Beach Holidays in Tanzania - What to Expect, Best Beaches, When to Visit

Beach Holidays in Tanzania – What to Expect, Best Beaches, When to Visit 

Overview of the Beach Holidays in Tanzania

Gorgeous white sand beaches and year-round warm weather makes beach holidays in Tanzania a beach lover’s paradise.

Tanzania, Zanzibar, and the other islands along the coast are blessed with year-round sunshine and a warm climate of roughly 30 degrees centigrade. The option to go on Northern Tanzania safaris is only a couple of hours away by plane, while the Southern Tanzania Safaris are only 45 minutes away. It’s easy to see why Tanzania’s meteoric climb to safari and beach holidays in Tanzania glory has been so meteoric. It is in the most advantageous position of any African country!

In this post, we’ve attempted to emphasize the diverse sides of Tanzania’s beach “ensemble” by providing an overview of both sun-seeking destinations and those oriented toward those seeking a little more. Islands and beach holidays in Tanzania and around the country’s coast can be classified roughly into the following categories:

Beach Holidays in Tanzania That are Secluded and Calm

In this first category of beach holidays in Tanzania, is a group of beaches along the continental shore that no one has ever highlighted before. Even though they don’t often appear in Conde Naste, these are the kinds of beaches where you may relax with a cocktail and a game of backgammon while getting away from it all. With no one around for miles, you still get the sensation that you’re in an entirely different place than the Zanzibar beaches, which are sparkling white and aquamarine.


The Best Beach Holidays in Tanzania to Opt Which Offers Privacy Include the Following:

To the South of Dar

This is one of the places to go for beach holidays in Tanzania that are exquisitely quiet beaches and total privacy. A short flight or two-hour drive south of Dar es Salaam will take you to some of Africa’s best-kept secrets and most beautiful coastlines. The south of Dar es Salaam is a great place to start or end a trip, and it’s well worth the effort. Please peruse the following lodging options:

It is suitable for; Equestrian sports, Beaches activities and the Tanzanian shores vacation.

The northern part of Mozambique and the Selous might be included in your itinerary; Honeymoon of a lifetime and the Unfathomable South.

The National Park of Saadani

The National Park of Saadani
The National Park of Saadani

Saadani is among the few beach holidays in Tanzania that provides an opportunity to combine safari and beach in one trip. It’s the only place in Tanzania where you can go on a wildlife drive in the morning and then swim in the Indian Ocean before lunch! The park does not have an abundance of games. Still, it is home to a unique collection of animals and an excellent choice for tourists looking for a gorgeous and exciting beach holiday.

In recent years, poaching and general neglect have left Saadani as one of Tanzania’s least-visited national parks. But this perception changed after a shift in public image and attitudes in the late 1990s. The park’s size was expanded, and the local residents were included in its protection.

Today’s Saadani has seen considerable transformations. Its notoriety has grown dramatically due to the opening of several high-quality lodges and the publication of several reliable reports of wildlife encounters. Most people who can’t afford a more extended, more isolated park consider this a sampling opportunity rather than a destination for those looking for ample wildlife.

Among the many benefits of visiting Saadani instead of other destinations for beach holidays in Tanzania is the wide range of activities, such as walking safaris, boat cruises on the Wami River, and the more traditional game viewing. Because of its proximity to the Indian Ocean and its only short flight away from Zanzibar Island, this is a highly appealing option for many.

Tanzania’s coastline is home to numerous beaches.

Destinations for Safari in Tanzania & Beach Holidays in Zanzibar That are Excellent for Divers

Detailed information on Zanzibar’s neighbouring islands, Mafia and Pemba, can be found in the section of destinations for beach holidays in Tanzania that are perfect for diving and snorkeling (listed below). Since many of the properties are located within mangrove forests, the beaches on both islands are never considered stand-alone beach attractions. If you’re looking for a place where you can enjoy the beach as well as the sea, there are a few new houses that have opened in the last few years along lovely coastlines.

Mafia island
Mafia island

The Best Diving and Snorkeling in Zanzibar are:

Island of Pemba

Pemba, an idyllic island resort north of Zanzibar, is renowned for its world-class scuba diving. The archipelago of islands north of Dar es Salaam includes the smaller island of Pemba, which is isolated from its larger sibling, Zanzibar, to the south. If you’re looking for a vacation that’s less crowded, lusher, and offers some of the best diving in the world compared to other spots for beach holidays in Tanzania, you’ll find it here! As Zanzibar’s fortunes have improved, this tiny island in the sun has become more popular.

It’s because Zanzibar boasts more than 150 hotels, whilst Pemba has just three. There are planes, automobiles, and boats involved in the journey to the lodges, and what you get is utter isolation!

Chake-Chake, the tiny airport and almost 70% of the island’s population are housed in Chake’s main town, which is in the centre of the main island. Cloves are the primary agricultural export from this town and the island; therefore, life has stayed constant.

Scuba divers of all skill levels are welcome in Pemba, some of the best in East Africa, with a broad spectrum of divers from novices to experts. One of the most excellent dives we’ve heard about in the Pemba Channel is a pinnacle dive where you can see hammerheads in schools, but do not be concerned they never come into the island!

Pemba, overall, has a little bit of everything and excels in a few areas of specialization compared to other destinations for beach holidays in Tanzania. Although the beaches on the island’s mainland are adequate, beautiful sand bars and spits can be found within minutes, and the setting is one of perfect isolation. Pemba island diving is world-class. The establishment is already beginning to take shape.

It’s recommended to visit Pemba for Scuba diving and snorkeling, Tanzania honeymoon safari, and Tanzanian beaches.

Island of Mafia

The island of palms and coral is inviting and tranquil, unlike its namesake.

Zanzibar’s Rufiji River enters the Indian Ocean near Mafia, a small island just in the south. The ramshackle vibe of the island, which the influx of tourists visiting Zanzibar has ignored chiefly, only enhances its appeal as one of the great places to go for beach holidays in Tanzania. Like Pemba island, a protected marine park surrounds the area, making it an ideal location for divers.

Rufiji River
Rufiji River

Because it’s only about a quarter the size of Pemba to the north, Mafia represents itself as a true sanctuary for beach holidays in Tanzania. Few things have changed on the island in the last century or so. While coconut exportation is less profitable than it once was, the island’s bi-products are still visible, from roofs to walls and even local rum.

Kilindoni, a dusty enclave of buildings tucked behind towering palms, is the island’s first glimpse many visitors see. It is the center of activity. If you’re flying into a small bush strip in the heart of the country, you’re likely to see a village football game break up just as a plane is about to land!

Small communities and huts have cropped up throughout the island’s 50-kilometre shoreline, taking advantage of the island’s abundant marine life, as fishing has been the primary source of income elsewhere.

The stunning Mafia Island Marine Park, which encompasses almost half of the island’s coastline waters, is the island’s main draw for tourists searching for ultimate beach holidays in Tanzania. The Mafia’s past as a trading post for the Omanis and a small German colony can also be seen in the overgrown structures and fortifications found on the island of Chole, which visitors can explore.

It is suitable for beaches:

Individual Scuba and Scuba Diving Tanzania Safaris

To explore the shorelines of Tanzania

And, of course, honeymoon in Tanzania.

The Best Possible Image

If you’re looking for a good photo op on a Tanzanian beach, this is it! It’s hard to imagine a more picture-perfect place than Zanzibar, a tiny island off the coast of Tanzania that, despite its “Africanisms,” nevertheless checks many boxes for tourists. The island’s north and southeastern beaches, where the Indian Ocean meets the barrier reef to produce a beautiful lagoon that runs the island’s length, are the most important considerations. Beachfront houses have been springing up among the palm trees in this protected area for many years now. Are you tempted yet? If you’re looking for water sports, the island has plenty to offer, including kiteboarding, sailing, and snorkeling, to mention a few.

For more information about Zanzibar’s top beaches, you can preview them on this other article – read more! They are located along Zanzibar’s shorelines.

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