Cheetah's Rock - Background, Consider, What to Expect, Tour & More

Cheetah’s Rock Tanzania: Background, Consider, What to Expect, Tour & More

Cheetah’s Rock Zanzibar Review: A Brief Overview

Cheetah’s Rock Zanzibar was a name I had heard of, but I had no idea about this particular tour. Hotels and tour operators were approached by Cheetah’s Rock because of the coronavirus outbreak. I made an appointment because I had so much free time and was eager to see them. I ended up going to see them the following week.

Booking a Cheetah’s Rock Tour Should Include These Considerations:

To begin, let’s see if you’re a good match for this tour.

It is not only for safety reasons that Cheetah’s Rock has a 15-year-old minimum age requirement but also because of local legal and insurance regulations. While the excursion is taking place, there is no departure. Be well enlightened of your travel associates and whether you can attend the event.

Second, think about a few things before making a reservation.

  • There is no guarantee that the day of your choice will be accessible. A limit of 35 people can be accommodated on any excursion to provide the highest quality and the healthiest possible habitat for the animals (1 tour per day). So when authenticating, you should be patient if you send an inquiry.
  • Animals will be in attendance. There is a slew of them. If you’re apprehensive about animals or don’t love spending time with them, you don’t need to visit Cheetah’s Rock. A Spice Tour or a Sunset Tour might be a better fit for your needs than the one described above.
  • But, if you’re an animal lover like me, don’t wait to reserve your spot on the subsequent tour. It was an incredible learning experience.

What Cheetah’s Rock in Zanzibar Has in Store?

The Cheetah’s Rock tour in details. As it turns out, there are two options:

  1. Expedition here begins at 09:00 and includes swimming with otters, lunch, and wildlife adorning from 14:00 – 18:30.
  2. The Wildlife Tour is available between 14:00 and 18:30. Soon, expect to have learned more from my experience when I opted for the second choice.

Precedence of Cheetah Rock Tour

  • Cheetah’s Rock is a refuge for rescued animals, and they take great care of them.
  • Witnessing wild creatures in their natural habitat is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, as you will admire them pretty close.
  • It’s completely fine to do whatever makes you happy.
  • You are helping the animals and their habitat by paying the Cheetah’s Rock Zanzibar entrance fee.

The Downside of Cheetah’s Rock Tour

  • About four hours into the Cheetah’s Rock excursion, you may notice a tiring sensation. However, I found it fascinating and wished I had the opportunity to listen to the stories for a longer period.
  • On a shoestring budget, it might be out of reach. Though the admittance fee may seem excessive, remember that it’s used to help the animals and their sanctuary as a whole.

Cheetah’s Rock Price Packages and Benefits

The Otter Family

Because I appreciate the element of surprise, I didn’t know anything going into the trip. I had no clue I’d be spending four hours with a Cheetah (I might have guessed that).

The clime where Cheetah’s Rock is located is home to a dozen different fauna species. Our first stop was to say hello to the otter family, including three males and a female (obviously the boss).

They have a high-pitched meow that is both obnoxious and appealing, and they are incredibly affectionate.

The Otter Family at Cheetah's Rock
The Otter Family at Cheetah’s Rock


Chaka, a zebra, saved from slaughter and is now part of the Cheetah’s Rock family, was our next stop after visiting the Otter family.

For the sake of his well-being, they’ve been teaching this wild animal to trust humans.

You may learn a plethora of information about him from the well-trained staff members.

Zebra at Cheetah's Rock - Chaka
Zebra at Cheetah’s Rock – Chaka

Bush Babies

Next at the Cheetah’s Rock, we have the galagos, also called bush babies. My knowledge of them was limited because I never had the chance to see or feed them in person. Fruits are their passion, and they won’t be afraid to approach you if you’re chowing down on one.


After the Bush Babies, there’s the group of monkeys. All monkeys at Cheetah’s Rock had been rescued from humans who had abused them, making this a terrible situation to hear about.

They were once kept on a leash on beaches and at native bars as entertainment. To keep the monkey in the owner’s care, some had to develop alcoholism.

Their teeth and nails would be hacked off to prepare the monkeys for a life of modeling for tourists.

Fortunately for them, they have now been relocated to a sanctuary where they will no longer be subjected to the same abuse.

Because they will die if they are released into the wild, they will never be reintroduced into the wild.


Cheetah’s Rock Peacocks are another lovely bird (were you aware the males have the most vibrant colors? I wasn’t), a critically endangered turtle species called plowshare tortoises, dik-diks, and ring-tailed lemurs, or King Julian, amongst others.

Peacock at Cheetah's Rock
Peacock at Cheetah’s Rock

The Gargantuan Animals’ Section at Cheetah’s Rock

However exhilarating already, let’s face it: You’re still waiting for the bigger creatures to arrive, aren’t you?

Hyenas, lionesses, and tigers are among the animals I have to offer you, as well as an egg-eating hyena (for more information, see the movie below). This tour will provide you with sparkling champagne or water to drink as you observe.

A Pair of Majestic Cheetahs

At long last, two lovely cheetahs, one of which you may have the opportunity to capture on camera!

Because it’s home to a meager variety of fascinating creatures, you might marvel why ‘Cheetah’s Rock.’ When the sanctuary was opened, there was only one Cheetah. No changes were made to its name.

Cheetah’s Rock in Zanzibar: What are the Views of Others About It?

While researching replies from others to our shared experience and looking up other experiences via the web, I decided to include a few here.

It came as no surprise to learn how much my tour companions enjoyed themselves. According to nearly 1,400 ratings, Cheetah’s Rock is undoubtedly the most popular activity on Zanzibar Island.

Cheetah's Rock Rating on Tripadvisor
Cheetah’s Rock Rating on Tripadvisor

Some Other Resorts Like Cheetah’s Rock

Are you an animal lover who prefers to remain at a safe distance? Alternatively, are you traveling with young children and looking for a replacement? Or, when it comes to spending money, you could seek less expensive ways to interact with animals. A variety of tours are available, including:

  • The variety isn’t quite as wide as Cheetah’s Rock
  • Only Cheetah’s Rock with multiple creatures is more reciprocating.

They will, however, be:

  • Favorable for youngsters who are still growing.
  • Budget-conscious tourists will appreciate this perk.
  • This is a good option if you don’t have midday to spare.

The Nungwi Zoo

On Zanzibar’s northern tip, you’ll find a tiny zoo known as Nungwi Zoo or Zanzibar Kilosas Conversations where crocodiles, tortoises, chameleons, and even monkeys can be viewed.

The Fish Tank in Mnarani

An organization takes turtles rescued from fishers’ nets and houses them in a sanctuary. You can interact with the turtles and learn a lot about them by feeding them. Every year, in February, thousands of turtles are released into the ocean.

Aquarium Baraka

You’ll be swimming with turtles! They are housed in a real seawater aquarium, and you are welcome to swim with them. In addition, you can give them seaweed and take beautiful pictures of them as they interact with you.

Invaluable Information to Help You Plan Your Trip to Cheetah’s Rock

Cheetah’s Rock Zanzibar Price

Around US$160 per person is the cost of the Great Wildlife Tour with most agents. A two-person minimum appointment is required for the VIP Otter Experience, which costs approximately US$150 per person. Your experience will cost you about US$280 per person if you combine the two tours.

Your ticket may include round-trip transportation from the bulk of Zanzibar’s landmarks, including Kiwengwa, Stone Town, Kendwa, Pwani Mchangani, and Nungwi, including either one of the tours or a combination of both. Most agents running operations to Cheetah’s rock usually charge a flat rate of US$ 20 per car, and not per person, for round-trip transportation from or to the Southeast Coast.

Please let us your selected agent know if you’d want them to book a nearby hotel for lunch during the combined trips. Transportation to and from the restaurant is included in your fee in most cases, but not the food.

Hours and Dates

The Wildlife Tour can be taken on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

Between 14:00 to 18:45, approximately 4 hours and 45 minutes are spent in the experience.

Guests are advised to be at their allocated pick-up spots on time to avoid lateness.

For the safety briefing, guests must come to Cheetah’s Rock no later than 14.00 on the day of their visit.

Getting Ready for Your Trip: What You Need to Do

It is advisable to dress casually while visiting the wildlife center. Don’t wear baggy shorts or jeans, or skirts that are too short.

Closed-toed shoes that are both secure and comfy are ideal.

To avoid attracting the attention of predators, guests are urged not to wear jewelry or other items.

At Cheetah’s Rock, the well-being of the animals is of the first importance. Anti-insect repellent and suntan lotions are discouraged at the center.

Umbrellas aren’t permissible during the rainy season; however, raincoats are.

Will the Cheetah’s Rock Tour Guides be Fluent in My Native Language?

The tour guides solely speak English to communicate with tourists from other countries.

To fully appreciate the information on the wild animals, visitors are encouraged to have a basic command of the language.

Tourists with limited English skills are welcome to visit, but they must comply with the tour guides and other visitors as they chat with them and the other visitors.


All in all, the Cheetah’s Rock tour offers a unique opportunity to get up and personalize with amazing species. Do not miss Cheetah’s Rock if you are adventurous and captivated by nature and its species, as well as curious about the creatures’ history and current conservation status.

If looking for more reviews from people who have actually been at Cheetah’s Rock, the Tripadvisor page dedicated to the conservation will be a great starting point!

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