Paje Beach – Overview, Getting There & Around, What to See and Do

Paje Beach – Overview, Getting There & Around, What to See and Do

Paje beach Zanzibar settlement is located on the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar.

It is on Zanzibar’s east coast (Unguja).

Entry to Paje Beach

Stone Town‘s Mwanakwerekwe market, about 4 kilometres east of the old centre, is where buses to Paje beach depart.

Taking a taxi from the airport to the city centre takes around an hour and costs about $60. Cabs and minibuses are much less expensive when outside the airport. Dala dala (local bus service) is substantially cheaper than taking a taxi. But it’s also slower and less comfortable, all for Tsh 1500! Dala dala is the best way to meet locals and get lots of exciting recommendations for things to do or places to go than any other mode of public transportation. You can arrange for a shuttle van to pick you up from Stone Town (or anywhere else on the island) and deliver you directly to your  ; this will cost more than a $10 dala dala, but it will be faster and less stressful. Taking the shuttle saves money if you’re travelling alone or in a pair, but if you’re travelling with four or more people, a cab will be less expensive. This link will take you to a form to reserve a shuttle. Zanzibus.

You may want to provide the driver with the name of the paje beach hotels Zanzibar you wish to stay at or a more particular direction because the village is almost 5 kilometres long. Do not rely on the driver’s judgement if you haven’t booked specific Paje beach apartments & hotel accommodations; he will take you straight to the most expensive one. Walking 100 metres from the Paje beach crossroads (a roundabout with an adjacent sizeable red store) to the beach is possible.

Dala dala in Zanzibar also known as Chai Maharage
Dala dala in Zanzibar also known as Chai Maharage

Exploring the Paje Beach Village

It’s feasible to walk the village. Only a 5 kilometre stretch to the south, the village can be found from about a kilometre south (Bwejuu) (Jambiani). From Stone Town, you can either drive or take the dala-dala route 309 to get here in around 30-40 minutes. Walking, bicycling, or using a cab (which will cost you about $1.3 per person sharing). Paje beach’s roadways are primarily dirt pathways, making them unsuitable for autos.

Paje Beach Sightseeing

The quaint fishing village sits on a beautiful stretch of beach. Located on the main road from Stone Town to Kitogani, Paje beach is a significant intersection. Jambiani and Makunduchi are accessible by driving north to Bwejuu (turning left) or (turning right). In the vicinity of this intersection are several small businesses and two supermarkets. You’ll find more gift shops as you travel farther into the hamlet, where you can pick up colourful Zanzibarian paintings and a variety of coconut-related items.

Due to its traditional Swahili architecture, visitors to Paje beach can enjoy short walks through dusty “streets” while getting a taste of the inhabitants’ warm demeanor. Be prepared to be approached by scores of children pleading for “caramella,” or sweets. Everyday activities include seaweed collection, coconut fibre rope weaving, boat repair and construction for the residents (dhows). It is customary to get permission before taking pictures in public places. Many people find this to be an excellent source of money.

The vast majority of visitors to Paje beach are either already experienced kite surfers or have the opportunity to learn the basics of this popular activity while they are there. In addition to making kitesurfing paje beach possible, windy weather provides a pleasant kind of natural air. According to Windguru paje beach Zanzibar weather forecasts, the monsoon season has a significant impact on Zanzibar’s climate, so travellers should keep an eye on the forecast before making travel plans.

Football is the focus of the evenings along the Paje beach. Boys of all ages congregate for intense gaming sessions, from the young (9-year-olds) to the elderly (99+). In addition, regardless of the match’s outcome, all participants will have a few drinks shortly after that.

Take long walks along the shore if Paje beach’s laid-back atmosphere makes you uncomfortable. You can reach Jambiani or Bwejuu in an hour, but the hot sun will weary you in 10 minutes. Longer trips can be accomplished by renting a bike, scooter, or motorcycle, which can be gotten at several Paje beach apartments Zanzibar and resorts or by speaking with local touts (locals who enjoy offering any service, from transporting baggage to fishing trips to snorkeling and safaris with dolphins. They have poor knowledge of English but are interested in gaining “subcontracting” to other local people to services for a modest budget with significant profit).

Traditional dancing is performed at the Cristal paje beach Resort Zanzibar every Tuesday night. Reserving a spot is necessary.

Paje Beach Fun Activities to Do

Many kiteboarding schools offer instruction in the sport.

Kiteboarding in Paje beach
Kiteboarding in Paje beach

Take a mild bath when the tide is calm.

One of Zanzibar’s most renowned cooking schools, Tangawizi, is located in Paje beach and teaches Zanzibar’s traditional dishes. Call: +255778883306, 10:30 a.m. Shara Khamis at Page roundabout. Discover Zanzibar’s culture firsthand by participating in this hands-on, authentic cooking class for $45.

Shopping in Paje Beach

Local artists’ works are on sale at a beachside market in the middle of the Paje beach.

A tiny shop (Supa Duka) may be found near the main T intersection in the city. There is only a small selection of wine and cuisine available here. They do not accept credit cards, although they appear to do so.

Paje Beach Eating Options

Several Paje beach hotels and Paje beach restaurants start at about $7 for a meal. Local cuisine includes spaghetti and pizza and costs around $5. Locals serve in a less European and more African style.

Local Zanzibarian cuisine is recommended to tourists since it is usually more delicious and inexpensive than “European” cuisine.

The cuisine from Zanzibar is some of the best in Africa. Indian, Arabic, and African foods make up most of the taste. Even though dozens of local spices are used to prepare the meals, the resulting dishes are mild enough for even the pickiest eaters and those with sensitive stomachs to enjoy.

Most Paje beach zanzibar hotels include a “tourist menu”, including pasta, pizza, chicken, and lamb meals. Still, the seafood and regional specialties menus are almost always the same. A special daily menu (predominantly seafood) is written on the chalkboards in front of them and is made at a low cost. The catch of the day dictates the number of these meals.

Cooks of the United States meals have never had the opportunity to create these meals from the perspective of European chefs, so expect to taste something a little different.

Mr Kahawa at Paje Beach (Next to Kite Centre Zanzibar)

It’s hard to beat Mr Kahawa’s fresh tropical juices, cakes, salads, and wraps on Paje kite beach. Free internet, hammocks, and a beachy ambience make this a great place to spend time while you wait for the wind. The crew is also happy to share local information.

The Ndame Beach Lodge found near Paje beach has a small fishing village on the island’s southeast coast. One of the finest deal restaurants on the beach serves both local and international fare, from Swahili BBQ on Fridays to Pizza Day on Sundays, two of the restaurant’s many events.

Mr Kahawa Paje Beach
Mr Kahawa Paje Beach


Touring Paje beach through to Jambiani, the beach is lined with tiny paje beach bandas and bars such as Dhow Inn paje beach zanzibar, Twisted Palms, Teddy’s Place, Paje by Night, and Kilima Kidogo (north to south).

Generally, Paje beach local bars open from ten in the morning until ten at night. A quiet bar is transformed into a crowded tourist attraction at night. Suddenly, a pleasant respite can become a source of anxiety. There is an event held at Teddy’s every Wednesday night. Sadly, the music is likely to keep  paje beach bungalows visitors in the vicinity awake.

Alcoholic Beverages of Any Kind

These establishments provide African beer (mostly Kilimanjaro or Safari, the latter of which is stronger), wine, and liqueurs from across the world (whisky, vodka, rum, etc.). It’s not too expensive (around 1500 to 2500 Ths). Because alcohol can be harmful when consumed in the sun or at high temperatures, it’s best to alternate alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic ones.

Beverages That are not Alcoholic

Drinking juices squeezed from pineapple, orange, or papaya while fresh is a must experience. A hundred times better than juices available in Europe or the United States. Drinking juice at home will never be the same after experiencing Paje beach Zanzibar tanzania juices.

Paje Beach Lodges and Hotels in Paje Beach Zanzibar

Ndame Beach Lodge, call +255777886611

With its several accommodations and helpful staff, this tropical garden paje palms beach resort is a great starting point for exploring the South East Coast. It has a laid-back vibe and some of the area’s most incredible restaurant deals.

Paje beach apartments, Paje House call +255(0)776610269,

On the Zanzibar-Paje East Coast, the pioneers of the Backpackers movement of Kenya opened a second Backpackers here in June 2015. They’ve taken over the small, run-down kite surfers’ shack in Paje beach Tanzania for a paltry sum of 15000tsh (about 7 euros) per person per night. It’s a straightforward place with no frills. Their linkages to kite- and scuba-surfing facilities are exceptional (free diving and spearfishing). You can walk to the beach, the public transportation system, the bars and restaurants.

Bwejuu (East Coast Bwejuu), Zanzibar’s White Beach Hotel, call +255772279353,

You can check-in at any time, but you must leave by 10:00 a.m on the day of your departure. Six or moew paradise beach bungalows paje Tanzania style accommodation is available at this motel, close to the beach. It’s easy to unwind and feel at home here. Your trip will go off without a hitch when you stay here. There is a USD payment for each or sharing a room. Also included in the price is a complimentary breakfast and applicable taxes for $25.

Dhow Inn, Paje Beach (turn left at the Paje intersection and continue for about 200 metres before turning right), call +255 777 525828

Check-in begins at 1300 and ends at 1200 on the day of departure. This little motel provides a tranquil, cosy, and evocative atmosphere with just six rooms. Attentive service, well-appointed rooms, and complimentary Wi-Fi are just a few of the amenities available at this hotel. In addition, the hotel works with a variety of non-profit organisations in the area. It cost 65$, and no kids are allowed to enter.

Call Teddy’s Place in Paje beach at 255 773 096 306 (turn right at the Paje intersection and then left at the Cristal wall). Backpacker-style lodgings are available. Zanzibari food and a bar are on the menu. It costs around $12 to $25.

Recommendations for Hotels Paje Beach Zanzibar

Hakuna Majiwe Beach Lodge Zanzibar Paje Tanzania

Hakuna Majiwe Beach Lodge is a beautiful beachfront property located in Paje, Tanzania. The paradise beach bungalows paje lodge offers spectacular views of the Indian Ocean and is just a short walk from the infamous kite-surfing beach. Guests can enjoy a variety of activities such as swimming, sunbathing, and windsurfing. The paradise beach bungalows paje zanzibar lodge also offers three restaurants, a bar, and a spa.

VRCLUB Paje Palms Beach Resort Zanzibar

The framissima paje palms beach resort zanzibar, provides guests with luxurious accommodation and five-star service. The paje palms beach resort zanzibar is located on the beautiful island of Zanzibar, Tanzania, and offers stunning views of the Indian Ocean. The resort has a range of different leisure facilities, including a swimming pool, a fitness center, and a spa.

White Sand Luxury Villas Paje Beach Zanzibar

White sand luxury villas Paje Beach Zanzibar offer the perfect blend of privacy and luxury, with all the amenities needed to relax and enjoy time away. Each villa comes equipped with its own private pool, fully- stocked kitchen, and 24-hour concierge service.

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