Brief History of the Tanzania Parliament

The Beginning of Tanzania Parliament to Date and It’s Leaders

Sir Donald Cameron (1925–1931)” src=”” alt=”Gavana wa Tanganyika, Sir Donald Cameron.” width=”300″ height=”353″> Gavana wa Tanganyika, Sir Donald Cameron (1925–1931)

The Tanzania Parliament was created in year 1926 as the Tanzania Mainland‘s Legislative Council  – the area which used to be called Tanganyika. This Council started basing on the law that was created by the Parliament of Britain known back then as the Order of the Tanganyika Legislature. This new order was made public via newspapers in the state of Tanganyika on June 18, 1926. It was a council with a number of members that total 20 from the time it started which was December 7, 1926 overseen by Chairman Sir Donald Cameron who was also the Governor of Tanganyika.

The First Parliament of Tanzania

The replacement of the governor was done by appointing the first speaker to become the council’s chairman in year 1953. The speaker’s office was officially established on November 1st of year 1953.

In year 1958, a small number of elected Tanzania parliament members for the first time were included in the council. This was the first time the colony allowed an election. The number of political parties involved in the elections were only three, these included the TANU – Tanganyika African Union, the UTP (Tanganyika Party) and the ANC (African National Congress), and TANU was the only winner in numerous electoral units, and became the top political party to elect council members.

The Second Parliament

The second general election for the Council was conducted in year 1960. The elections acted as initial steps for the preparations to transform Tanganyika to become a free state. The whole group of members who were chosen by the Governor to run the colony got dismissed and Tanganyikans were permitted to choose their own council members.

The council’s name was revised and became known as a parliament during the same year. These revisions on that particular year were important constitutional wise to give the Tanganyika’s President an ability to administer all passed laws without dependence or needing any kind of approvest from the Queen of England.

Since the renaming of the council to the Parliament of the Tanzania Republic various changes occurred especially in member type and number. However, his role and authority remain the same as in the past.

The List of Speakers of Tanzania Parliament




Brigadier Sir William Scupham, C.M.G, M.C. From the 1st of November in 1953 to the 30th of April in year 1958
Sir Barclay Nihill, K.B.E., M.C. From the 1st of May 1958 to the 31st of December in year 1958


From 1 January, 1956 – 26 December 1962

Chief Adam Sapi Mkwawa,M.B.E, O.B.E

From 27 November 1962 – 19 November 1973


From 6 November 1975 – 25 April in year 1994

Hon. Chief Erasto A.M. Mang’enya, MP

From 20 November 1973 – 5 November 1975

Hon. Pius Msekwa, MP

From 28 April 1994 – 28 November in year 2005

Hon. Samwel Sitta, MP

From 28 December 2005 to year 2010

Anne Makinda

Hon.Anne Makinda, Mp

From 10 November2010 to 16 November, 2015

Hon.Job Ndugai, Mp

From 17 November in year 2015 to today.

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