Best Time to Visit Tanzania – January to December Details

Best Time to Visit Tanzania – January to December Details

Finding the best time to visit Tanzania can be a bit tricky since the country is characterized by a tropical climate that varies according to the area. Low-lying parks tend to be cooler and dryer than those by the coast. When the Great Wildebeest Migration occurs between July and October, Tanzania is at its most beautiful.

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Who knows, your decision might bring you face to face with one of these paths if you choose the best time to visit Tanzania.

Tanzania’s Seasonal Variability

There are fewer options in terms of finding the best time to visit Tanzania than in July and September when the country’s long dry season lasts. The Great Migration, Safaris, trekking, and beach vacations in Zanzibar are premiered during these months.

It’s no surprise that these are the over-embellished months to stop over. As a result, the accommodations and recreation grounds will be more crowded, and some will demand an additional fee.

Make your trip in late October to early December, when the rainy season is in full swing. This would be the best time to visit Tanzania to avoid crowds of other tourists and costs.

If feasible, avoid traveling during the rainy season, which lasts from March to May. This period is definitely not the best time to visit Tanzania because events are frequently canceled at the last minute due to torrential rains.

Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort in Nungwi
Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort in Nungwi

A Monthly Breakdown of the Best Time to Visit Tanzania

Engrossing Tanzania in January

November and December usually experiences just a few light showers, as a result the weather in January is hot and dry.

Short, rainy showers are possible but are more likely at night.

It’s acclimating time at Ndutu Plains. Hence, a visit in January can be the best time to visit Tanzania, especially towards the month’s coming to an end, is an excellent opportunity to see a swarm of wildebeest and its progenies.

Enjoying Tanzania in February

The Ndutu Plains see an increase in the number of settlers as temperatures continue to shoot up.

February is the best time to visit Tanzania since exploring the northern and southern parks, Kilimanjaro, safaris, and beach vacations in Zanzibar becomes a very attractive option for many.

Short rains are possible; however, they are more likely to fall at night than during the day.

Mount Kilimanjaro
Mount Kilimanjaro

Absorbing the Month of March in Tanzania

High temperatures persist as the migrants advance westward heading the Grumeti River.

Its adventure is still the same as February and can be enjoyed at the beginning of the month; however, the rainy season begins in Tanzania around the end of the month and would probably be not the best time to visit Tanzania then.

The month of April in Tanzania

This month of year is not recommended as the best time to visit Tanzania, as heavy downpours could disrupt scheduled activities.

Several hotels also shut down due to the long rainy season beginning in April. It’s also more treacherous to climb Kilimanjaro.

The month of May in Tanzania

May is a rainy month like April, making it arduous as well. While the dense foliage is beautiful, it is more challenging to observe wildlife. This is another month that does not fall into the category of best time to visit Tanzania.

Tanzania Captivating Revival in June

The lush foliage and extended downpour climax in early June, making it the best time to visit Tanzania and an ideal bird-watching fix.

There are frequently drier conditions and more species in the Savanna by the end of the month. The migrants hasten their journey back from the Grumeti.

An Enchanting Tanzania in July

This month marks the beginning of the best time to visit Tanzania. In Tarangire National Park, elephants gather while migrants make their way to Kenya.

More remote parks like Ruaha or Selous in the southern safari circuit can let visitors avoid the high season crowds and prices.

Visitors are strongly advised to reserve their preferred hotel in advance.

July is also a great time to visit Zanzibar. It is somewhat more relaxed but still dry than the December to March period.

You may want to pack some warm clothing for the early morning safari drives and sunset drinks in the bush on the mainland.

Elephants herd at Selous Game Reserve
Elephants herd at Selous Game Reserve

In August, Tanzania is Captivating

Tanzania’s dry and pleasant August weather makes the month also one of the best time to visit Tanzania.

The Big Five’s movements become more predictable as they seek water sources, making it easier for guides to locate them and increasing your chances of spotting them.

Natron is also a popular destination for flamingos, flock there in droves searching for food and safety from the lake’s otherwise ominous waters.

August and September are the most remarkable months and best time to visit Tanzania for diving since the water is evident and clear of pollution. The Indian Ocean islands are the nesting ground for baby turtles.

The Month of September, Tanzania

The final month of peak season can be crowded, with prices still high. September disperses the herds of migrants all through the Serengeti plains.

Their biggest obstacle is the Mara River, which originates in Kenya’s Northern Serengeti.

It’s terrific to see herds of wildebeest scurrying over crocodile-infested streams. Still, the sights of terror and confusion they cause remind visitors of the vicious cycle of life.

You may watch turtles hatching in the crystal clear waters of Zanzibar and near the shore. From this perspective, September can be the best time to visit Tanzania in terms of the animal actions you will see, but cost wise probably not.

The Month of October in Tanzania

The best time to visit Tanzania is still possible to be October despite the peak season being over.

There are still plenty of animals to see.

A short rainy season can begin around the end of October, making the first week or so optimum for a trip.

Wildebeest crossing Mara River
Wildebeest crossing Mara River

The month of November in Tanzania

The short cloudburst begins in November. Many accommodations remain open during the low downpour of November and early December.

Showers tend to be short and only occur at night. More birds can be seen in the safari parks as the grasslands and savannah return to their natural green. Passages are conceivable when the migrants slowly advance south from Kenya.

Between November and March is the best time to visit Tanzania particularly in Zanzibar and Mafia because at this period they are good places to see whale sharks.

The Month of December in Tanzania

While there may be some rain in December and March, it tends to fall throughout the night and last only a few minutes.

It’s the best time to visit Tanzania’s popular island Zanzibar because the weather is warming up. Booking in advance is advisable for the days leading up to Christmas since a spike in prices can ensue.

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