Tanzania Birding Tours are a Popular Pastime

Tanzania Birding Tours Offer You the Chance to See More Than 1,388 Species of Birds!

Tanzania Birding Tours are a Popular Pastime

When it comes to Tanzania birding tours, the country is a birder’s dream come true.

Over 1,388 unique bird species are found in Tanzania, and many more than that migrate in from Europe and southern Africa, making it one of the top birding locations on the planet. All kinds of birds can be found, from the massive Marshall eagle to the delicate sunbird and from the secretive shoebill to the ever-present Marabou!’

Tanzania’s diverse topography and microclimate play a role in the abundance and diversity of the country’s species. We’ve included a few of the most popular tourist attractions and Tanzania birding tours in the list below. However, those with a lot of guts can journey further away in pursuit of some scarce specimens (the shoebill in the central-western wetland complex of the Moyowosi-Kigozi, for example)

Enriched Bird Habitats in Tanzania and Malawi’s Eastern Arc Mountains

The mountain Pare, Usambara, Udzungwa, and Mahenge stretching from the north to south, respectively, are part of these mountain ranges. They are the oldest in East Africa and home to some of the largest unique species in the world.

Ten million years ago, when the Eastern Arc Mountains were isolated from the rest of the world, they created an ideal habitat for a wide variety of flora and fauna. Now, they are one of the few areas on the earth where you may find really endemic species and even new ones.

It’s safe to say that the Udzungwa Range National Park, which lies north of Tanzania’s Selous Game Reserve, is the EBA’s most significant reserve. This park is home to a wide variety of native species from across the country. Visitors seeking to see these endangered birds can find a more accessible refuge in the neighboring Amani Reserve. The park is definitely one of the best in terms of all Tanzania birding tours.

Amani Nature Reserve - Flora, Fauna, Research Station and More

Birding is Possible in the Country’s Northern Regions

When two tectonic plates collided, it created the northern Tanzanian national parks with an equal mix of barrenness and fertility. You can see a lot of big raptors and scavengers in the Serengeti, Lake Manyara, and Tarangire National Parks, but here are some more Tanzania birding tours places to escape the “flock”:

  • The Lakes of Momella: These lakes, located in the northern part of Arusha National Park and fed by subsurface streams, provide a sanctuary for waterbirds. Many different kinds of herons, ducks and waders, as well as flamingos and pelicans, can be found here.
  • Lake NatronOn the Kenyan side of the Ngorongoro Crater is a well-known Rift Valley Lake. Subterranean springs and the Ewaso Ngiro River provide the water for this oasis. These 2.5 million or more lesser flamingos go to this tough region of caustic waters and dry ground around August and September to raise their chicks. Even if nothing else, the sheer awe of it is among the worthy things to see in Tanzania.
  • Rubondo Island: In the southern part of Lake Victoria, this is a little island that has been overlooked for a long time. Until recently, it was an untapped resource in the perspective of Tanzania birding tours. One of the island’s numerous advantages is that it attracts a wide variety of birds because of its forested and watery landscapes.

Birding in Abundance in the Southern Region of Tanzania

These two large national parks, the Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha National Park are wonderful Tanzania birding tours options for birdwatchers. The Selous and a few other lesser-known places are included below.

  • Selous Game Reserve: It’s a great site to see a diverse range of birds, from the fish eagle to the malachite kingfisher and the secretary bird, thanks to the Rufiji River’s winding path through the Selous.
  • Amani Nature Reserve: A must-see for birdwatchers in southern Tanzania is the Amani Reserve, which is located in the Eastern Arc Mountains.

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