Matemwe Beach - Overview, Infrastructure, Weather and More

Matemwe Beach Zanzibar – Overview, Infrastructure, Weather and More

Matemwe beach is always open and located on Zanzibar’s northeast coast; it is a small beach that is part of the Matemwe hamlet.

Quick Background of Matemwe Beach. Zanzibar

Matemwe Lodge - Asilia
Matemwe Lodge – Asilia

Fine white sand blankets the shoreline, but the Matemwe beach bedrock is studded with sands and sharp stones. The water is steadily deeper as the slope rises. Some tides affect the resort. Travelers with minor children should avoid this area. Locals hunt for marine life and octopuses daily when water levels drop by 2 kilometers.

There are several hotels to choose from, ranging from affordable rooms to luxury suites and modern bungalows. Tourists can get to the Matemwe beach via taxi or take the beach’s local bus.

Why People Flock to Matemwe Beach Village Zanzibar?

Long and wide beaches make this an excellent place for a beach vacation. There aren’t many people around, but plenty of amenities like sun loungers, umbrellas, and cocktails are always available. The beach is enticing, and the breeze makes it much more so. Only at high tide can you go for a swim. Special rubber shoes are recommended for guests to avoid getting stung by crabs, green algae, and starfish along the coast. Beaches allotted to hotels are safe for swimming and are cleaned frequently.

The Best Time to Visit and Enjoy Matemwe Beach to the Fullest

Monsoon rains and an active sun characterize Tanzania’s climate. Between July and March is the best time to visit Matemwe beach. The wet seasons are from April to May and November to December. When the air temperature hits +38 degrees, and the water temperature hits +30 degrees, February marks the pinnacle of Tanzania’s summer. Due to frequent sea breezes, the temperature in Zanzibar ranges from 6 to 10 degrees.

Accommodation Options – Matemwe Beach Villas

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