Things You Need to Know - National Symbols of Tanzania

Things You Need to Know: National Symbols of Tanzania

Do you have any idea of any symbol of Tanzania? Below are the National symbols of Tanzania you should know.

The National Logo

The Flag

Tanzania’s flag, the first part of the National Symbols of Tanzania, consists of Yellow, blue, green, and black lines.

A solid black stripe runs diagonally starting from the bottom hoist [left] to the uppermost fly [right] corner of the flag. A slim yellow line runs along both sides of the black line in the middle.

The flag is navy blue on the bottom fly side, below the yellowish stripe, creating a triangle. The banner is a green shaded triangle on the other side, i.e., the uppermost hoist side.

The colors represent different features of Tanzania. The green represents Tanzania’s fertile fields, while the yellow represents the Nation’s mineral riches, and the blue represents Tanzania’s seas, especially the Indian Sea. The black color in the center represents Tanzanians. Tanzania’s flag was approved on the 30th of June 1964.

The Emblem

The Warrior’s Protective Shield is the Coat of Arms’ most prominent feature, a part of the National Symbols of Tanzania; it has a golden piece on top, followed by the Unified Republic banner of light green, golden yellow, black, and navy blue. As well as a red area beneath which are wavy white and blue bands.

The golden part of the flag signifies natural resources in the Unified Republic; the red part beneath the flag depicts Africa’s rich red soil; and the wavy stripes reflect the United Republic’s Sea, land, lakes, and coastline lines.

The Shield is based on an image of Mt Kilimanjaro.

An elephant horn is supported on the Shield by a male on the left side (as you take a look at the logo) and a female on the right side, reflecting both the topic of cooperation as well as gender and equality among Tanzanians.

Coat of Arms of Tanzania
Coat of Arms of Tanzania

A clove shrub grows at the man’s feet, while a cotton shrub grows at the woman’s feet, indicating agriculture in the Nation.

The flames of a hot burning torch symbolizes liberty, knowledge, and enlightenment. A spear, which represents freedom defense, and a hoe and crossed ax, which represent tools used by the citizens of the Unified Republic in constructing their country, are all superimposed characteristics found on the protective Shield.

The National Hymn of Tanzania

Kiswahili Version English Translation for Free
Mungu ibariki Afrika.

Wabariki viongozi wake.

Hekima Umoja na

Amani hizi ni ngao zetu

Afrika na watu wake.

God bless all of Africa.

Bless all its rulers.

Let Wisdom, peace, and Unity be the guards of

Africa, as well as its people.




Iba riki Afrika,

Iba riki Afrika,

Tubariki watoto wa Afrika.




Bless the African continent,

Bless Africa,

Bless all the infants of Africa.

Mungu ibariki Tanzania.

Dumisha uhuru na umoja

Wake kwa waume na watoto.

Mungu ibariki Tanzania na watu wake.

God bless the United Republic Tanzania.


Give eternal Unity and Freedom

To its sons as well as daughters.

God bless the United Republic of Tanzania and its inhabitants.




Ibariki Tanzania,

Ibariki Tanzania,

Tubariki Watoto wa tanzania.




Bless the United Republic of Tanzania,

Bless the United Republic of Tanzania,

Bless all the Kids of Tanzania.

The Torch of Uhuru

The Uhuru [Freedom] Torch is a powerful part of the National Symbols of Tanzania; it represents light and freedom. In 1961, it was lit for the first time on the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro [5,890m]. Figuratively to Shine the great Nation across the different borders to provide hope where despair is present, love where enmity is found as well as respect where hatred is present. The Uhuru [freedom] Torch race takes place every year, beginning from several famous locations.

You can now comfortably claim to know something about Tanzania symbols. If you are not aware of the Tanzania currency symbol, this is the chance to know. TSh is the Tanzania shilling symbol. If you thought Tanzanian shilling symbol is something else other than that then you’re completely wrong. Tsh came into existence as Tanzanian shilling currency symbol in 1966. 

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