Chapwani Private Island Resort - Getting There, Flora, Fauna and More

Chapwani Private Island Resort: Getting There, Flora, Fauna and More!

With a private beach, an amazing coral reef, and azure waters, Chapwani private Island is one of the loveliest small islands in the Andaman Sea.

With a total land area of only 5 hectares, Stone Town can be reached by boat just 15 minutes away from the island of Chapwani.

The resort only has a few rooms available, so you won’t have to share with many other guests. Allow yourself to be pampered in a serene environment as you relax and unwind.

It’s all about unwinding in a natural setting on the idyllic Chapwani private Island. Natural sounds and a unique tropical environment can be fully experienced in the rooms, free of cell phones and televisions.

Chapwani Private Island Tanzania Strong Suits and Limitations

  • Stone Town is just a short boat ride away.
  • Inexpensive accommodation on a remote island
  • Fruit bats and tiny deer can be found in abundance in the island’s forests and groves.
  • Groups looking to rent their private paradise island will find this location ideal.
  • There is no air conditioning in the rooms, which are modestly decorated.
  • The noise from Stone Town at night can be heard at times.

Chapwani Island Zanzibar Lodging

High-pointed makuti roofs with wooden beams, ceiling fans, and brightly colored fabrics adorn every room at Chapwani.

The hotel has ten rooms spread across five bandas and two romantic tents, each with a canopy bed, mosquito net, and access to the beach.

A new Sunset Villa provides a novel concept in island lodging: it is located right on the beach, but it is tucked away in a quiet spot, and it can be used as a couple’s suite, or it can be converted into a family house, with a huge main bedroom, sitting room, and open terrace.

Villa visitors can hire a butler or share the restaurant and bar with other guests at Chapwani Island, depending on their preference.

Chapwani Private Island Hotel Amenities

The Natatorium

The pool at Chapwani Private Island Resort
The pool at Chapwani Private Island Resort

The pool is filled with seawater to preserve the island’s natural beauty. Located in a beautiful palm grove overlooking the sea, the pool is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the sea air.


Clothing and accessories, such as sunglasses and shawls, are available for purchase in the boutique. Employees run the shop entirely, and the shop’s profits are used to supplement their wages.


It’s time to unwind with a soothing massage that incorporates oils and local essences to soothe your mind and muscles at Chapwani private Island.

A Place to Eat and Drink

Located in the heart of the Chapwani island resort, this open-air eatery offers stunning ocean views. The building’s wood and makuti structure keep with indigenous architectural traditions.

Fish and shellfish are the main ingredients in the restaurant’s daily specials. Cuisine on the island has been influenced by an Italian chef who oversees the island’s chefs.

For a truly unique dining experience, you can have your meals served at the Chapwani private Island pool edge or on your bungalow’s private terrace.

The bar is located near the restaurant featuring a smattering of cozy sofas and brightly colored pillows for guests to relax in.

Fresh fruit is used in the bar’s tropical beverages, and the aperitifs and delicious cocktails assure some spectacular sunsets!

Getting to Chapwani Private Island

It takes 15 minutes by boat to get to Chapwani from Zanzibar Town. The hotel’s friendly personnel will ensure that your visit will be one you’ll never forget. An island-to-Zanzibar Town free boat service leaves at 10 a.m. and returns at 01.30 p.m. every day from this Zanzibar Island.

Chapwani can provide transportation for a modest fee at any other time during the day if you choose to be more self-sufficient.

A Day of Exploration

To ensure that you get the most out of your time in Tanzania, Chapwani offers day excursions to Stone Town and Spice Street! In addition to the Portuguese Fort, the ancient Persian Baths, the Palace of Wonders, the Jamituri gardens, the old slave market, the mansion of Livingstone, and many other interesting sites.

The Red Colombo of Kirk, an endemic monkey species, lives in the Jozani tropical forest, a protected area in the Chapwani private island’s south. Ebony trees, Red Mahogany, and a variety of palm trees bloom in abundance, creating a tropical jungle that is perfectly protected.

Visit the old spice plantations and learn about the medicinal and culinary qualities of Zanzibar Spices while you’re there!

You can take a traditional native boat from Chapwani, built by shipwrights in Zanzibar, to visit sandbanks full of seabird colonies, deep waters, and nearby islands, such as Prison Island. Aldabra Turtles from the Seychelles’ Aldabra colony can be found here, as well as several other species of turtles.

Fishing and Scuba Diving

Fishers at Chapwani private Island rarely disappoint, and steady catches are nearly guaranteed when you spend a day with them.

Free snorkeling equipment and an eco-system just waiting to be discovered abound on Chapwani Island’s coral reef, a natural gem that must be preserved.

Chapwani Island can arrange for you to be brought to Zanzibar’s crystal-clear seas by a local school for scuba diving.

Ecological Isthmus

While complying with fundamental eco-tourism requirements, the owners of Chapwani private Island are devoted to preserving and growing the island. While operating a vacation resort, they are proud to be an environmental management and conservation example.

The island’s eco-friendliness is enhanced by including solar-heated hot water systems in each accommodation, a seawater pool, and other photovoltaic systems for future preservation.

The island’s poultry provides eggs for Chapwani’s guests, and the fisherman delivers it straight to the grill.

Animals and Plants

Your time on the Chapwani private island will allow you to experience the island’s unique wildlife and plants first-hand. The nature trail meanders through open fields and lush forest; seek for white herons and a community of dik-dik hidden in the undergrowth along the banks of the internal lake.

A species of coconut crabs is in danger of extinction, but gardeners might be able to display it to you. Chapwani is home to a few eagles, and the beach is full of hermit crabs. The coral reef around the island is home to a magnificent display of starfish during low tide and numerous natural pools filled with marine life.

Memorable Moments That Aren’t Everyday

The Chapwani private Island is the ideal location for a genuine one-of-a-kind wedding in Zanzibar.

When it comes to getting married or renewing your commitment to each other in a beautiful place, Chapwani Island has everything you need! Every little detail will be taken care of to ensure that your special day is truly memorable.

Also, explore some reviews from other tourists who have visited and stayed at this private island here at Chapwani private island TripAdvisor page to ensure you know ahead of time what to expect before you head there.

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