Overview of the Ujiji Town in Kigoma Tanzania

Overview of the Ujiji Town in Kigoma Tanzania

Background of Ujiji

In Ujiji Kigoma 1858, Richard Burton and John Speke first set foot on Lake Tanganyika’s shores. In 1871, Henry Stanley discovered Dr. David Livingstone and purportedly murmured the memorable words, “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?” near the site of the epic meeting. “The good Samaritan was near at hand” when Livingstone’s spirits were low. ‘I see him!’ he shouted, dashing off to meet him as [my servant] Susi came arriving at top speed. ‘An Englishman!’ he cried. Thanks to the American flag flying high over the caravan, the stranger’s identity was readily apparent. My first impression was that the traveler in front of me was wealthier than I was; there were sacks of food with tin baths and cooking pots in luxury glaring.

Kigoma’s Ujiji Town has a Memorial Honoring Dr. Livingstone

Dr David Livingstone Memorial in Ujiji Kigoma
Dr David Livingstone Memorial in Ujiji Kigoma

Dr. Livingstone Memorial was created in Ujiji as a reminder of their meeting. There is also a tiny museum. A historic slave passage can be found close to the market. On the beaches of Lake Tanganyika, in 1878, the London Missionary Society established its first missionary station at Ujiji.

Legend believes that the legendary encounter occurred a few kilometers south of Bujumbura. On their joint expedition to northern Lake Tanganyika, a visit to Mugere by Livingstone and Stanley 15 days later is commemorated by the Livingstone-Stanley Monument.

Activities at Ujiji Town in Kigoma

In Ujiji hiking is a prominent activity in Gombe and Mahale National Parks with chimpanzees, Snorkeling, and swimming in Tanganyika’s lake;

Observe the world-renowned dhow builders at work in Ujiji, near Kigoma, the Henry Stanley’s renowned location “Dr. Livingstone I presume.”

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