Detailed Insight About the Abdulrahman Al-Sumait University

Detailed Insight About the Abdulrahman Al-Sumait University

The Africa Muslims Agency (AMA) established Abdulrahman Al Sumait University or SUMAIT University, initially known as the University College of Education Zanzibar (UCEZ), Tanzania, by 1998. SUMAIT University is named after Dr Abdulrahman Hamoud Al-Sumait (1947–2013), a founding member of the AMA. The university’s main campus is at Chukwani.

Dr Abdulrahman Hamoud Al-Sumait
Dr Abdulrahman Hamoud Al-Sumait

Educational Programs at the Al Sumait University

The Sumait University has four faculties: Arts and Social Studies, Education, Islamic Studies and Shari’ah and Science. SUMAIT University awards Bachelor of Science with Education (BSc. Ed.) and Bachelor of Arts with Education (BA. Ed.), Bachelor of Arts in Counseling Psychology, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (B.Sc. Inf. Tech.) with approval from the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU).

Professional and Continuing Education Centre

In 2014, the continuing education department at the Sumait University established to offer non-degree courses at diploma or certificate level with accreditation from the National Accreditation Council for Technical Education (NACTE).

Research and Postgraduate Studies (CRPS) Centre

The center coordinates the Sumait University’s research, publishing, consulting, and postgraduate studies. The centre has so far published several books. By December 2017, SUMAIT University Journal (, the university’s first academic journal, was launched, having Arabic, Kiswahili and English scholarly articles with two issues annually.

According to Zanzibar Mail Reports, SUMAIT University planned to introduce an Islamic Jurisprudence Programme and an MA. in Shariah. The courses were expected to begin at the university’s main campus. The TCU approved.

SUMAIT University Journal (SUJ)

Details About the Journal

The Sumait University Journal is a publication of the Center of Research and Postgraduate Studies (CRPS) of the SUMAIT University of Zanzibar, Tanzania, as a peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journal having ISSN: 2507-7864.

Sumait University Journal has open access published biannually in Arabic, Swahili and English, with articles in multiple research areas such as, without limitation to Art, Islam, Computer and Information Technology, Natural Science and Social Studies.

Its first publication as a printed journal was in 2016. Five issues of the journal have been printed until December 2019, when it went online. This kept pace with modern advancements while allowing more searchers access to articles from multiple fields across the globe.

Sumait University Vision

Becoming the leading journal publishing scientific study articles and contributing to quality research quality in multiple academic fields.


Promoting the role of the Sumait University raising and developing overall research standards according to methodological trends in different fields meeting the objectives of the publication.

Sumait University Objectives Include:

  1. i) Disseminating innovative research discoveries from students, academics, and researchers.
  2. ii) Bridging between research and development through publishing up to date authentic research studies, techniques, approaches, case studies and reviews.

iii) Producing original and qualitative research.


SUMAIT University’s library has approximately 13,000 books, newspapers, subscribed periodicals and journals. The library belongs to COTUL supporting staff and students to work together and share information with other libraries in Tanzania. It also has a connection with Kuwait’s GUST library. The electronic version of the library has over 50 computers.

Sumait University Ranking

By January 2018, SUMAIT University was among the top 31 Tanzanian universities in Tanzania according to UniRank ranking. Webometric ranking ranked it among the country’s top universities and among the top 200 African universities.

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