A Quick Snapshot of the Tanzania Securities Limited (TSL)

A Quick Snapshot of the Tanzania Securities Limited (TSL)

Overview of the Tanzania Securities Limited

Tanzania Securities Limited’s main business functions include broker and dealer services in equities and government securities and also financial advising services. Insurance companies, pension funds, micro financing institutions (MFIs), corporations, SACCOs and individuals have been among Tanzania Securities Limited’s investment advising customers.

Tanzania Securities Limited is a broker or trader and investment adviser authorized by Tanzania’s CMSA [Capital Markets and Securities Authority]. Tanzania Securities Limited is also a DSE [ Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange] Licensed Dealing Partner and a recognized primary and secondary trader of Government Securities such as Treasury Bonds and Treasury Bills. Tanzania Securities Limited is a Bank of Tanzania-registered Central Depository Participant [CDP].

Tanzania Securities Limited is also authorized by the CMSA as a NOMAD [Nominated Advisor] through its subsidiary TIM, giving it the mandate to advise and help start-up companies, small and medium-sized enterprises [SMEs], and other companies. In raising capital from the general public through initial public offerings [IPOs] and listing their shares with the DSE[Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange] under the EGM [Enterprise Growth Market] window.

Tanzania Securities Limited Investments Management Limited

TIM’s services were established in January 2011 as a service line inside Tanzania Securities Limited, primarily serving high and medium net worth investors with personal wealth management. Tanzania Securities Limited chose to spin off TIM’s contributions into a separate organization nine months later due to exceptional performance, and thus TIM was created. TIM currently oversees SMA [discretionary/Separately Managed Accounts] for both institutional and retail investors. It is in the process of putting up two funds: TIM Stability Income Fund, as well as TIM Balanced Growth Funds which will take care of retail incomes and investment growth needs, respectively.

TIM profits from the group’s centralized activities, risk management, and other related services, along with access to Tanzania Securities Limited’s distribution networks in Tanzania, as a member of Tanzania Securities Limited, a corporation with over 20 years of expertise in financial markets as well as investment advising services in Tanzania.

Dar-es-Salaam Stock Exchange
Dar-es-Salaam Stock Exchange

Tanzania Securities Limited Capital Limited

Tanzania Securities Limited Capital Limited, a member of the Tanzania Securities Limited Group, is a boutique financial consulting services organization that offers a wide variety of investment banking services, including:

  • Solutions for structured finance [such as project financing].
  • Taking scheme to bankability.
  • Capital acquisition from both loan and equity; and
  • functioning as an arranger for equity and bond issuances to gain access to capital markets

Tanzania Securities Limited Capital is a boutique firm comprised of three core individuals with diverse expertise in project management, financial due diligence, financial structuring, economic and financial evaluation, loan syndication, government relations, project finance, financial product establishment and application, and public or private partnerships. The team has worked both in the commercial and public sectors, as well as with transnational and multilateral organizations, in fields such as finance, infrastructure [energy], telecommunications, and manufacturing.

Tanzania Securities Limited Capital profits from the group’s centralized operations, expertise, and network as a unit of Tanzania Securities Limited, a firm with over 20 years of knowledge in financial markets as well as investment consulting in Tanzania.

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