Overview of the Southern Tanzania Safaris

Southern Tanzania Safaris – A Chance to Experience Frontier Parks!

Overview of the Southern Tanzania Safaris

Tanzania is home to both the Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha National Park which are a highlight of the Southern Tanzania Safaris.

Nyerere National Park (formerly Selous Game Reserve); and Ruaha National Park (formerly the Selous Game Reserve); are two parks part of the Southern Tanzania Safaris sometimes overlooked by Tanzania safari companies. In favour of northern Tanzania safaris that are more popular with tourists. Unlike the more explored northern Serengeti parks, which have more visitors and a greater concentration of animals, the southern Serengeti parks are still considered “frontier” areas. Making them less crowded (they also feature the same spread of species as

Ruaha National Park
Ruaha National Park

the north, but more like a thousand, rather than 2 million). The second key factor is that resorts in the south cost between $2 to $300 less per person per night than lodges in the north.

When is the Best Time to Book and Visit One of the Southern Tanzania Safaris?

When planning to go to a Southern Tanzania Safari, this is the most crucial consideration to keep in mind. The area’s riverine geology makes the southern safari areas far more seasonal than the northern plains. June to November is often considered the most fantastic time to see the regular games. The parks are at their driest, and the animals gather along riverbanks. That being said, the period between January and March is a good time for a few specialized pursuits that makes the place one of the go to Tanzania birding tours location and strolling spot. 

Ways to Get There?

The Southern Tanzania Safaris operated within Nyerere Park and Ruaha are easily accessible via small plane, with Nyerere around 30 minutes away from Dar es Salaam and Ruaha another hour and a half away.

How Long Should I Plan on Staying for the Tanzania Southern Circuit Safari?

Nyerere National Park can be visited in two nights because easy access into and out of the parks and travel from the Selous to Zanzibar is approximately an hour. It would be best if you planned on staying in each park for three to five nights on average.

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