Butiama Beach - Geography, Activities, Food, Drinks and More

Butiama Beach Mafia Island Tanzania: Geography, Activities, Food, Drinks and More

Characterization of the Butiama Beach Project on Mafia Island’s Western Flank Inaugurated in 2010

Located outside the Rufiji Mafia Kilwa Marine Reserve, Butiama beach is just west of the island’s capital city, Kilindoni. Dar ex-pats and residents wanting a weekend break to a more affluent trans-African traveler and those staying for a short vacation following a safari are all catered to by the basic beach hotel.

With 15 large bungalows, Butiama beach has something for everyone. There are two family rooms with two beds by the beach, two triple rooms, two twin rooms, and nine double rooms all across the property. Some have better sea views than others; they all face north-west, toward the Tanzanian mainland. The Baraza-style chairs and hammocks on the front verandas of the bungalows are perfect for catching the breeze and taking in the ocean views.

The original dhow wood used to assemble the rooms’ furnishings and luggage racks has been rescued and manipulated. Mosquito nets, kikoi-woven cushions, and bedspreads are paired with white bedding to create a bright and airy ambiance. Butiama Beach’s major color scheme is blue and white polka dots and whale sharks. Hanging space is provided, and an en-suite restroom is usually well-stocked with hot water and has appropriate water pressure, though you won’t use it very frequently. Electricity and charging outlets are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, using three-pin plugs from the United Kingdom.

All of the main areas of the Butiama beach, including the sandy-floored Chiringuito bar, are sheltered by makuti thatch. Also included in its library are board games, a pool table, and traditional bao games. To the side of the bar, there’s a large open-sided dining area, or you can sit on one of the plush sofas that surround the bar. ‘The Green Room’ in Butiama sells many items for those looking for unique and handcrafted presents.

The (unsupervised) Butiama beach swimming pool is a similar pale blue and offers shady areas for guests. There are sun loungers and tables arranged along the perimeter of the pool. You can relax on the nearby clean and quiet beach. There are no other hotels on Mafia with such a large area of pristine sand. Due to their west-facing location, these people experience beautiful sunsets daily.

To relax even further, head to the little Bahari Spa treatment hut, which can be found near the western end of the beach at Butiama and offers views of the ocean from its windows. Every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., they offer manicures, massages, and pedicures, and they can even come to your hotel to treat you.

Butiama Beach is a popular destination for a range of recreational pursuits. Equipment for sea kayaking, snorkeling, and motorboat use is available in addition to the more conventional dhows. Scuba diving in the marine park is available to guests through the resort’s PADI-certified dive center, “Big Blue,” run by the lodge’s retired dive instructor. You should know that diving and snorkeling occur mostly on the island’s west side, and guests are taken there for a 30 minutes drive for their dive. Like island tours and dhow cruises, the resort can arrange longer excursions and include a lunch stop on a beach bank. The Butiama beach lodge also offers yoga classes.

One of the accommodations at the Butiama beach lodge
One of the accommodations at the Butiama beach lodge

For whale shark sightings, Butiama Beach is a great spot for tourists to catch a glimpse of the gentle, enormous creatures as they feast on plankton in the shallows of the island’s west coast from October or November to March. Butiama Lodge offers motorboat cruises to snorkel with whale sharks. Snorkelers are allowed to gently drop into the water to swim beside a circling shark as part of this activity. Even though Butiama’s beach boats frequently go too fast, chase the sharks, join other boats when there are already too many being inundated in the shark vicinity, and even attempt to intercept the creature to provide their guests with underwater photos and videos, it is heartbreaking to see the whale shark code does not apply to these boats: Even though Butiama’s behavior during our 2016 outings was not particularly terrible, we believe they should be pushed to adhere far more strictly to the stated guideline. Whale shark snorkeling was a highlight of our trip to this Galapagos Island in 2018, but we thought it shouldn’t have been prioritized over the sharks’ welfare.

You can walk along the white sands of the beach to reach the hamlet of Kilindoni and its markets, or you can take a detour to see a creek filled with birds and small monkeys. It is important to remember that Kilindoni hamlet is a conservative town; thus, visitors should dress modestly with women covering their shoulders and knees.

Butiama Beach – Geography

Location: Tanzania is the country where Mafia Island is situated.

Scheduling: The ideal length of time to stay, relax and potentially go scuba diving is for 3–4 nights.

Directions: Approximately 10 minutes from Mafia International Airport, Butiama Beach is accessible by car and accessible via Flight and Transfer.

Options for Drinks and Food in Butiama Beach

Structure of a typical board: Half Board

Foods and Drinks Standards

The managers at Butiama beach are extremely accommodating and will try to accommodate any special dietary needs or help you make the most of a special event.

  • Fruits and cereals and any cooked breakfast you like are provided in the main Peka Peka restaurant at 7:30 in the morning. It’s a good idea to start the day with some limes and papaya and a cup of coffee.
  • Pizza, sandwiches, and salads are just options available for lunch, served à la carte. We were awed by the variety of alternatives and the flavor and freshness of the food. It was comforting to know that there were so many options.
  • Three-course prix fixe meal with choices for dinner; our first course was a tomato soup, followed by grilled fish and vegetables, then a chocolate mousse for dessert. Even though the dish was simple, it was clear thoughts had gone into selecting ingredients. As one might expect, the cuisine frequently features Italian and seafood dishes. Pea and mint soup was the first dish we ate on our most recent trip, which took place in 2018. Finally, we had tiramisu to round out our supper, served with rice and wilted cassava.
Dining at the Butiama Marine Camp
Dining at the Butiama Marine Camp

Butiama Beach Special Options for Adventure

Snorkeling and scuba diving: Butiama has outstanding whale shark swimming opportunities from November to March. On the east side of the island, you’ll find it outside the protected reefs of the Mafia Marine Park.

If you’re planning on diving or snorkeling, keep these tips in mind.


The general mentality of children at Butiama Beach is that; kids are welcome.


There aren’t any age or property limitations at Butiama beach.

Special Courtesies and activities



High chairs and Cots.


Children are generally believed to be safe; even while Butiama is oriented toward older kids, the nearby beach could be dangerous for younger ones. Parents should keep an eye on their children at all times. It is a great option for families traveling with children because of its family-friendly atmosphere and spacious accommodations.


Children between the ages of 10 and above are recommended for Butiama beach visits.


Regarding Electrical Power; Emergency power is provided by a generator.


The reception area has free WiFi and typically has a strong cellphone connection.

Radio and television

There is no television in the Butiama beach lodge; however, there are televisions in nearby local restaurants if you want to watch a big sporting event.

Water Facilities


Drinking-Water Memos

You can buy bottled water in the store.

Well-being and Safety Precautions

The prevention of malaria is recommended, indeed.

Seeking Medical Help

Minor injuries can be treated with first-aid supplies at the Butiama beach lodge or Kilindoni’s nearby hospital, only a 10-minute drive away. Dar es Salaam has a large international hospital for more serious cases.

Are There Deadly Animals?

Very low threat.

Precautions Ensuring Safety

Ghost security personnel are on duty 24 hours a day, both inside and out.

Preventing a Fire Outbreak

All the primary areas and each bungalow have fire extinguishers.

Butiama Beach Activities

The following is a list of the activities that mostly take place at Butiama beach:

  • Traveling by boat is an excellent option.
  • Scuba-diving
  • Snorkelling and Watersports

Other Butiama Beach Perks

Provision for disabled: Not Available

Laundry structures: Laundry is provided as part of the package.

Cash Exchange System

Small amounts of cash can be exchanged in each enclosure’s electronic safe.

Accepted On-site payment (Cash-on-hand)

Although, Butiama beach policies ask that fees be paid in cash. All major currencies are accepted, regardless of the currency’s current value.

Accommodation In and Around Butiama Beach

See available options from different accommodation online marketplaces and reviews on Butiama Beach main hotel(s):

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