Bougainvillea Safari Lodge Tanzania

Bougainvillea Safari Lodge Tanzania: A Haven of Tranquility and Adventure

Welcome to the Bougainvillaea Safari Lodge Tanzania, a haven of comfort and friendliness in the heart of Karatu. This page welcomes you to discover all of the lodge’s distinctive features and experiences.

Enjoy Tanzanian Hospitality

In the cosy confines of the Bougainvillaea Safari Lodge, you may experience the true essence of Tanzanian hospitality. This lovely lodge is located on the outskirts of Karatu town, giving guests the best of both worlds – the bustling life of the town and the tranquillity of the countryside.

The Accommodation: Relax in Style

Relaxation is prioritized at Bougainvillaea Safari Lodge. The lodge has 32 cottages, each designed to provide guests with home-like comforts. These cottages are scattered throughout the property, with some in the coffee garden and others surrounding the pool.

Types of Rooms

  • The Standard Room has a king or king bed, a dressing area, a fireplace and a private bathroom with a shower.
  • The Double Room is identical to the Standard Room but has a little more space.
  • The Twin Room has two single beds, a dressing area, a fireplace, a private bathroom with shower and a terrace with views of the gardens.

Check-in time begins at 12 p.m. and ends at 10 p.m.

Garden - Bougainvillea Safari Lodge
Garden – Bougainvillea Safari Lodge

Activities: Participate, Explore, and Have Fun

Bougainvillaea Safari Lodge is about adventure as well as luxury. The resort provides a diverse range of activities to accommodate every guest’s preferences.

Wildlife Observation

The lodge is conveniently located near some of the world’s most stunning wildlife sites, including the World Heritage Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Lake Manyara National Park.

Swim or Unwind

If you want to spend the day relaxing, the lodge’s stunning gardens and pool are ideal. The pool is just a few feet away from the villas, so you can take a refreshing plunge whenever you choose.

Walking and Hiking

The resort is perfectly positioned within walking distance of the town for those who enjoy exploring. You can take a stroll through a vibrant African neighbourhood, explore the local market, or go for a walk in the countryside.

Bird Observation

Tanzania is home to over 1200 bird species, making it a bird watcher’s delight. Even if you are not a bird enthusiast, you will be captivated by the lodge’s colourful and interesting avian visitors and residents.


After a long day of exploring, treat yourself to a relaxing massage at the resort. The massage room is conveniently positioned near the pool bar.

Cultural Outings

The lodge allows you to learn about the local tribes by visiting the Iraqw, Hadzabe, or Datogo settlements.

The Perfect Scenery

Every part of Bougainvillaea Safari Lodge has a breathtaking outlook. Your time at the lodge will be filled with spectacular scenery, whether it’s the lush tropical gardens, the calm pool area, or the busy town.

Information on How to Contact Them

You may reach Bougainvillea Safari Lodge Karatu Tanzania at the following numbers for additional information or to book your stay:

Phone: +255 27 253 4083 Email: Address: P O Box 342 – Karatu, Tanzania, East Africa


Bougainvillaea Safari Lodge Tanzania provides the best of both worlds, whether you are searching for a calm retreat or an active holiday. It promises to provide a wonderful stay with its excellent accommodations, diverse activities, and warm Tanzanian hospitality.

At Bougainvillaea Safari Lodge Tanzania, you will experience the authentic essence of Tanzanian hospitality.

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