Things to Know About the Ukerewe Island

Things to Know About the Ukerewe Island in Lake Victoria

Ukerewe meaning – This was an alternative name to the Victoria Lake before the arrival of the British colonialists. Ukerewe is the most extensive isle in Lake Victoria and Africa, with around 530 square kilometers. It takes about three to four hours by ferry to go to Ukerewe Island from Mwanza, 50 kilometers northwards in the district of Ukerewe.

Lake Ukerewe Island is located 45 kilometers or 25 nautical miles northwards of Mwanza; however, a conveyance ferry intersection across the Rugezi Channel is 3.8 kilometers long, connecting the island to a dirty road track on the eastern lake bank leading to Kibara and Musoma for a shorter distance. One can count numerous smaller islands around Ukerewe Island’s shores.

Nansio Ukerewe is the city’s most populous suburb. An unusual, quirky distraction is provided by its modest way of life and rocky terrain, accentuated by lake views and sprinklings of woodland.

Among the few ideal views are agricultural activities, such as sweet potatoes, maize, millet, rice, and cassava, and the principal activity here, fishing. The Ukerewe area is surrounded by 27 small islands, three of which are abandoned, and the rest are inhabited by fisherman and their family members.

Visiting Kagunguli, the oldest Roman Catholic church built in 1895 and located near the same-named hill; the old school and dispensary, both of which were built between 1902 and 1913 and have remained in service with few renovations to date; In Bukindo, the humble palace of the Ukerewe island’s former king was erected between 1922 and 1923 and is still in use today. If you’re in the neighborhood, make a point to stop by and see it.

Find out why one of the palace’s rooms has been shuttered for more than half a century by speaking to the royal guide.

In addition, you’ll get the opportunity to join the Buzegwe staff band, a traditional dancing ensemble, and take a tour of the area’s old attractions, including tombs, during your stay in Mwanza, Tanzania; and the Kagunguli cemetery, which was established in 1895 and is located near the same-named hill.

The crocodile tree and the knife of truth, where tourists can learn about how the people survive, are also nearby attractions in the region of Ukara, a neighboring island.

Activities at Ukerewe Island include fishing, kayaking, biking, and village visits to learn about the area’s local culture. Even though these activities are interesting, their real rural style of living is the lure. is the URL for the culture tourism website.

Nansio has a few small hotels like; Kondeni hotel, Labima hotel, Holiday Motel, Bwiru cultural thatched modest traditional homes, and Monarch beach resort. Camping facilities are obtainable in some communities, and the cultural program will point visitors in the right direction.

What to Do on Ukerewe Island – Public Attractions in Ukerewe Tanzania

Olwego Museum in Ukerewe
Olwego Museum in Ukerewe

The following are some of the best Ukerewe district places to visit:

  1. The Forest of Rubya: The district’s largest forest, Rubya Forest, can be found at Ukewere. The Rubya forest has a peaceful and fascinating atmosphere. There are also fishing areas and a natural beach on Lake Victoria within the forest’s boundaries. From Nansio, it’s about a half-hour drive away.
  2. Rutare Hill: Rutare Hill, which overlooks the city of Ukerewe, can be climbed by visitors. By bicycle, the hill is around an hour away.
  3. Cultural Tour Guide for Exclusive Events: Participating in cultural activities such as seeing traditional dances or visiting traditional healers or local families, taking field trips to meet local farmers, or cooking and eating local food are all examples of activities that can be done at Ukewere. When you’re ready, I’d be delighted to share with you what life is like for the Kerewe people.
  4. The Dancing Stone on Ukara Island: The “dancing stone” can be found on Ukara Island which is not far from Ukewere. It has a special place in the culture and traditions of the Kara people. There are no cars on the island, making it excellent for cycling. The journey from Nansio to the island takes about three hours. Nota bene: Due to the potential of missing the ferry back to Ukerewe, it is impossible to depart and return on the same day.
  5. Cyclists: Ukerewe is a great place to cycle, especially in the quieter parts of the island. You’ll be able to take in the natural splendor of the villages as a result.
  6. Visiting Primary Schools in the Neighborhood: To better understand Tanzania’s educational system, it’s best to visit local schools. Local Ukewere children are ready to ask you questions about your country’s educational system when you’re there.
  7. The Chief‘s Palace: The chief’s palace, formerly Ukewere island’s most impressive tower, is located in Bukindo hamlet. Communication between the king and the ruled was done through drums. This trip by bicycle should take about 53 minutes.

The Ukewere Island Tours Cost

The tour price depends on the activities you participate in at Ukewere and the form of transportation you pick (from walking, cycling, motorbiking, or vehicular driving around). Once I know what we’ll be doing together and how to accomplish it, It’ll help us know the true cost of the personalized tour.

Ukewere  Available Accommodations:

Hotels in Nansio, the capital city of the Ukerewe tribe, are plentiful and welcoming. If you need to book a hotel room, I, the tour guide, will be happy to do so. To my knowledge, there are only a few good options, including the La Bima hotel, the Monarch Beach hotel, the Holiday motel, and the Kondeni hotel. I’ll be happy to supply you with as much information about the hotels as you need if you ask.

The following services are offered by Ukerewe Island Tours:

  • Ukerewe guiding services.
  • Bookings of hotels on your behalf when required.
  • Organizing expeditions to the Serengeti National Park, Rubondo Island, Mount Kilimanjaro, and Mount Meru are just a few Tanzanian places serviced by Ukerewe on safari.

Ukerewe Map

Ukerewe island map
Ukerewe island map

Other Important Information About Ukerewe Island

Ukerewe island albinos – Ukerewe has built a reputation of being a refuge for albinos who are discriminated elsewhere. It is not clear, what is the population of albinos in the Ukerewe island to date but it is considered to be the largest. Read further about this subject on the following website if interested

To learn further about the island, visit the Ukerewe district council website.

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