Quick Snapshot of Freeman Mbowe (Chadema Leader)

Quick Snapshot – Freeman Mbowe Biography (Chadema Leader)

Tanzanian politician Freeman Aikaeli Mbowe (born on 14 September 1961) who just goes by two names Freeman Mbowe is the current nominated chairman of Chadema – Political Party for Democracy and Development (Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo). In the 2015 general election, he was re-elected to the National Assembly to represent the Hai District in the Kilimanjaro Region.

Freeman Mbowe was elected to the National Assembly for the Hai Constituency in 2000 (Kilimanjaro Region). He received 64.5 percent of the vote, the largest proportion of votes obtained by an opposition MP in a constituency.

In preparation for the 2005 presidential elections, Freeman Mbowe was elected to stand as Chadema presidential candidate. A Zanzibari named Jumbe Rajab Jumbe was chosen to be his vice-presidential candidate. The election was initially set for 30 October 2005, but owing to Jumbe’s death, it was postponed until 14 December.

Freeman Mbowe was constructive in his criticism of the extended postponement, stating that a week’s notice would have sufficed and that his political party could not afford to fund more campaigns. Anna Komu was finally chosen as Chadema’s leading political party executive. In the presidential election on December 14, 2005, he came in third out of 10 candidates, receiving 5.88 percent of the vote. He was elected into parliament, in the 2010 general elections, for the United Republic of Tanzania parliament, defeating the then sitting member from Mapinduzi, Fuya Godwin Kimbita, who received 51.63 percent of the vote.

Freeman Mbowe, who was one of the founding members of Chadema in 1992, is a brilliant strategist, making him one of the primary strategists of the Chadema political party and a prominent executive board member in the political party to assure the political development of his party, which he has consistently led as chairman since 2004, in a strong politically competitive climate that has seen major opposition parties slowly fall during the 1990s at the hands of the CCM government.

Freeman Mbowe Arrested

Freeman Mbowe was detained in July 2021, along with ten other members of the party, as they prepared to hold a rally in Mwanza (northwestern Tanzania). He was ultimately charged with terrorism by the government. His accusations in Tanzania are non bailable, thus he remains in police custody.

Tanzanian prosecutors dropped the terrorist allegation against Freeman Mbowe in March 2022.

Mbowe Freeman early life has very little public information in the world wide web. But here is so far what we have:

Freeman Mbowe CV Education

Freeman Mbowe education in primary level was completed at Lambo Primary School and succeeded in going to Kibaha Secondary School in the Coast region.

When he graduated form 4 Kibaha Secondary, he successfully joined form 5 IHUNGO Secondary in Bukoba Municipality. Later he went to England for further studies. In England he studied a program called PPE (Politics, Philosophy, and Economics).

It is a program that was established by the United Kingdom for government employees. Later, other countries like the US and RSA have started the program. In the UK it is given as a first degree only. Mbowe completed an MBA in Leadership & Sustainability from the University of Cumbria, UK.

Freeman Mbowe is one of the people who worked in the Central Bank of Tanzania as a Bank Officer (BoT) and that is where he managed to meet Elder Edwin Mtei, and Elder Bob Makani.

Freeman Mbowe Family

When it comes to his personal family members, unfortunately only the Freeman Mbowe wife (Lilian Mbowe) seem to be in the public domain at the moment. But it is know for sure Mbowe has kids with his wife.

(even though there is no doubt Freeman Mbowe education would definitely be at least be of university level)

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