A Snapshot of the Immigration Tanzania

A Snapshot of the Immigration Tanzania

Immigration Services – About the Immigration Tanzania Service Department

Who we are.

Article 4(one) of the Immigration act Tanzania Bill of 1995, Chap 54, as amended by Bill Number. 8 of 2015, established the Immigration head office uhamiaji house Department . It delegated authority to the Tanzania immigration office dar es salaam Department to oversee and assist immigration in Tanzania matters. The Division is one of the Ministries of Home Affairs’ security organs. The commissioner general of immigration Tanzania is currently Ann Makakala.


To create a highly efficient and successful organization that provides high-quality immigration support that meets national as well as international quality standards.


To secure economic interest and national security by facilitating and controlling the movement of people through the application of appropriate rules and the Tanzania immigration policy.


Migration security as well as development

Information About Passports and Travelling Documents

Passports are one of the most sensitive documents that the government issues to its residents in order to give them access to travel outside of the nation for a variety of reasons. The Tanzania Pass and other Travel Papers Chapter 42 of 2002 and its Rules of 2004 provide for the issuance of different kinds of passes and other traveling documents by the Immigration to Tanzania service department.

The modern electronic passport’s pages contain a variety of photos and drawings that explain the nation’s culture as well as tourist attractions.


Except for Geneva Convention traveling documents and Certificates of Identification, all other forms of passports, such as Emergence Travelling Documents, can be applied for online at eservices immigration Tanzania using this link:

After completing the eservices immigration Tanzania visa online form and making payment, the applicant must print out and submit the Tanzania immigration form application, together with all the essential attachment files, to the closest Immigration department Tanzania Office, Regional Immigration office tanzania Headquarters, or Main Tanzania Immigration Office located in Zanzibar, as applicable, or to the relevant Tanzanian Embassy if the applicant is outside of Tanzania.

Passport Application: Tanzania Immigration Requirements in General

The following documents must accompany a immigration Tanzania passport application:

  • The applicant’s birth certificate, affidavit of birth, or naturalization certificate [In case the applicant is a citizen by naturalization].
  • The applicant’s caregivers or parents’ birth certificate or affidavit of birth, or certificate of naturalization
  • A national identification card,
  • One passport-size photo that is recent and clear [to be uploaded online]
  • A immigration Tanzania passport application fee of 150,000 and a 20,000 price for an Emergency Travel Document.

If the candidate is a minor [ below 18], a parent or legal guardian must accompany him or her and give written permission for the applicant to go outside the nation.

Information on Visas

A Tanzania immigration visa permit is a legal document that allows a foreign visitor to enter Tanzania for the purpose of visiting, tourism, leisure, vacation, business, medical treatment, attending a conference, or any other activity recognized by Tanzanian law.

Guidelines for Applying for a Visa


It should be stated that having an immigration Tanzania Visa does not guarantee entry to the United Republic of Tanzania. Suppose the Immigration Tanzania Officer at the entrance point determines that the visa holder is unable to meet Immigration entry standards or that their presence in the United Republic of Tanzania would be detrimental to national interests. In that case, the visa holder may be denied entry. 

Information on Resident Permits

A Residence Pass may be provided to any foreign nationals seeking to reside in Tanzania for the sole purpose of business, employment, investment, or any other state-sanctioned activity. Immigration Tanzania Residence Permit Category A, B, as well as C, are the three main categories of permits available. Nonetheless, as vividly explained in the Residence Pass Matrix, this extensive categorization of Residence Pass has multiple sub-classes.

Vital Information to Candidates for Residence Pass

  • Candidates must be Tanzanian companies\employers\ institutions, with the exception of those that are ill, retired, or court-attending individuals.
  • With the exception of Residence Pass Category “A,” applicants for Residence Pass Category “B” and “C” should get their Residency Pass before entering the country. Applicants must have received the necessary certificate of registration or issued a license from the appropriate professional committees.
  • Besides those coming for research, studies, or to participate in court affairs, all candidates for Residence Pass must, in the first place, obtain a Permit to work from the Department of Labour.

Pass Information

In addition to Residence Pass, a foreigner wanting to enter and stay in Tanzania may be issued an Entry Pass, depending on the Tanzania Immigration laws restrictions/ Regulations. Passes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as stated in the Pass Guidelines. For all categories of access, the most prolonged validity period is two years.

General Criteria for Passes

  • A copy of your current passport
  • Cover letter from the appropriate institution
  • A previous version of Pass [for remaking]
  • Relevant price tag depending on the category of Pass


Citizenship Information in Tanzania

The Republic of Tanzania Citizenship Bill, Chap 357 (Revised Version of 2002) and its Rules of immigration regulations 1997 Tanzania govern citizenship.

Citizenship can be divided into three categories:

  1. Citizenship is given at birth.
  2. Citizenship is granted by Descent
  3. Citizenship is given by Naturalization

Information About Entry Points

Foreign nationals, Tanzanian citizens, and Tanzanian residents must all enter Tanzania via a designated [structured] Entry Point.

Upon landing, the traveler is responsible for:

  • Foreign nationals may be required to present their visa or submit an application for one on arrival.
  • Show their Residence Pass if they are bona fide Tanzanian residents.
  • Return ticket or proof of onwards travel arrangements; and
  • Proof of funds for upkeep [maintenance budget].

Immigration Tanzania Commonly Asked Questions.

Question 1:

I was patiently trying to figure out how to submit an application for your visa. However, I’ve come across various links that claim to be able to help with Tanzania immigration services and visas. I’m unsure which link I should use.


There are a number of links/agents claiming to handle visa applications on behalf of tanzania immigration head office uhamiaji house dar es salaam Department. Indeed, these agents\links are neither recognized nor accepted by Tanzania’s Immigration Department to process visas on their behalf. It is advised that candidates should apply for their visas directly on the authorized immigration webpage. Please go to http\\ www immigration Tanzania go tz and then click on e immigration Tanzania services. Then click on the online visa registration.

Question 2:

I’d like to travel to your lovely country. What is the best way to go about filling out an online visa application?


Please go to the Immigration Tanzania webpage http\\www.immigration.go.tz, click on e-services immigration Tanzania, and then choose online visa registration.

Question 3:

I submitted my visa application about five days ago and was given an applicant id number. Can you verify if my visa application has been granted if I email you my application ID?


After you have successfully paid your visa fee and submitted it, you will get a notification within ten working days if your visa application has been successful. You don’t need to spend time waiting for this notification; immigration Tanzania passport tracking can be done by  yourself at any time. Simply return to the visa system, select Visa ranking, enter your personal details, and you can view your visa position.

Question 4:

So, what are my options if I have a trip to Tanzania scheduled in two days and your visa procedure is expected to be completed in ten working days, which I may not be able to meet?


At this time, as the fast visa method has not yet been made available, you may take advantage of the visa upon arrival service offered by the Immigration Tanzania department, provided that your Citizenship does not come within the referral visa class. This list is available on our webpage.

Question 5:

How far ahead of time can I submit a Tanzania immigration online passport application for an electronic visa?


You can apply for your online visa up to six months before your trip.

Question 6:

How will I know if my visa request has been granted or denied once I submit my application?


After you have successfully paid your visa fee and submitted it through the immigration department Tanzania visa application service, you will get a notification from Immigration Tanzania within ten working days if your visa application has been successful. You don’t need to spend time waiting for this notification; you can track the progress of your visa yourself at any time. Simply return to the visa system, select Visa ranking, enter your personal details, and you can view your visa position.

Question 7:

Can I begin my trip to Tanzania straight away if I have successfully filed my visa registration?


After successfully submitting a visa application, the applicant is recommended not to begin their journey until they receive notification by email that their visa has been approved. They can also track the progress of the visa online. The applicant can then print out the visa acceptance notification, which must be shown at the time of arrival in order to obtain an entry signature.

Question 8:

I’m applying for an e service immigration Tanzania online visa and want to visit the United Republic of Tanzania for tourism only once; however, I don’t see an option in your e services immigration Tanzania portal for a regular visa, i.e., single entry; what can I do?


Please be advised that regular visas are not available to citizens of the United States (single entry). If they’re coming for visiting, vacation, or tourism, they must submit an application for multiple visa entry. However, if your Citizenship isn’t American and you are still unable to locate an ordinary visa on the list, please contact the Immigration Tanzania service department using the immigration Tanzania contacts available on the website.

Question 9:

I’m filling out immigration forms Tanzania online visa application and would really like to visit Zanzibar and Tanzania’s mainland. What destination will I put in the destination field?


Please choose your first entry point as your intended destination, and thus the immigration tanzania address you must type in is that of your initial entry, too, even if you will be visiting both Zanzibar and the mainland.

Question 10:

I want to visit Zanzibar; can I submit an immigration Tanzania online application for a transit visa to Immigration Tanzania?


Please be advised that because Zanzibar is a member of the Republic of Tanzania, you will not be able to apply for a passage visa to visit the island. Transit visas are for people who want to travel through Tanzania on their way to another country.

Question 11:

I’d like to visit Tanzania for sixty days to volunteer in an institution called x. Which visa category do you think is best for me?


You’ll need to apply for an a6 visa [ordinary visa], which is specifically designed for people who want to undertake charitable and humanitarian work for less than three months. It has a charge of 50 USD.

Question 12:

I am a scholar who would like to volunteer for 45 days in Tanzania with an organization called XYZ. Which visa category do you think is best for me?


If you want to work for free as a student, you’ll need to apply for a c2 visa [student visa] via the Tanzania immigration website which is explicitly designed for volunteering students and is valid for up to three months. It has a charge of 50 USD.

Question 13:

I’d like to work as a student intern in Tanzania for a period of two months at a place called PQR. Which visa Tanzania immigration category do you think is best for me?


Students who desire to work as interns in the United Republic of Tanzania must apply for a c1 visa [ student visa] through the Immigration Tanzania website www immigration Tanzania. The visa is explicitly designed for interns who will be staying for no more than three months. It has a charge of 50 USD. They are expected to get a formal invitation letter from their host organization and a formal approval letter given by the ministry of basic education, which is authorized to govern all students’ difficulties.

Question 14:

I’d like to travel to Tanzania for a conference. I’m not sure which form of visa I should apply for?


An a4 visa [ordinary visa] is required to attend a conference. It has a price of 50 dollars and is valid for a maximum of 90 days. It is recommended that you include the formal invitation letter the meeting’s host institution gives.

Question 15:

I’ll be crossing the Holili border into Tanzania through Mombasa, Kenya. Is there an Immigration Tanzania e visa provider available at Holili?


In terms of the e-visa facility, there are now just five fully operational entry ports. Julius Nyerere International Airport, Kilimanjaro International Airfield, Abeid A. Karume Global Airport [Zanzibar], Namanga International Airport (Arusha), as well as Tunduma International Airport [Mbeya]. If you wish to travel through ports of entry other than those indicated above, you should apply for a Tanzania Immigration visa on arrival right now.

Immigration kiosks - Passport control at Julius Nyerere International Airport
Immigration kiosks – Passport control at Julius Nyerere International Airport

Question 16:

My application for a visa was completed online. However, I’m having trouble paying with my Mastercard. I’ve tried multiple times, but the payment remains unsuccessful. What should I do now?


The difficulty could be caused because your bank doesn’t use the 3d verification function, which is being used as a security feature for all online payments, or there could be compatibility issues with the Mastercard version you are using. Under these circumstances, you can try using another Mastercard to proceed, and if the difficulty persists, you can choose from other payment options, such as swift transfer. However, if you choose this approach, make sure you use the same account and control number from your Immigration Tanzania visa payment statement while filling out the application. Please don’t make any official payment without utilizing your control number.

Question 17:

My application for a visa was successfully submitted. How long can I expect to wait, and is there a way I will know when it is approved?


Please be advised that you will receive an email notification immediately after your visa has been approved. Within a ten working day period, you can also track the progress of your visa. You’ll need to print out the visa grant notification if it’s granted, which you’ll need to display when you arrive to get an entry pass stamp.

Question 18:

I’d like to take a trip with my woman and three children. Do I have to reapply for my children’s visas if I listed them as minors on my application?


Please remember that each member of your family\group must fill the immigration tanzania forms and pay for their Immigration Tanzania visa application separately. The purpose of filling out the accompanying kids is to make decision-making easier for such minors.

Question 19:

I’d like to visit Tanzania for commercial reasons. What visa class do I need to apply for?


Applicants who desire to visit for commercial purposes must apply for a commercial visa, which costs $250 and is valid for a duration of up to 90 days. You must, however, receive and upload a letter of invitation from your hosting institution. Please do read the visa matrix on the visa Tanzania e immigration online portal or on our Immigration Tanzania webpage if you are unsure whether the commercial activity you are coming to carry out requires a business visa. Also, you can use the Tanzania immigration office contacts and reach us via email at visatanzania@immigration.go.tz and also at


Question 20:

My nationality is said to fall under the referral visa group; how can I apply for a travel permit? Is it possible for me to do it online?


Please be advised that any nationalities that fall under the referral visa class (see our website for a list) will not be able to get a visa upon arrival. As a result, they must apply for a recommendation visa online. They should include an invitation letter from their hosting institution in the United Republic of Tanzania as well as registration documents. The letter must include the host’s complete phone number and address information for mailing purposes. Applicants in this class should apply for their travel permit at least six weeks before their intended travel date. They should not pay for any bookings or reservations until their authorization has been granted.

Question 21:

I submitted my visa application over a week ago and have yet to hear whether or not it has been accepted. Could you just double-check that for me?


A visa approval notification should have arrived in your email inbox. Please return to the Immigration Tanzania online visa system and verify your Tanzania immigration visa status if you haven’t already. You will be given access to your visa approval notice, which you can download. If you want to print it out, make sure you use the same credentials you used when you applied [security question and email]. Keep in mind that the security question’s answer is case-sensitive.

Question 22:

I’ve submitted five separate applications for myself, my wife, and three kids. Is it feasible for me to make a payment transfer for the entire group?


While the travel group visa service is not available at the moment, you are theoretically obligated to pay for each purchase separately. If you want to execute a single rapid transfer transaction, be sure that field 70 on your payment account, which deals with control numbers, is filled with the control numbers of all members of the family [candidates]. So we can do our job and process and input them into their separate applications later. Also, as mentioned above, ensure that the fee is paid by utilizing the reference number of all the candidates’ transactions, not only one applicant.

Question 23:

I’m trying to finish the Immigration Tanzania electronic visa application. However, I am unable to locate USA in the area of birth nationality and current nationality. United States’ small outlying islands are the only choice under birth nationality and current nationality. I am unable to identify my correct USA nationality. I’m not sure what to do.


Please note that you will locate America in the fields of birth by nationality and current nationality, as well as the USA in the area of birth by country.

Question 24:

Hello, I’ve started my visa application with your new electronic-visa system. Despite the fact that I began on the 18th of April, I will not be able to apply officially till early May, as I require a max of 90 days [three months] from the date of issue until the time I depart Tanzania on the 3rd of July.

Does it matter if I save the data but do not complete the final procedure until very early in May? Will the 90 days [ three months] period begin on that particular date in May or on the 18th of April?


Please note that the Immigration Tanzania visa eligibility begins on the planned date of your landing, not the time\date your application was submitted. So proceed to fill out and submit your visa application today. Make sure to select your exact days to be spent in Tanzania, keeping in mind that the max validity is three months [90 days].

Question 25:

My name is Mr. Robert. I’m now completing my e-visa application. As far as I can tell, the process entails filling out an immigration Tanzania online form, making a payment, and waiting for a letter of approval [if the visa is granted]. After the visa is approved, I’m not sure what to do. If I recall well, I will immigrate to Tanzania after obtaining my visa approval notice. The immigration officer at the airport terminal will let me pass after viewing my visa grant letter. Please confirm that I have understood correctly. And please do reach out any feedback if I made any mistakes.


Yes, you are accurate; after receiving a travel permit, you will print out your Tanzania Immigration visa approval notice that you will provide at the airport to obtain an entry passport stamp.

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