Jambiani Beach - Here is Why You Should Visit

Jambiani Beach – Here is Why You Should Visit

What to Do on Zanzibar’s Finest Beaches

Are you hoping to create lifelong memories in Zanzibar? The beach at Jambiani is a must-see! Here are some reasons to go to Jambiani beach, as well as some pointers on how to get the most out of your time there.

This is the idyllic, low-profile Zanzibar resort of your dreams. A quiet spot where men deliver their early morning catch by foxhole boats and the lively young people’s soccer match played on the Jambiani beach until it’s swallowed by the incoming tide.

Clusters of coral stone, thatch-roofed cottages, and natives greet visitors with a fete and smile.

Also, blue seas gently lap across endless satiny white beaches, visible with jogging tortoises along its coastline.

According to Jambiani Beach’s sustainable development and tourist success, communities can keep their traditional livelihoods while simultaneously reaping the benefits of small-scale tourism.

The writer of this article had the good fortune to be able to call Jambiani Beach “home” for ten wonderful days, separated from the bustle of the town center by a leisurely 20-minute walk down a magnificent beach (see more below).

We almost didn’t leave Jambiani Beach because we had such a great time there!

Learn why it was so difficult for the writer of this article to say our final farewells to Jambiani beach (and why it might be for you, too) and how to get the most out of your stay by reading on!


Consider the most recent Covid-19 criteria and limitations while planning a trip. Travel insurance is a must-have before you leave your country.

Eight Goals You Should Set If Planning to Visit Jambiani Beach

1. That Bodacious Sand Beach

What else can I say? I’m not sure how much more I need to say about this. Everything at Jambiani beach can be seen in the shot above.

High tide on the stretch of beach between Jambiani and Paje in Zanzibar is a sight to behold, and it’s one of the most beautiful on the island.

A wonderful beach vacation can be had with the combination of beautiful white sand beaches backed by coconut trees, clear, warm water, and unique, gorgeous coral rock formations.

On Zanzibar’s southeast coast, you can always expect to find a long stretch of heaven to yourself at any given time.


When the tide is high, the Jambiani beach is the finest place to swim and take in the beauty. However, when the water recedes hundreds of feet, a vast expanse of coral and kelp can be seen. Indigenous ladies picking seaweed at this time of year give an insight into indigenous people’s traditions and hard work.

2. There is nothing Better Than Jambiani Village When It Comes to Unwind

Jambiani Beach Spa Huts
Jambiani Beach Spa Huts

Jambiani’s village center has something; it’s not much, but that’s exactly what makes it so appealing!

Fewer tourist touts and souvenir shops make for a more tranquil and genuine experience in Jambiani than in neighboring Paje, which is more popular.

Spend your evenings strolling along the village’s sand-filled, medieval walkways lining the main streets.

The village residents are ready to share information about themselves and teach you a few basic Kiswahili phrases, so make an effort to strike up a conversation with them.

It’s possible to try local cuisine, play cards under a shady tree, or enjoy a cold beverage on the Jambiani beach as the fisherman return home from their day’s work.

Soon after arriving, you’ll realize that “pole pole,” which means “slowly slowly” in the native language, is all there is in Jambiani.


Zanzibar is notoriously hot; therefore, the best times to tour the Jambiani beach are in the early morning, late afternoon, or evening, when it is least balmy.

3. Spectacular Beach Resorts and Other Magnificent Accommodations

During our 10-night vacation at Mbuyuni Beach Village, we couldn’t say enough good things about the place.

Midway between Jambiani and Paje sits Mbuyuni, which offers a fantastic restaurant, friendly staff, a large pool, and inexpensive coastal bungalows (Bandas) that are just steps from one of the region‘s most beautiful stretches of beach, which is mentioning just a few.

Also, be sure to check out our in-depth assessment of Zanzibar’s Mbuyuni Beach Village.

Are you searching for the finest choice for your stop-over in Jambiani Beach lodging option?

Look into Mamamapambo Boutique Hotel, Blue Oyster Hotel, Spice Island Resort, and Sea View Lodge located in the heart of the Jambiani beach.

4. Flavor – Packed Local Delights

Food at the Bahari Pizza Restaurant
Food at the Bahari Pizza Restaurant

As a result of our visit to Jambiani beach, we were awed by the island’s unique coastal cuisine and the abundance of excellent eating options that can be found just north or south of the hamlet.

The majority of the city’s top restaurants may be found along the shoreline. A little walk further inland, you’ll find some real gems.


Fadhil Restaurant, Lustania, and Karibu are some of the best Swahili eateries on Jambiani Beach, located on the village’s southern side. While Peterpan specializes in Italian cuisine, Blue Oyster offers a wide variety of seafood and vegetarian options worldwide.

5. Overwater Sundowners are Also Available!

On Jambiani Beach, several restaurants, pubs, and hotels provide “Happy Hour,” a popular concept in this area. Everywhere you go at sunset, there’s always a sundowner in sight!

There is only one place to go to get an entirely dissimilar outlook on your tour – literally!

Due to its distinctive overwater location at the end of a long wooden pier, Spice Island Hotel & Resort’s Jetty Platform Bar is a popular meeting place for refreshments.

Along with a beautiful sunset view, this bar also features one of the most extensive cocktail menus you should definitely try on your Jambiani beach tour.


After doing some comparison shopping, it turned out that ordering gin on the rocks; canned tonic water was about half the price of getting it with tonic. You’re more than welcome.

6. Swimming at the Kuza Cave

As if having your private beach paradise wasn’t enough, just a few kilometers up the road from the community of Jambiani Beach sits one of the most spectacular crystal blue swimming caverns in East Africa.

Alternatively, engage a local guide in Jambiani beach to accompany you to Kuza Cave or look it up alone at an US$8 entrance fee.

Consider this half-day tour organized by a local social enterprise if you want to learn how to cook Swahili food and have a tour of the cave at the same time.


Keep in mind that the cave’s walls may be infested with biting insects; the Piercy sharp rocks below the water’s surface, a sturdy pair of river sandals can help with the latter.

7. Possibility of Quick and Easy Access to Paje

Visitors to Jambiani beach can expect to discover a beautiful beach paradise. When it comes to relaxing and doing nothing, there are few better places to go than the beach.

On the other hand, if you’re feeling restless, head over to Paje, which is right around the corner.

Of the two hamlets, Paje is the most popular with tourists. The attraction of that may or may not be determined by the goal you seek.

If you’re looking to shop for souvenirs, join a good party, or arrange activities like beach bike rentals, boat cruises, or snorkeling, Paje is the way to go.


Want to go on another adventure? Paje Beach and the surrounding area can be explored in-depth on a full-day excursion that includes a stop at Zanzibar’s renowned Rock Restaurant, Kuza Cave, and the monkey-infested Jozani Forest, as well as the possibility to view dolphins!

8. You Won’t Want to Leave This Place!

Make sure that your return tickets can be rescheduled!

In our instance, we had to reschedule our flights several times after just a few hours on Jambiani Beach.

Jambiani beach tour may not be the best choice for those looking for an all-inclusive, hip, or touristy beach vacation.

There is no better choice than Jambiani Beach if you search for a simple, stress-free vacation in a lovely setting with kind and welcoming people; otherwise, look elsewhere.

Why Not Take a Trip to Jambiani Beach In Zanzibar?

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