Overview of the Dangote Cement Tanzania, Vision and Beyond

Overview of the Dangote Cement Tanzania, Vision and Beyond

Dangote Cement Tanzania, a powerhouse in the African building industry, talks to us about the company’s national and regional initiatives and operations.

The African continent is massive in size.

It not only has abundant mineral wealth and a diverse range of national markets, but it also benefits from its continental positioning, which allows it to effectively export commodities to the Indian Sea Areas, the Middle East, and Europe.

African architecture is a flourishing industry within its own borders, and Dangote Cement is a major player in the industry in several countries.

Dangote Industries Ltd, a worldwide, multinational, and completely incorporated conglomerate is the enterprise’s subsidiary. Its Group’s interests are spread throughout various industries in Nigeria [with its head office located in Lagos] and the whole of Africa. The Group’s fundamental business objective from its creation in 1978 has been to produce local, value-added goods and services that satisfy the people’s “basic needs.”

Dangote Cement, the Group’s business unit, is very much respected in the pan-African building and construction industry, and the company has an acknowledgeable, trustworthy, and recognized presence in Tanzania. With a manufacturing capacity of approximately 48 million tonnes per year covering ten countries, the firm is the primary producer and distributor of cement in Sub-Saharan Africa. The above activities make the corporation the largest cement manufacturer in Sub-Saharan Africa.

“I started in this sector in 1981, and it’s both a fascinating and trying time because of exporting potential and a tough 2020,” says Abdullahi Baba, GM of Dangote Cement Tanzania.

Before rising through the ranks of the corporation to attain his current position, Baba worked as a Chemical Engineer and a Process Manager.

“Before coming to Tanzania in August of last year, I had the luxury of taking up the Project Manager position for Dangote Cameroon and managing it.”

Abdullahi Baba, GM of Dangote Cement Tanzania
Abdullahi Baba, GM of Dangote Cement Tanzania

Innovation and Optimization by Dangote Cement Limited Tanzania

Dangote Cement Tanzania is growing its power capacity to extend its output in both volume and variety, thanks to its international presence, name, and its continental cement supply.

“In addition to creating leverage and participating more successfully in the market, we have broadened our product range by adding more silos,” Baba says. “Like our CNG [compressed natural gas] station also known as the Dangote Industries Tanzania Thermal Power Station, this is a huge breakthrough.”

The CNG station at Dangote Cement Tanzania will fuel the company’s trucks, improving productivity with cost-effectiveness and enhanced sustainability policies. Long cement supply routes necessitate the use of CNG fuel, which is a significant component of cost-effectiveness. Using CNG may save up to 40% on fuel expenses while reducing CO2 emissions by 15% for dual-fuel trucks, making it a more profitable long-term strategy.

“We’re quite pleased with our CNG station,” Baba explains. “It’s the greatest and the first in Africa, and we’re thinking about building a bigger one to enhance our services and goods in the future.”

Dangote Cement trucks
Dangote Cement trucks

Behind Dangote Cement Tanzania

Dangote Cement Tanzania’s supply chain is a critical component of the company’s activities’ flexibility, collaborations that ensure operational productivity, and, as a result, its success.

“Our supply chain partners play a critical role in the daily operation of the business. “Starting a company on your own is incredibly tough,” the manager explains. “However, in this case, we have important companies, including gypsum suppliers, whose supplies are important to our operations and existence.”

“It’s critical for us to consider our specific location when determining what we can get locally versus what we need to import from elsewhere, yet we value our local distribution network and the excellent yield we get from the open network between us.”

Although the supplier chain’s role in keeping Dangote Cement Tanzania running smoothly by supplying resources and materials, the achievement and continuing distribution of high-quality cement throughout Africa are due equally to the devotion and expertise of its employees.

Baba proudly proclaims, “With us, workers are our most valuable assets. Regardless of the technology you use, humans will still control it at the end of the day, and we see our staff as the most important part of our business.”

“Dangote Cement Tanzania prioritizes all employee’s skills and bonuses in their working environment. As a result, we attempt to keep our employees happy and motivated by laying out career advancement routes that show everyone how much they can all advance to greater positions in the organization.”

Nurturing a Vision

Dangote Cement Tanzania’s fundamental values include maintaining employee-centric, but it also prioritizes guaranteeing that company’s activities, and footprint benefits the localized operating regions.

Business ethics is not only an option for Dangote Cement Tanzania, but it is also an absolute necessity, particularly in aspects such as societal and environmental improvement.

Baba says, “We take our organizational responsibilities very seriously.” “we’ve worked to raise awareness and provide direct assistance to a variety of groups, such as providing safe drinking water, holding lectures at a variety of educational institutions, and assisting areas affected by the global Pandemic [COVID-19] or HIV.”

“We formed a Community Relations Assembly comprised of ourselves, community leaders, and government officers who meet regularly to evaluate projects and strengthen connections with the communities involved.”

“In addition to that, we’re engaging with district and local schools to promote awareness about sustainability.”

The Dangote Group’s commitment to generating wealth and self-sufficiency throughout Africa and a world-class, international manufacturing organization is closely linked to the company’s sustainability dedication.

This strategy is incorporated in the Dangote Cement Tanzania’s corporate culture and governs its approach to establishing a wealthy and sustainable firm. The greatest level of management guides it.

Dangote Cement Tanzania – 2021 and Beyond

“We hope to boost Dangote Cement Tanzania plant’s production capacity to its maximum potential in coming years,” Baba says. “We are very enthusiastic about both the local and export markets, and we’re certain that we will deliver the entire capacity of this project in 2022 or, at the very least, 2023.”

Dangote Cement Tanzania has enormous potential within the next few years, with its production capacity and creative, sustainable operating practices at the center of its operations.

Dangote Cement Tanzania Contacts

Dangote Cement Tanzania Address

23km Mtwara / Lindi Highway, P. O. Box 1241, Mtwara
+255 23 234 5134/ +255 744 792 454

Frequently Asked Questions

Dangote cement Tanzania price – As of year 2022, the price of one 50kg sack of Dangote cement is between 14,500/- to 17,000/-. There is variations depending on what part of the country you purchase the cement

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