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Sokoine University of Agriculture Tanzania – Courses, Application, Alumni and More

The government of Tanzania-owned Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), situated in Morogoro, specializes in agriculture. The institution got its name from Edward Sokoine, the country’s second prime minister.

Edward Moringe Sokoine
Edward Moringe Sokoine

Introduction of the Sokoine University of Agriculture in Tanzania

The establishment of Sokoine University of Agriculture was on 1 July 1984 according to an act of Parliament Number. 6 1984. The centre of Morogoro Municipality is 3.0 km, while Dar es Salaam is about 200 km west of the university. Sokoine University of Agriculture has four campuses, including a constituent college.

These Sokoine University of Agriculture campuses include:

  • Main campus at Moringe, Morogoro
  • Solomon Mahlangu campus, Morogoro
  • Mazumbai Campus, Lushoto
  • Olmotonyi Campus, Arusha

The six mandates of Sokoine University of Agriculture include customs care, selling, research, outreach, consultancy, and training. Sokoine University of Agriculture offers training leading to obtaining doctorates, masters, bachelors, diplomas, and certificate programmes include Information and Library Science, Records, Archives and Information Management, Animal Health and Production, Laboratory Technology.

Sokoine National Agricultural Library doubles as Sokoine University of Agriculture library and that of the country. The library services the university community plus other stakeholders in agriculture and other related sectors. Undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Information Sciences are available.

Sokoine University of Agriculture Morogoro Tanzania Background

The Sokoine University of Agriculture’s history goes back to Morogoro by 1965, after establishing it as an agricultural college with diploma training in agricultural activities. The dissolution of the East African Community in 1970 also led to the closure of the University of East Africa, the only university across East Africa that was offering degrees in agriculture programs.

The Tanzanian government had to establish a domestic institution, leading to creating the University of Dar es Salaam’s faculty of agriculture. Sokoine Agriculture College under this umbrella, with a mandate from the University of Dar es Salaam, began offering BSc in Agriculture.

Additional progress went on to develop the agriculture faculty; by 1974, a forestry division was created and by 1976, there was the establishment of a veterinary science division. It inspired the faculty to change its name to “Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Sciences“. With increasing admissions, parliament split the faculty and established an independent university to boost Tanzania’s Agriculture growth. Relying on the act of parliament Number. 6,1984, the faculty got university status known today as Sokoine University of Agriculture.

Academics at the Sokoine University of Agriculture

Sokoine University of Agriculture Courses for Undergraduates

Sokoine University of Agriculture teaches students at undergraduate levels to get undergraduate degrees in the following 24 disciplines;

BSc. programmes

  1. Agronomy
  2. Agriculture General
  3. Human Nutrition
  4. Horticulture
  5. Food Science and Technology
  6. Agriculture Economics and Agribusiness
  7. Applied Agricultural Extension
  8. Aquaculture
  9. Animal Science
  10. Range Management
  11. Agricultural Engineering
  12. Wildlife Management
  13. Forestry
  14. Biotechnology and Laboratory Sciences
  15. Education (Chemistry and Biology; Chemistry and Mathematics; Geography and Biology; Geography and Mathematics, Information Technology and Mathematics options)
  16. Bio-process and Post-harvest Engineering
  17. Environmental Sciences and Management
  18. Information Technology
  19. Family and Consumer Sciences
  20. Agricultural Education
  21. Irrigation and Water Resources Engineering

Bachelor programmes

  1. Rural Development
  2. Tourism Management
  3. Veterinary Medicine

Postgraduate Courses at Sokoine University of Agriculture

Sokoine University of Agriculture has the following programmes to award master’s degrees in the following 39 disciplines;

MSc. programmes

  1. Agricultural Education and Extension
  2. Agricultural Economics
  3. Irrigation Engineering and Management
  4. Agricultural Engineering
  5. Land Use Planning and Management
  6. Soil Science and Land Management
  7. Crop Science
  8. Food Science
  9. Tropical Animal Production
  10. Human Nutrition
  11. Ecosystems Science and Management
  12. Forestry
  13. Comparative Animal Physiology
  14. Wildlife Management
  15. Clinical Chemistry
  16. Biochemistry
  17. Applied Toxicology
  18. Pharmacology
  19. Veterinary Pathology
  20. Anatomy
  21. Applied Microbiology
  22. Clinical Pathology
  23. Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
  24. One Health Molecular Biology
  25. Public Health and Food Safety
  26. Parasitology
  27. Veterinary Surgery
  28. Epidemiology
  29. Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology
  30. Applied Veterinary Anesthesiology

Master programmes

  1. Veterinary Medicine
  2. Preventive Veterinary Medicine
  3. Applied Agricultural Economics
  4. Applied Cell Biology
  5. Natural Resources for Sustainable Agriculture
  6. Rural Development
  7. Project Management and Evaluation

MBA programmes

  1. Evening Programme
  2. Agribusiness

Doctor of Philosophy

Sokoine University of Agriculture offers PhD programmes according to research areas of specialization and research in soil and water management and coursework.

In-service Programmes

The Institute of Continuing Education (ICE) collaborates with centers, faculties, and other institutes to offer short-term in-service courses to operational and field staff, plus extension services and training to community leaders and farmers. It also handles coordinating outreach programmes.

Other Important Information About Sokoine University of Agriculture

Sokoine University of Agriculture Logo

Sokoine University of Agriculture Logo
Sokoine University of Agriculture Logo

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