Balloon Expedition?

Prepare for a start time that is quite early. Seronera and the other nearby resorts depart at roughly 05:30 and 05:00, respectively. Kindly bring some warm clothing and a bag in which you can put your camera and binoculars, as well as any other personal items. Travel agencies for Serengeti balloon safari usually arrange departures from most Serengeti lodges and camps for Serengeti balloon safaris. Serengeti balloon safari is extremely popular and often sell out, so it is always highly recommended making a reservation in advance (especially during peak season).

What if it’s Raining or Cloudy Weather?

When it comes to ballooning, it’s all about the weather. Flight cancellations due to bad weather are rescheduled for another time. Otherwise, your money will be reimbursed if it is not feasible.

Why Would It Be This Expensive?

Balloon flights are pretty expensive but cost-effective in remote areas like Serengeti National Park. After around 850 flight hours, balloons must be replaced by a new one since they must be in such good shape. The cost of a single balloon is more than $100,000. Its fuel and personnel costs for the balloon trip must also be taken into account.

In addition to a trained pilot, each Serengeti balloon safari crew has six personnel—additional ten people (per balloon) work behind the scenes to launch the balloon. As a result, there are a significant number of persons involved. Furthermore, rescue vehicles, transfer vehicles, and backup operations are always ready. This is followed by conservation fees, which account for a significant amount of the total cost.

Other Important Things to Know About the Serengeti Balloon Safari

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