Zanzibar University - Degree Courses, Programmes, Accreditation and More

Zanzibar University: Degree Courses, Programmes, Accreditation & More

Zanzibar University, located in Zanzibar off the coast of Tanzania, is privately owned. In 1998, its opening marked Zanzibar’s first university, under the sponsorship of an Islamic religious organization, the Darul Iman Charity, from Ontario, Canada.

The Zanzibar University’s location is in the Tunguu area, part of the central district,12 miles (19 kilometres) from Zanzibar city. Its campus sits on 170 acres or 0.69 km2 in the quiet countryside facing beside the Indian Ocean. Public transport is available to Zanzibar University.

Historical Background of the Zanzibar University

In 1994, Zanzibar’s former President, Aboud Jumbe Mwinyi, appealed to representatives from the Darul Iman Charity stationed in Dar es Salaam to construct a technical college in Zanzibar. Upon acceptance of this request, construction started in 1994 and ended in 1997.

President Salmin Amour Juma
President Salmin Amour Juma

Establishing the Zanzibar University superseded the goal of creating a technical college, as requested by Zanzibar President Salmin Amour Juma, after completion of the construction in 1997. The Darul Iman Charitable Association agreed to the request from the government of Zanzibar.

Subsequently, the official opening of Zanzibar University took place by April 1998. The university’s founding vice-chancellor was Prof. Shamseldin Z. Abdin from Sudan. He started his tenure by opening the university until the 2002 graduation of its first class.

Prospective Programmes at the Zanzibar University

The Zanzibar University had a plan to start humbly with the business administration faculty. Rapid entry of businesses and resort hotels, including the gradual growth of the country’s tourism industry, convinced the sponsors, Darul Iman, to start with the business administration faculty to satisfy the business community’s immediate needs.

In 1999, the law and Shariah department was established, and by 2002, the arts and social science department was established. In the next 7 or more years, plans were to erect more structures to accommodate extra faculties, including engineering, health sciences, and sciences. All these faculties at the Zanzibar University were soon to offer doctorate, master’s, bachelor degrees.


In 1999, Zanzibar University got a Certificate for Provisional Registration with a Certificate for Full Registration by 4 May 2000.

The Zanzibar University has set up a small business development center with Maastricht, The Netherlands’ Euro-Afro Management Research Centre (E-AMARC).

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