Quick Overview of the Msalato International Airport

Quick Overview of the Msalato International Airport

Msalato International Airport ICAO: n/a, (IATA: n/a,) is a planned international airport project in Dodoma Region, Tanzania. It is designed to serve Dodoma, the capital city of Tanzania.

Location of the Msalato International Airport

The proposed New Dodoma Msalato International Airport would be situated in Msalato Ward, roughly 14 km (9 miles) north of Dodoma’s central business center. The airport would take up 45 sq km (17 square miles) of land.

Overview of the Proposed Msalato International Airport

The capital’s airport, Dodoma Airport, is situated within the city’s municipality with bigger planes unable to land on it. Dodoma Airport cannot be easily enlarged because of its location. Tanzania’s government aims to build the Msalato International Airport  which will handle big cargo and passenger planes carrying politicians, tourists, entrepreneurs and diplomats along with their bags.

Msalato International Airport Construction Project

After weighing the options, the government of Tanzania has opted to construct a new greenfield international airport that will serve Dodoma, the country’s capital city, with funds borrowing funds for the project from the African Development Bank (AfDB).

Dodoma Airport
Dodoma Airport

Msalato International Airport will be a three-story terminal facility for leaving and incoming passengers with a capacity of 1,500,000 people per year is part of the infrastructure involved. There is one main runway that is 3,600 meters long and 60m wide, with 2 taxiways and two parking aprons that can handle numerous A330 aircraft at the same time. Departure and Arrival gates, fences, airport roadways, and automobile parking yards are all included. Radar equipment, a control tower, a fire station and related fire-fighting equipment, an airplane fueling station, a water distribution and supply system, a dedicated system supplying electricity with back-up plan, and a meteorology station are all part of the operations infrastructure.

Funding of the Msalato International Airport

The funding sources are shown below in the table.

Please note that all figures are in USD.

Sources of Funding for Msalato International Airport

Rank Source Local Currency USD Millions Foreign Currency Percentage
1 African Development Bank 52.60 198.63 146.03 60.29
2 African Development Fund 6.37 23.00 16.63 6.98
3 Africa Growing Together Fund (AGTF) 10.88 50.00 39.12 15.18
4 Government of Tanzania 21.56 57.84 36.28 17.55
Total 91.41 329.47 238.06 100.00

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