Tanzania in July – Reasons to Visit, Weather, Where to Go & More

All You Need to Know About Tanzania in July, Including the Month’s Weather, Top Attractions, and More

Tanzania In July Activities

Tanzania is a large African country well-known for its incredible wildlife, vibrant culture, and distinctive art. The Serengeti is the most prominent area, and for a good reason: the safaris there are second to none. Tanzania has much more to offer regarding its landscapes, ranging from vast plains to majestic mountains and vibrant cultural traditions.

Spectacular cultural events and natural phenomena occur throughout the year in Tanzania, making any time of the year an excellent time to visit.

For a wildlife safari, though, July is hard to beat because it is the most remarkable and driest month of the year. Find all the summertime excitement in Africa you could ever want right here!

Reasons for Visiting Tanzania in July

  • In July, millions of wild animals journey across the Serengeti and the Masai Mara. This event, known as the Great Migration, is a sight to behold.
  • In July, temperatures are generally mild in Tanzania, and there is little chance of rain. So Tanzania weather in July is the best for moving around.
  • The low risk of malaria infection in Tanzania directly results from the dry weather in July when fewer mosquitoes are present.

Tanzania’s Climate in July

One of the best times to visit Tanzania and enjoy all the country has to offer is in July when it is in its dry season. If you didn’t know what the weather in Tanzania in July looks like, now you know.

Tanzania’s most fantastic weather and the slightest chance of precipitation occurs in July. That is something worth hearing as far as the climate in Tanzania in July is concerned. This could make you want to compare the weather in Tanzania in June and July.The humidity is relatively low, making it ideal for day trips to the country’s many national parks.


The average temperature of Tanzania in July is high throughout the day at 26 degrees Celsius. It is recommended to bring along warm clothing for the evenings and mornings, as the temperature decreases to an average of 14 degrees Celsius throughout the month. That’s the beauty of temp in Tanzania in July. Now that you know the average temperature in Tanzania in July, you should start preparing to come.

Precipitation and Cloud Covers

An average of seven days of no rain in Tanzania in July makes it the driest month of the year. The days won’t be cloudy, so invest in sunscreen to avoid sunburn. Arusha Tanzania weather in July will give you the same treatment. So don’t ignore that advice thinking that weather in Arusha Tanzania in July will be different.

Time of Day with Sun

The month of July is the shortest in Tanzania, with only 8 hours of daylight on average. The sun usually rises at 6:30 in the morning and sets before 6:30 in the evening. 

Itineraries for Tanzania in July

Serengeti National Park (a World Heritage Site)

A lion pride resting on a tree in Serengeti National Park Tanzania
A lion pride resting on a tree in Serengeti National Park Tanzania

If you plan a trip to Tanzania in July, the world-famous Serengeti should be at the top of your itinerary. The park is fantastic at any time of year due to its wide range of wildlife, but in July, you can see massive herds of wildebeest crossing the Mara River. You can never complain about the weather in Serengeti Tanzania in July when you have the opportunity to see wildebeests migrate.

Several locations in the northern and western parts of the park offer excellent vantage points for wildlife viewing and plush lodgings ideal for unwinding after a day of exploring. The Serengeti is the ideal place to witness the Great Migration, unlike anything else you’ll see on a safari.


The Zanzibar archipelago, a semi-autonomous coast off Tanzania’s mainland, provides visitors with a radically different perspective on Tanzanian culture. Beautiful and more relaxed than the mainland, the island is perfect for anyone seeking a cultural experience and a unique vacation destination.

Some of the island’s attractions include the UNESCO World Heritage Site and labyrinthine Stone Town, where getting lost is a piece of the adventure, the diving opportunities and beautiful beaches, and the unique blend of tastes in most local cuisine. Your Tanzania in July time will be completely different from what you would have on the mainland, but it will still be incredible.

July’s Events in Tanzania

Take a Safari Expedition

In case it hasn’t been made clear yet, a safari expedition to some of Tanzania’s stunning national parks and wildlife reserves is the most critical thing to do in Tanzania in July. Expect to see antelopes, giraffes, zebras, migrating wildebeest, and lions.

If you are staying in one of the Serengeti or Ngorongoro Crater lodges, your expedition package likely includes a safari experience. However, July is one of the busiest months for this activity, so make your reservations as early as possible.

Feasting on the Traditional and Regional Cuisines

You can find authentic recipes, local flavors, and cuisines in many of Tanzania’s cities and towns, away from the tourist zones and resorts.

Excellent taste fusions can be found here, with Indian food heavily influenced by local cooks who have added their unique spin.

Zanzibar pizza, mchicha, and manazi are all great options if you’re in a restaurant with high food safety standards. Honey beer, banana beer, and the locally distilled spirit known as “gongo” can be on the menu for thirsty visitors.

The Cost and Gatherings

Northern Tanzania’s national parks and game reserves will likely be somewhat congested from July through August when most tourists visit Tanzania for excellent safari opportunities. This is so because of the weather in Tanzania in July and August. Because Tanzania in July is the height of the tourist season in Tanzania, those planning a trip there are advised to make hotel reservations as far in advance as possible. The weather in July in Tanzania is ready to welcome you.

Festival and Fun Things to Do in July

The International Film Festival of Zanzibar

One of the largest annual cultural festivals in East Africa is the Zanzibari International Film Festival, commonly known as the Festival of the Dhow Countries. The festival began as an effort to promote regional economic and social prosperity through the film industry’s expansion; it is currently celebrated at multiple locations across the island of Zanzibar with lectures and film screenings.

The Great Exodus (Migration of the Wildebeest)

An annual movement of grazing animals, known as the Great Serengeti Migration. During this time, millions of animals move between the Serengeti and the Masai Mara ecosystems in search of new grazing areas. Every year, tens of thousands of tourists flock to Africa to witness this world’s most incredible natural phenomena.

The Persian New (Mwaka Kogwa)

This is celebrated in Zanzibar, Tanzania, every month of July. With Tanzania in July weather being a perfect one for celebrations, this occasion is never a dull one. As well as the usual elements of an east African festival, such as dancing, drumming, and singing, the occasion also features rites meant to usher in prosperity for the coming year. Men from both villages fight each other as women parade through the hamlet in their finest clothing and sing songs about love and family before setting a cottage on fire and having a large feast.

Common Tanzania in July Related Queries

In July, What Do People in Tanzania Typically Wear?

Pack light layers to adapt to the hot and dry conditions throughout the day in July. Also, bring scarves and sunglasses to keep the harsh sunlight off your eyes and face. Packing a thick outer layer is recommended, especially for the evenings and early mornings when the temperature might drop significantly. That’s what usually happens when it comes to temperature in Tanzania in July. Telling you to carry all those things is a polite reminder as far as what to wear on safari in Tanzania in July is concerned.

In July, Can You Do Without Malaria Pills in Tanzania?

Unless you want to stay at an altitude of over 1800 meters, all areas of Tanzania may require malaria prevention medication. Although the risk of being bitten by an infected mosquito is lower in July due to the dry weather, you should still take measures.


Travelers go to Tanzania in July to take advantage of the country’s best weather conditions and enjoy the country’s most popular activity, a safari.

Tanzania is a beautiful country with a lot to offer tourists of all ages, especially in July, whether you pick a typical vacation in one of Tanzania’s national parks or opt for something a little different with a stay on the coast. Since you already know what is the weather like in Tanzania in July, planning to visit can never be a mistake. You can still do research on Tanzania weather in June and July to find out more.

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