Kenya Tanzania Safari Reviews - From the Eyes of Awestruck Travelers

Kenya Tanzania Safari Reviews: From the Eyes of Awestruck Travelers

Exploring the heart of Africa through a safari can be an experience like no other. Today, we delve into some authentic Kenya Tanzania safari reviews from real-life travelers who savored the wild, unfiltered beauty of Africa’s finest game reserves.

Outstanding Support from Expedition Leaders

Travelers had nothing but praise for their Nat Hab expedition leaders. Described as a “greatest asset,” they were highly appreciated for their courtesy, knowledge, and dedication to ensuring travelers’ needs were met.

“Our expedition leaders were our greatest asset! From our first call to our adventure specialist to our final drive and farewell at the airport, everyone was courteous, knowledgeable, and focused on our every need.” – B. Mrazik

Unforgettable Wildlife Sightings

One of the highlights of these Kenya Tanzania safari reviews was the close-up encounters with wildlife. Travelers relished the exclusivity of these sightings, often without any other tourists in sight. The guide’s expertise was noted to enhance this already exceptional experience.

“The unbelievably up-close sightings, and how private the trip felt without many–if any–other tourists around, were what we loved most about the trip–and our guide greatly enhanced this exceptional experience!” – R. Magnusson

Exceptional Safari Experience

Travelers expressed gratitude for their guides’ knowledge, keen eyesight, and humor. The safari experience exceeded their expectations, offering memorable moments every day. The resounding sentiment? They will definitely be back!

“Thanks once again for a truly wonderful safari experience. We greatly appreciated our guide’s knowledge, amazing eyesight and good humor. It exceeded all our expectations. We will be back.” – D. Baylis

Immersive Wildlife Observation

Travelers found joy in observing wildlife in their natural habitat. For many, it was a phenomenal experience, one that often left them in disbelief at the beauty they were witnessing.

“I most enjoyed the opportunity to observe and take in the wildlife in truly remarkable natural settings. Phenomenal!” – J. Jerde

Special Moments at Every Turn

The safari journey was a unique experience, with each game drive offering something special. It was hard for travelers to pick a favorite moment from their trip.

“Hard to pick out one thing we enjoyed most. Every game drive had special moments.” – S. November

Rare Wildlife Interactions

The safari offered some rare wildlife interactions and photo opportunities. Additionally, the chance to visit and interact with the local Maasai tribes was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many.

“We had several amazing views of predation in action, which provided some rare photo ops. The interactions with the Maasai were truly once-in-a-lifetime experiences!” – D. Vanasek

Attention to Detail and Organization

Travelers praised the level of organization and attention to detail during their safari. The effort put into training guides was also greatly appreciated.

“I am incredibly impressed with the level of organization and attention to detail by your company. I appreciate enormously that you put so much effort into training guides.” – P. Jenkins

Superior Customer Service

The Nat Hab camps were lauded for their intimate experiences and superior customer service. The company’s assistance in making the journey hassle-free, even during airport transfers and border crossings, was highly appreciated.

“The Nat Hab camps offered intimate experiences and superior customer service. I was impressed with how Nat Hab helped us every step of the way, in and out of airports, on border crossings, etc., making the journey virtually hassle free.” – P. Magnusson

Luxurious Safari Accommodations

The safari tent accommodations were reported to be more plush than many hotels. Travelers loved the classic bucket showers and the excellent meals served during their stay.

“The safari tent accommodations were more plush than many hotels we have stayed in. All meals were excellent–excellent flavor and attractively presented.” – B. Mrazik

Passionate and Knowledgeable Expedition Leaders

The expedition leaders’ knowledge about wildlife and the geography of the areas visited was highly praised. Their passion for their work, conservation, and Africa was evident in their enthusiasm and excitement.

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