University of Arusha – Courses, Programs, Accreditation, History and More

The University of Arusha UOA – Courses, Programs, Accreditation, History and More

Based in Tanzania’s Usa River is the University of Arusha, a chartered private Christian institution. The Seventh-day Adventist Church owns and operates the university.

University of Arusha belongs to the Seventh-day Adventist education system, the second biggest Christian education system across the globe.

Background of the University of Arusha Tanzania

During 1970, the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s Union Mission in Tanzania saw it fit to establish a religious training center for its staff. Its location was at Ikizu, 65 km southeast of Musoma town. By 1975, Tanzania Union Mission amalgamated the Heri Hospital-based Adventist School of Health Evangelism (ASHE) in Kigoma and the ministerial course at Ikizu. The consolidated school was then moved to a new location at Usa River, 24 km from Arusha town, and called Arusha Adventist Seminary (AAS).

By 1978, AAS was elevated to college status and renamed Tanzania Adventist Seminary and College (TASC). The name was switched to Tanzania Adventist College (TAC) in 1992, and a two-year theology diploma program replaced the ministerial course. By 1996, TAC was affiliated with Griggs University from the USA. Through this affiliation, TAC started offering BA in Theology and Religion.

During 1998, the affiliation moved to the Kenya-based University of Eastern Africa, Baraton (UEAB) from Griggs University. Through this affiliation, TAC started offering BBA in accounting and management, BA in theology and religion, and diploma programmes in business and education. With a partnership with UEAB aside, TAC was also a Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC) registered teachers‘ college. With MEC Registration Number S. 401, diploma in secretarial science, diploma in education, and certificate in secretarial science were some of the programmes.

Andrews University which has merged with Griggs University
Andrews University which has merged with Griggs University

By the start of 2003, TAC embarked on the process of becoming a university. The Higher Education Accreditation Council (HEAC), now Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU), granted the Letter of Interim Authority (LIA) in September 2003. The LIA authorized TAC to become the University of Arusha.

By September 2004, HEAC gave University of Arusha a certificate of Provisional Registration Number. 016.

In 2006, the University of Arusha became fully licensed with accreditation by Tanzania’s Commission for Universities to become a graduate university. By 2009, University of Arusha submitted the initial four graduate programs for certification in business and education by TCU.

In November 2010, the Graduate School started in Arusha City with its education and business programs. The School of Education offered the following concentrations: (a) Master of Arts in educational management (b) Master of Arts in curriculum and instruction. Additionally, the faculty of business offers three concentrations including:

  1. MBA in strategic marketing and entrepreneurship.
  2. MBA in strategic human resource.
  3. MBA in finance and accounting.


University of Arusha has accreditation from Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) and Seventh-day Adventist Schools, Colleges and Universities’ Adventist Accrediting Association (AAA)

University of Arusha Courses Offered

Graduate Programs at the University of Arusha

Masters programs

  • Curriculum & Instruction
  • Business Administration in Finance and Accounting
  • Educational Management and Leadership
  • Business Administration in Human Resources and Strategic Management
  • Business Administration in Marketing and Entrepreneurship
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education

Undergraduate Degree Programs at the University of Arusha

  • Business Administration in Accounting
  • Arts in Theology
  • Business Administration in Management
  • Arts in Religion
  • Business Administration in Marketing
  • Business Administration in Accounting with Education
  • Business Administration in Office Administration and HRM
  • Education (options include ): English, Kiswahili, Geography, History, Religion, BED Accounting

University of Arusha Diploma Programs

  • Education
  • Commerce and Accounting
  • Theology
  • Sales and Marketing Management
  • Office Administration and HRM
  • Procurement and Supplies Management
  • Business Information Technology

University of Arusha Certificate Programs

  • Sales Marketing Management
  • Theology
  • Records Management
  • Business Information Technology

Other Important Things About the University of Arusha

University of Arusha fee structure

University of Arusha Logo

University of Arusha Logo
University of Arusha Logo

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