Coco Beach in Dar es salaam – When to Visit, What to Do, Location and More

Coco Beach in Dar es salaam – When to Visit, What to Do, Location and More

Overview of Coco Beach in Dar es Salaam

Located in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Coco beach is a long stretch of coastline. As a well-known beach in the city, it is frequented by the natives and hosts several beach parties and festivals during the summer months. As a result, businesses, including restaurants, food booths, and shops renting out beach equipment like floaters surround the Coco Beach in Dar es salaam.

Additional municipal facilities include restrooms and showers (for a fee) and a secure parking lot. There are no lifeguards, police officers, or trash bins on the beach, which is a downside to its fame (early 2017). Although a lot of work is put into keeping it clean, there is still trash all over the place.

Coco Beach in Dar es salaam is a famous location for joggers in the sundowns, numerous from nearby communities. Only one large, well-established restaurant can be found at the northern end; the rest are smaller, under-a-tarp establishments that serve decent cuisine.

Bongoyo and Mbudya Islands are also accessible by boat, with most departing early in the morning and returning later in the day. In addition to the small fee charged by the town parking space, one parking permit is good for all the day, nearby beaches and the hamlet along the sea cliffs also offer similar services.

Scheduling a Plan to Visit Coco Beach Dar es Salaam Tanzania?

Unless you’re specifically looking for something specific like Eid al Fitr, public holidays, New Year’s Day, and Christmas celebrations are often the worst times to visit Coco Beach in Dar es salaam because it’s usually filled with visitors. It can be accessed at any other time of day or night. The mornings are quieter on weekdays, and the weekends are even quieter at sunsets.

Crowd of people at Coco Beach during Eid El Fitr
Crowd of people at Coco Beach during Eid El Fitr

What are the Activities Available at Coco Beach in Dar es Salaam?

Restaurants, swimming, jogging, lounging or wandering on the beach, or going out to Bongoyo Island and back on a boat trip are all options. You may even party on concert days, but you must use prudence at all times.

There is no such things as Coco beach hotel Dar es salaam if you are looking for accommodation right on the coast of the beach, because the place is public space. That said, you can find nearby hotels to the beach on online marketplaces such as the

Coco Beach Dar es salaam Location

Dar es Salaam’s Oyster Bay neighborhood is home to Coco beach, a secluded beach located on Toure Drive. Over 4 kilometers of stretch with rocky cliffs separating this beach’s two ends, making it an especially long walk. Most beaches in the region have a barrier reef that isolates them from the ocean. 

What’s the Best Way to Get to the Coco Beach Resort Dar es salaam Tanzania?

It’s possible to go to the beach using public transit (Dala Dala), but it doesn’t stop right in front of it. You can walk to the Coco Beach in Dar es salaam in a few minutes from these red and purple striped Masaki ones, but if you’re driving, it’s wise to check out the map below.

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