Arrow Glacier Camp – Location, What to Do, How to and More

Arrow Glacier Camp Kilimanjaro – Location, What to Do, How to and More

Arrow Glacier Camp Elevation: 4860 Metres (AMSL)

Arrow glacier camp vicinage clichéd its name in honor of Mount Kilimanjaro‘s nearly extinct, if not entirely extinct, Arrow Glacier.

Climbers ascending through the Western Breach route primarily spend the night before attempting to climb the nearly vertical wall.

It’s prevalent for different Kilimanjaro routes like Shira and Lemosho to pass close by, although most trekkers do not remain at the camp.

The only built structures in the camp are the pit latrines located within a small wooden cabin, which are used for the camp’s toilets. It accommodates only tents.

Due to the complexity of the western breach path, which necessitates special clearance, the camp is rarely used.

Aside from that, the camp is only used for the climb to the top; the way down is an entirely separate route.

Is There Anything to Do at Arrow Glacier Camp?

You can explore the region around the western breach or continue your journey to Karanga hut by hiking or rolling into a tent (camping, picnicking, and having lunch).

When is the Most Incredible Time of the Year to Encamp at Arrow Glacier Camp?

From July to February, the driest and hottest months of the year.

Locality in the Arrow Glacier Camp

Kilimanjaro’s tallest peak, Kibo, can be seen from the Arrow glacier camp.

Kilimanjaro’s tallest peak, Kibo
Kilimanjaro’s tallest peak, Kibo

Kibo’s Western breach is also visible from Arrow glacier camp. A massive landmass collapsed from the sides of Kibo, creating a nearly vertical wall roughly 100 meters high, which is seen from the Western breach.

In addition, the alpine desert portion of the mountain where Arrow glacier camp is located has strong winds, minimal rainfall, and very low humidity. This makes for an ideal camping spot.

Because it’s near the equator, the Arrow glacier camp is one of the few places in Tanzania where snow can fall occasionally.

Moisture condensation can lead to the formation of ice at night.

There are no plants or animals in the vicinity of Arrow glacier camp other than a few spiders.

How Do You Get to Arrow Glacier Camp?

Walking or bicycling are both viable options.


Amount of elevation above mean sea level (in meters): M.A.M.S.L.

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