Things to Know About the Matema Beach in Mbeya

Things to Know About the Matema Beach in Mbeya

The Municipality of Matema Beach Kyela

Tanzania’s Matema Beach, in Mbeya Region, is a small coastal village. Matema Beach is one of Tanzania’s most popular tourist destinations, located on the coast of Lake Nyasa.

The majestic mountain Livingstone abruptly ends at Nyasa Lake, correlating the terminal of both Nyasa and Matema at the foothill, the lakefront beach.

Infrastructure at Matema Beach Mbeya

The road to Matema Beach is dotted with stunning views of African life in the adjacent communities, making the ride even more enjoyable. The drive passes through the Livingstone Mountains and tea plantations before arriving at the lake’s tropical shoreline.

Canoe rides with fishers from Matema Beach to a neighboring town where women specializing in ceramics are offered across the lake. In addition to the Livingstone Mountains, there is an excellent rocky beach where you can snorkel.

Entertainment and Tourism in Matema Beach Tanzania

It is common for local fishers to sell their catches in Matema beach, a lakeside village. Up until 1907 Livingstone and his team were chased out by mosquitoes under German rule in Tanzania, the town served as the regional headquarters of the German Governor.

Livingstone Mountains
Livingstone Mountains

One can enjoy water sports, observe ornamental fish, go water skiing or scuba diving, or relax on the soft sands while taking in the breathtaking views of Matema beach and its crystal clear waters.

Visitors can see the majestic Livingstone Mountains tumbling into Lake Nyasa from the Matema beach. As well as being known for its beautiful beaches and historic Lutheran Mission House, Matema has a lot more to offer visitors.

Matema’s other attractions include a trip to Mount Livingstone and a stop at a pottery shop, among others. The Lutheran Center, Matema Beach View, Matema Shore Lake Resort (Matema Beach Resort), Landmark Hotel Matema Beach and a few other Matema each hotels and Guest Houses are among the area’s many tourist-friendly lodgings.

On the tarmac road from Mbeya to the Malawian border, Matema Beach is around 130 kilometers from Mbeya. Tea, banana, and tree farms set on hilltops dot the landscape, making for an exciting trip.

There is a waterfall on Mount Livingstone, rice and cocoa farms in Kyela, and a variety of entertainment for tourists.

Economy and Accommodation

Tanzania’s commercial center of Dar es Salaam is the primary destination for agricultural products from Kyela, a small African agricultural community.

Kyela boasts a wide range of lodging options for domestic and international visitors. We’ve got Mwambipile Guest House, Sativa Midland, Sunway and Gold Plaza Lodges, as well as Hamili and Unamwa Parks, and the Matema Beach Hotel, to name just a few.

In an upsurge to the Kasumulu border station, travelers to Malawi from Kyela and Matema beach can take a boat to the Malawian side of Lake Nyasa.

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