Essential Information on Tanzanian Medical Facilities

Essential Information on Tanzanian Medical Facilities

A List of Hospitals in Tanzania

The National Bureau of Statistics National Census of 2012 estimates that 50,1 million people live in Tanzania, making it the most extensive and second-most populous country in East Africa. Because of the country’s low population density and widespread settlement patterns, getting medical care there can be difficult. Across the total area of 940,000 km2, Tanzania’s population density varies from 12 people per square kilometer in Lindi to 3,133 persons per square kilometer in Dar es Salaam. The list of medical facilities will be arranged geographically, beginning with the country’s 31 administrative areas.

The healthcare system is hierarchical, and its administrative structure is tied to the functioning of facilities at the same level, as described by The Primary Health Care Development Program. The dispensary in each town and the health clinic in each neighborhood will serve as the primary care facilities (2007–2017). First come the district hospitals, the regional referral hospitals, the zonal referral hospitals, and finally, the national hospitals. Several specialized hospitals include the Ocean Road Cancer Institute and the Mirembe Psychiatric Hospital.

Number of Hospitals in Tanzania

The Health Institutions Register compiled data from several sources, including the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly, and Children, and found that out of a total of 8,497 medical care facilities in the country, 6,217 (or 62%) were publicly funded. 

List of Private Hospitals in Tanzania

The following are some well-known and best private hospitals in Tanzania basing on popularity:

Aga Khan Hospital – Dar es Salaam
Hindu Mandal Hospital – Dar es Salaam
Muhimbili Orthopaedic Institute – Dar es Salaam
Tanzania Heart Institute – Dar es Salaam
AAR Healthcare Tanzania Limited – Various locations
Regency Medical Centre – Dar es Salaam
Shree Hindu Mandal Hospital – Dar es Salaam
Marie Stopes Tanzania Clinics – Various locations

Aga Khan Hospital Dar es Salaam
Aga Khan Hospital Dar es Salaam

Please note that the availability and details of private hospitals may change over time. It’s always a good idea to verify the information by checking online directories, contacting local health authorities, or consulting with medical professionals in Tanzania for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

As expected, most of the private hospitals can easily fit in the list of top 10 best hospitals in Tanzania and location wise are all hospitals in Tanzania Dar es salaam.

That said, as of the year 2020, the list of all facilities includes 337 best hospitals in Tanzania as per below. 

Hospitals in Arusha Tanzania

S/N Name of Facility Hospital Type Ward District Ownership
1 Arusha City Council District Engutoto
Public (LGA)
2 Arusha International Conference Centre  Hospital Sekei
Public (Parastatal)
3 Karatu District Daa Karatu Public (LGA)
4 Meru District  Akheri Meru Public (LGA)
5 Longindo District Longido Longido Public (LGA)
6 Monduli District
Monduli Mjini
Monduli Public (LGA)
7 Oltrument District Oltrumet Arusha Public (LGA)
8 Ngorongoro District Oloirien Ngorongoro Public (LGA)
9 Karatu Lutheran Council Designated Qurus Karatu Private (Faith-Based)
10 Wasso Council Designated Oloirien Ngorongoro Private (Faith-Based)
11 St. Elizabeth Council Designated Ngarenaro Arusha Private (Faith-Based)
12 Arusha Lutheran Center Regional Referral Levolosi Arusha Private (Faith-Based)
13 Ithna Asheri Charitable Hospital Kaloleni
Private (Faith-Based)
14 Mt. Meru Regional Referral Sekei Arusha Public (Ministry)

Hospitals in Dar es Salaam Tanzania

S/N Specialized Polyclinic


Specialized Polyclinic Kawe Kinondoni Private
1 Temeke Regional Referral Hospital
2 SANITAS Hospital
3 TMJ Medical Center
4 Shree Hindu Mandal Hospital
5 Saifee Hospital Tanzania Kinondoni
6 Sali International Hospital
7 Regency Medical Center
8 Ocean Road Cancer Institute
9 Rabininsia Memorial Hospital
10 Mwananyamala Hospital
11 Msasani Peninsula Hospital
12 Muhimbili National Hospital Ilala Public
13 Lugalo Military Hospital Zonal Referral Hospital Kawe Kinondoni Military
14 Mikumi Dar Hospital
15 Kairuki Medical Center
16 IMTU Hospital
17 Ebrahim Haji Charitable Health Centre
18 Ekenywa Specialized Hospital
19 Jakaya Kikwete Cardiac Institute Ilala
20 Dr. K. K. Khan Hospital Hospital Kisutu Ilala
21 AAR Hospital
22 Amana Regional Referral Hospital
23 Aga Khan Hospital, Dar es Salaam
24 Burhani Charitable Hospital
25 CCBRT Hospital Zonal Referral Hospital Msasani Kinondoni NGO

Medical Facilities in Dodoma

S/N Name of Facility Hospital Type Ward District Ownership
1 Benjamin Mkapa Hospital Zonal Referral Hospital Ng’hong’honha Dodoma Public
2 Matema Hospital
3 Mirembe Hospital Psychiatric hospital Dodoma Public

Medical Facilities in Kigoma

S/N Name of Facility Hospital Type Ward District Ownership
1 Heri Adventist Hospital

Medical Facilities in Kilimanjaro

S/N Name of Facility Hospital Type Ward District Ownership
1 Mawenzi Hospital
2 Kilimanjaro First Health Hospital
3 Huruma Hospital
4 Kibong’oto Hospital
5 Machame Hospital
6 Marangu Hospital
7 Mbuya Hospital
8 St. Joseph Hospital
9 Kilimanjaro Hospital
10 Jeffery Charitable Hospital
11 Kibosho Hospital
12 Kilema Hospital
13 Ngoyoni Hospital
14 Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre Zonal Referral Hospital Longuo B Moshi Faith-Based

Medical Facilities in Lindi

S/N Name of Facility Hospital Type Ward District Ownership
1 St. Walburg’s Hospital Lindi

Medical Facilities in Manyara

S/N Name of Facility Hospital Type Ward District Ownership
1 Haydom Lutheran Hospital
2 Mbulu District Hospital
3 Tumaini Hospital
4 Dareda Hospital Babati Rural

Medical Facilities in Mara

Serengeti International Hospital
Serengeti International Hospital
S/N Name of Facility Hospital Type Ward District Ownership
1 CF Hospital Hospital Mukendo Musoma Private
2 Serengeti International Hospital International hospital Serengeti Public

Medical Facilities in Mbeya

S/N Name of Facility Hospital Type Ward District Ownership
1 Mbeya Regional Hospital Zonal Referral Hospital Sisimba Mbeya Public

Medical Facilities in Morogoro

S/N Name of Facility Hospital Type Ward District Ownership
1 Good Samaritan Hospital Hospital Sanje Morogoro Faith-Based
2 Berega Mission Hospital Berega Faith-based
3 St. Francis Referral Hospital Ifakara
4 St. Kizito Hospital
5 Lugala Hospital Malinyi
6 Morogoro Referral Regional Hospital

Medical Facilities in Mwanza

S/N Name of Facility Hospital Type Ward District Ownership
1 Buchosa Hospital District Hospital Nyehunge Mwanza Public (LGA)
2 Biharamulo Designated District Hospital
3 Ukerewe District Hospital
4 Ilemela Hospital District Hospital Bugogwa Mwanza Public (LGA)
5 Aga Khan Hospital, Mwanza Not-For-Profit
6 Sengerema Designated District Hospital
7 Magu Hospital District Hospital Magu Mjini Mwanza Public (LGA)
8 Bugando Medical Centre Zonal Referral Hospital Pamba Mwanza Faith-Based
9 Sekou-Toure Hospital Regional Referral  Isamilo Mwanza Public (Ministry)
10 Misungwi Hospital District Hospital Misungwi Mwanza Public (LGA)
11 Sengerema Hospital Council Designated  Nyampulukano Mwanza Private (Faith-Based)
12 Nansio Hospital District Hospital Nkilizya Mwanza Public (LGA)
13 Nyamagana Hospital District Hospital Butimba Mwanza Public (LGA)
14 Ngudu Hospital District Hospital Ngudu Mwanza Public (LGA)

Medical Facilities in Pwani

S/N Name of Facility Hospital Type Ward District Ownership
1 Tumbi Hospital Regional Referral Hospital Tumbi Kibaha Public (Parastatal)
2 Mkoani Hospital Bagamoyo
3 District Hospital Public (LGA)
4 Mkuranga Hospital District Hospital Mkuranga Mkuranga Public (LGA)
5 Bagamoyo Hospital District Hospital Dunda Bagamoyo Public (LGA)
6 Utete Hospital District Hospital Utete Rufiji Public (LGA)
7 Hospital ya Wilaya District Hospital Janga Kibaha Public (LGA)
8 Kilindoni Hospital District Hospital Kilindoni Mafia Public (LGA)
9 Kibaha Town Hospital District Hospital Picha ya Ndege Kibaha Public (LGA)
10 Kisarawe Hospital District Hospital Kisarawe Kisarawe Public (LGA)
11 Kibiti Hospital District Hospital Mtawanya Kibiti Public (LGA)

Medical Facilities in Tanga

S/N Name of Facility Hospital Type Ward District Ownership
1 Magunga District Hospital Korogwe
2 Besha Hospital Hospital Mabawa Tanga Private
3 Bombo Regional Hospital
4 Lutindi Mental Hospital Korogwe
5 Pangani District Hospital Pangani
6 Bumbuli Hospital Lutheran Lushoto Private

Medical Facilities in Zanzibar

S/N Name of Facility Hospital Type Ward District Ownership Coordinates
1 Dr. Mehta’s Hospital 6.16481159222754°S 39.188436238710416°E
2 Chukwani Hospital 6.227621223010013°S 39.21729985405646°E
3 Tawakal Hospital
4 Al Rahma Hospital 6.170379605960393°S 39.20410039638335°E
5 Tasakhtaa Global Hospita 6.16604212641847°S 39.19070509638324°E
6 Mnazi Mmoja Hospital 6.167749327275784°S 39.189796467546735°E

Other Important Information to Know

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