Zanzibar Beaches - The Legendary and Exotic Vacation Destination

Zanzibar Beaches – The Legendary and Exotic Vacation Destination

Overview of the Best Beaches in Zanzibar

Magnificent Zanzibar beaches and their unusual scents make Zanzibar, which is the world-famous spice island, known worldwide as one of the hot vacation destinations for beach holidays.

The option to visit Zanzibar island, known for its spices and the slave trade of the 19th century, is more than just a stop on a travel itinerary. The unique mix of stunning beaches in Zanzibar thrilling activities like seeing a working spice plantation, and cultural sights like Stone Town‘s Arabian defenses and minarets makes it an ideal vacation destination.

There are just a few major roads on the island, all of which go back to Zanzibar, the island’s capital, on the west. If you get to the shore, you’ve gone too far. Because of its simplicity, it’s a great starting point for anyone looking to explore further.

The island is approximately 40 kilometres in diameter and 100 kilometres long at its broadest points. The island (Unguja in Swahili) is relatively tiny, with a ridge running north to south through its middle and stunning powder-white beaches on its eastern shoreline, protected by barrier reefs. There lies Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site on its western tip. The Indian Ocean and a protected barrier reef line its eastern coast. The best of Tanzania beaches Zanzibar are located here, with white coral sand and calm waters.

Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the main settlement (Zanzibar Town) are located in the Zanzibar Channel, which runs down the island’s west coast. Even though there are some lovely beaches on the island’s west coast, this side of the island isn’t usually considered a beach destination.

Stone Town City in Zanzibar
Stone Town City in Zanzibar

Due to the best beach in Zanzibar, the island’s geographic location, barrier reef, Zanzibar can provide a wide range of tourist attractions, such as scuba diving, beautiful beaches, and locally sourced seafood. Those looking for adventure can visit the Jozani jungle, which is home to red colobus monkeys native to the island, and spice tours at a tiny farm outside of Zanzibar Town for a glimpse into why the island has become so well-known.

Please peruse the list below for a short overview of the main Zanzibar beach Tanzania and lodgings.

Best Beaches Zanzibar

Nungwi, North

This is one of the best zanzibar beaches. You’ll be awestruck by the stunning shoreline surrounding this northernmost point of this island. Azure waves and white shores await visitors. Due to the coral cliffs running north from the hamlet, many hotels are unable to reach their beaches during high tide.

This is not a significant drawback, however. With the village’s modest backpacker culture and the fact that it’s easy to get around, this is an excellent place for those who prefer getting out of the hotel for a drink or two.

Essque Zalu, Ras Nungwi, and The Z Hotel are some of the hotels on Zanzibar’s Nungwi shoreline.

Ras Nungwi beach hotel
Ras Nungwi beach hotel

Kendwa, North West

On the western side of the island, there are only a few residences. Kendwa beach Zanzibar is an exception to this rule, as it is one of the few Zanzibar beaches in the area worth establishing a presence on. With views out to the island of Tumbatu, the beach here is a stretch of white sand that dips into the azure sea.

During the day, they are excellent, but at night they are even better, unlike other Zanzibar beaches, much shallower where the tide retreats much further than it does here on the island.

Although this is an exceptional beach, it can only be shared with a small number of people due to the scarcity of suitable properties in the area, as previously noted.

Kendwa: Kilindi and Zanzibar beach hotels are some of the hotels on Kendwa in the Northwest.

Matemwe, North East

This offers views of the small and remote Mnemba island, a popular destination for visitors to Zanzibar’s northeastern coast. It has remained largely untouched by tourists until recently, unlike many of the other Zanzibar Tanzania beaches.

Is it any wonder that this beach, which is both beautiful and expansive, has become so popular? It’s possible to swim all day long on this beach because of the extensive tidal range, but when the tide comes in, it’s truly a paradise. This is true for many of Zanzibar beaches.

As previously mentioned, traffic has picked up in the past year or two.

Zanzibar’s Matemwe region comprises the Sunshine Hotel, the Green and Blue, Matemwe Retreat, and Matemwe Main.

Matemwe beach Zanzibar
Matemwe beach Zanzibar

Kiwengwa and Pongwe, East

Zanzibar’s Matemwe beach to the north is an excellent example of a typical beach on the island. This continues out to seaweed fields and eventually the deep water canal and barrier reef at low tide, creating a wide ribbon of white. There are palm-lined beaches that extend for miles back to the main road at high tide.

One of our favourite sites on the island to unwind is along this stretch, which is home to many fine villas and fewer tourists (as some of the other areas are). Villas on Pongwe’s beach are an excellent choice because it’s one of the best on the island. If you’re hoping for something more than just a beach, you’ll be disappointed to learn that there are no cynosure to explore.

List of Hotels located to the East of Kiwengwa and Pongwe is

Pongwe Beach Hotel, Mchanga Beach Hotel, and Shooting Star.

Kizimkazi, South

As previously mentioned, this is a region that appears to be primed for growth. Although it isn’t recognized as the best beach Zanzibar, many visitors come to the seashore for the outstanding diving and snorkeling.

Visits to this location, on the other hand, have a lot of advantages. The first is that, while the beaches are open, they are yours to use at will. The second benefit is that you will have complete privacy due to the low volume of visitors. For one thing, this beach (apart from Fumba!) is amongst the quickest and easiest among all of Zanzibar beaches in terms of getting to.

Hotels on Kizimkazi’s beach are Unguja Lodge and The Residence.

Bwejuu and Dongwe, South East

One of the island’s most popular beaches may be reached by driving north from the hamlet of Paje beach Zanzibar. This is one of Zanzibar’s best stretches of hotels and lodges. This length offers a wide range of accommodations, and the island’s best beaches can be found here virtually every day.

This stretch of coast has various properties that we highly recommend, especially the Breezes area. Only at low, low tide is the beach affected; swimming and the popular activity by tourists of snorkeling in Zanzibar are also possible here at all other times.

Our only gripe is that the diving isn’t up north, in Mnemba or the far south as good.

The Baraza Breezes, Echo Beach Hotel, and Matlai Boutique Hotel are some of the best Zanzibar beach hotels in Bwejuu beach Zanzibar.

More zanzibar Beach Holiday Locations

The Above Beach Zanzibar Tanzania are Highly Suggested for:

Diving and snorkeling

Family Safaris

Solo Safaris

Tanzania beaches

Tanzania Honeymoon 

A Quick Glimpse of the Zanzibar Structure

The magnitude of 1,020 square miles

Positioned just off Tanzania’s east coast

Advised periods of stay, 5–7 nights

Visit at the appropriate time all year

Coral sand beaches on the eastern side, while tropical forest on the western and central sides with Topography Coral island

Resorts and Beach Hotels in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a beautiful island archipelago that has become a popular destination for tourists seeking a tropical getaway. The island offers a range of resorts and beach hotels that cater to different budgets and preferences.

Zanzibar Beach Resorts

There are multiple resorts all over Zanzibar. Here’s a list of the best Zanzibar beach resorts:

Zanzibar Hotels on the Beach

Here’s a list of the best beach hotels in Zanzibar:

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