Zanzibar City – History, Climate, Wards, Demographics and More

Zanzibar City – History, Climate, Wards, Demographics and More

Where is Zanzibar City?

Is Zanzibar a city? Zanzibar City (sometimes called Zanzibar town or simply Zanzibar) is the largest city and capital of Zanzibar in the United Republic of Tanzania. Zanzibar City Africa is situated on the west shore of the primary island in the Zanzibar Archipelago, Unguja. The city is also the capital of Zanzibar West/Urban Region. It qualifies as a district, and it is officially called Zanzibar Urban District. The city’s population as of 2012 was 223,033.

Zanzibar Cities

The cities in Zanzibar are made up of two main sections, Ng’ambo (Other Side) and Stone city Zanzibar Town. Historically, a creek divided the two areas. A large street known as Creek Road now marks the divide. Historically, stone city Zanzibar Tanzania is the heart of the town and served as the capital city of Zanzibar. In 2000, UNESCO declared Zanzibar city stone town a World Heritage Site due to its unique culture and architecture. The Zanzibar Revolution brought about the development of Ng’ambo around Stone Town. Ng’ambo is a modern and larger area housing various office buildings as well as big apartment blocks like the Michenzani neighborhood.

Flights to Zanzibar City

Many domestic and international airlines serve the city of Zanzibar through the Abeid Karume International Zanzibar city Airport.


The first English vessel arrived in the city Zanzibar in 1592. The Sultan of Oman and Muscat, Said ibn Sultan, established his kingdom’s capital in Zanzibar City Tanzania in 1824. The city was a major slavery center and one of the major ports for the slave trade in East Africa. In 1846, the island’s slave population was 360,000 for 450,000 dwellers. British adventurer David Livingstone stuck around in Zanzibar while getting ready for his final tour of Tanzania. Zanzibar city Tanzania Africa was proclaimed a free port in 1892.


The Zanzibar city weather is similar to the entire Unguja Island, Zanzibar has a tropical climate that is marginally hotter than the climate in Pemba. According to the Koppen climate categorization, the city’s climate is categorized as tropical monsoon. With an average temperature of 80.4°F (26.9°C), Zanzibar City has an average yearly rainfall of 59.5 in (1,512mm). The monthly temperature of Zanzibar City ranges between 77.2°F and 83.8°F (25.1°C and 28.8°C). The city experiences two rainy seasons. The majority of its rain falls from March to May, while the lighter rain season falls between the last two months of the year. January to February are drier months, and there is along drier season that falls between June and October.

Month January February March Apr. May June Jul. August Sept October November December Year
Average high 0F 0C 92.1




93.4 (34.1) 93.6




89.1 (31.7) 87.1




86.0 (30.0) 84.7
















90.3 (32.4) 91.4(33.0) 89.2 (31.8)
Daily mean 0F (0C) 83.3 (28.5) 83.8 (28.8) 83.8 (28.8) 81.5 (27.5) 79.9 (26.6) 78.6 (25.9) 77.4 (25.2) 77.2 (25.1) 78.1 (25.6) 79.0 (26.1) 80.8 (27.1) 82 (28) 80.4 (26.9)
Average low 0F (0C) 74.5 (23.6) 74.5 (23.6) 74.3 (23.5) 74.1 (23.4) 72.9 (22.7) 71.2 (21.8) 70.2 (21.2) 68.9 (20.5) 68.4 (20.2) 69.1 (20.6) 71.4 (21.9) 73.6 (23.1) 72 (22.2)
Average rainfall inches (mm) 2.7 (69) 2.6 (65) 6.0 (152) 14.1 (357) 10.3 (262) 2.3 (59) 1.8 (45) 1.7 (44) 2.0 (51) 3.5 (88) 7.0 (177) 5.6 (143) 59.6 (1,512)

Zanzibar City Education

Established in 2002, the Zanzibar University (ZU) is situated in Tunguu.

Zanzibar University
Zanzibar University

Houses of Worship

The houses of worship in Zanzibar city are mainly Moslem mosques. Christian temples and churches are also found in the city, such as Assemblies of God, Roman Catholic Church, Anglican Church of Tanzania, Tanzanian Baptist Convention, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church.


Tanzania is split into constituencies for legislative elections. For the elections held in 2010, the Zanzibar city district had 10 of the 19 constituencies in the region.

  • Rahaleo Constituency
  • Mpendae Constituency
  • Mji Mkongwe Constituency
  • Magomeni Constituency
  • Kwamtipura Constituency
  • Kwahani Constituency
  • Kikwajuni Constituency
  • Jangombe Constituency
  • Chumbuni Constituency
  • Amani Constituency

Wards and Zanzibar City Population

Administratively, there are 45 wards in Zanzibar Urban District

S/N Wards Legislative Constituency 2012 Population
1 Muembe Makumbi Chumbuni 8,354
2 Karakana Chumbuni 8,610
3 Chumbuni Chumbuni 10,925
4 Shaurimoyo Kwamtipura 8,335
5 Mkele Kwamtipura 7,140
6 Kwamtipura Kwamtipura 11,572
7 Kilmahewa Juu Amaani 4,714
8 Kilmahewa Bondeni Amaani 5,116
9 Amaani Amaani 6,156
10 Sebleni Amaani 5,102
11 Kwa Wazee Magomeni 6,454
12 Nyerere Magomeni 9,657
13 Magomeni Magomeni 6,165
14 Sogea Magomeni 4,801
15 Muungano Kwahani 5,304
16 Kidongo Chekundu Kwahani 2,290
17 Kwahani Kwahani 4,815
18 Mikunguni Kwahani 2,984
19 Kwaalamsha Kwahani 3,479
20 Makadara Rahaleo 5,048
21 Gulioni Rahaleo 2,488
22 Muembe Ladu Rahaleo 2,954
23 Mlandege Rahaleo 2,070
24 Rahaleo Rahaleo 1,950
25 Mwembeshauri Rahaleo 1,933
26 Kwaalinato Jang’ombe 5,438
27 Matarumbeta Jang’ombe 2,711
28 Urusi Jang’ombe 7,532
29 Jang’ombe Jang’ombe 6,122
30 Meya Mpendae 5,777
31 Mpendae Mpendae 13,252
32 Migombani Mpendae 7,164
33 Kilimani Kikwajuni 2,911
34 Miembeni Kikwajuni 6,095
35 Kisima Majongoo Kikwajuni 2,615
36 Kikwajuni Bondeni Kikwajuni 2,257
37 Kikwajuni Juu Kikwajuni 2,408
38 Kisiwandui Kikwajuni 1,590
39 Mwembetanga Mji Kongwe 2,610
40 Vikokotoni Mji Kongwe 1,872
41 Mchangani Mji Kongwe 2,211
42 Malindi Mji Kongwe 3,204
43 Kiponda Mji Kongwe 1,654
44 Mkunazini Mji Kongwe 3,308
45 Shangani Mji Kongwe 3,886
  Zamzibar Urban TOTAL 223,033

Zanzibar City Demographics

Historical Population

±% Population Year
+8.3 percent 223,033 2012
23.0 percent 205,870 2002
+51.2 percent 167,318 1988
+61.6 percent 110,669 1978
+38.4 percent 68,490 1968
+4.7 percent 49,502 1958
+34.1 percent 47,284 1948
-29.6 percent 35,262 1910
___ 70,000 1870

What to Do in Zanzibar City

Tanzania Zanzibar city is a beautiful city in East Africa that is known for its Zanzibar city beach and crystal-clear waters. There are plenty of things to do in Zanzibar city in terms of activities and attractions to keep visitors busy. Whether you’re interested in exploring the city’s history and culture, the Zanzibar city nightlife, eating local cuisines in Zanzibar city hotels or simply want to relax on the beach. Some of the top things to do in a city tour Zanzibar City include visiting the House of Wonders, exploring the Old Fort, and visiting the Spice Island of Unguja. 

Stone Town Zanzibar City Tanzania Facts

One of the old forts in Stone Town Zanzibar
One of the old forts in Stone Town Zanzibar

Stone Town, also known as Mji Mkongwe, is the capital of Zanzibar City, Tanzania. It is located on the western coast of the island of Zanzibar, on the Indian Ocean. The stone town zanzibar city is known for its architecture, which is a mix of Arab, Indian, and African influences. Zanzibar stone city is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Top Zanzibar City Hiking Tours

When it comes to choosing a hiking tour in Zanzibar Tanzania City, there are many factors to consider. Depending on your fitness level, the time of year, and your budget, there are a variety of hiking tours to choose from. Here are the top Zanzibar city tour recommendations;

  1. The Zanzibar City Sunrise Hike: This hike takes place every morning and is a great way to start your day. The hike begins at 6:00 am and takes you to the top of Little Africa, where you can watch the sunrise over the city.
  2. The Zanzibar City Sunset Hike: This hike takes place every evening and is a great way to end your day. The hike begins at 6:00 pm and takes you to the top of LittleAfrica.

The Best Hotels in Zanzibar City

The Zanzibar archipelago off the coast of Tanzania is world-renowned for its stunning beaches, beautiful coral reefs, and friendly locals. But it’s also home to some of the best Zanzibar city Tanzania hotels. From luxury resorts to more modest accommodation, there’s something for everyone in Zanzibar City.

  • Zanzibar+palace+hotel+zanzibar+city+tanzania
  • Zanzibar+palace+hotel+house+831+kiponda+area+zanzibar+city+tanzania
  • jafferji+house+&+spa+zanzibar+city+tanzania

Cafe Zanzibar New York City

Cafe Zanzibar is a New York City institution, serving up some of the best coffee in the city. The cafe is located in Zanzibar new York city, in the heart of the East Village and has been serving coffee to locals and tourists alike for years.

What is the Capital City of Zanzibar

Zanzibar city is the capital city of Zanzibar. Zanzibar capital city is located on the eastern coast of the island of Zanzibar. The city has a population of about 300,000 people. Zanzibar city flights to Zanzibar city are available from many major airports around the world.

What is Unique About Zanzibar City Pictures 

What is unique about Zanzibar city images? The city is located on an archipelago off the coast of Tanzania. Zanzibar city is known for its beautiful beaches, coral reefs, and spice plantations.

Zanzibar city photos can be bought online for people who would love to purchase them. Images of Zanzibar city are also available on the Island from street vendors and in art galleries. The Zanzibar city map can also be purchased from the street vendors and tour shops.

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