Biography of Jacqueline Wolper - An Overview of Career, Early life, Filmography, and More

Biography of Jacqueline Wolper: An Overview of Career, Early life, Filmography, and More

Jacqueline Wolper Massawe

She was known as a fashion stylist and actor from Tanzania.

How old is Jacqueline Wolper? She was born on December 18, 1987; Wolper has appeared in almost 30 films since she began acting in 2007.

Education and Early life

Wolper Jacqueline grew up in the city of Moshi in Tanzania. She started her education at Mawenzi Primary School and completed her formal education at Magrath, Ekenywa, and Masai. She afterward enrolled in Business Studies and a Language Course at ICC Arusha.


Wolper started acting in films in Tanzania in 2007 when veteran actress Lucy Komba noticed and encouraged her to try it. Lucy was a frequent customer of Wolper’s at the latter’s salon. She made her acting debut as a secretary in the Lucy Komba film Ama Zako Ama Zangu. After seeing her on an episode of “Oprah,” Steven Kanumba and his employer, Mtitu Game, were impressed enough to cast her in the films “Red Valentine” and “Family Tears.” Kipenzi Changu, Surprise, Candy, Chaguo Langu, and Taxi Driver are only a few of her later films.

Personal Life

Wolper’s relationship with the famous musician Harmonize started in May 2016. But in February 2017, the couple announced their separation. She also had a love connection with his musical colleague, Diamond Platnumz. Wolper stated that, despite her interest in Kenyan culture, she was not interested in dating a Kenyan man.

After publicly announcing her decision to become a Christian in 2018, Wolper has voiced concern that she had been mesmerized due to her outspoken comments to the Tanzanian media.


Jacqueline Wolper Movies

S/N Role Title Year
1 Sakina Shabiusi 2019
2 Kelly Burundian in Dar 2017
3 Wake Up 2015
4 V.I.P Sharon (President Daughter) 2014
5 Tom Boy
6 Hard Price Patricia
7 Robson Rambo
8 Nikole
9 Crazy Desire Prisca 2013
10 Mbegu
11 After Death
12 Impossible
13 My Princess
14 Tikisa
15 Mahaba Niue
16 Pain For Pain
17 Think Before
18 Before Marriage
19 Identity Card
20 Babylon
21 I’m Not Your Brother
22 Curse of Marriage
23 Ulimi
24 Mr Nobody
25 Pusi na Paku 2012
26 Total Love
27 Hukumu Ya Mande
28 Lupepo Village
29 Ndoa Yangu Sharon
30 Mtekaji Queen
31 Chocolate
32 End of Evil Sarah
33 Diplomat
34 My Intention
35 Time After Time Anna
36 Chaguo Langu Elizabeth
37 Moyo Wangu
38 God is Great
39 Swadakta Angel
40 Gaitan
41 Clinic Love
42 Dereva Taxi Sharon
43 Mens Day Out 2011
44 The Impact
45 Dunia Nyingine
46 Determination Laurine
47 Aching Heart
48 Shoga Yangu
49 Signature Amanda
50 Mafisadi wa Mapenzi
51 All About Love
52 Eagle Eyes
53 Wrong Decision Fiona
54 Mtegoni
55 Candy Candy
56 Surprise 2010
57 Fake Love
58 Life 2 Life Tunu
59 Pete ya Ajabu
60 Avenger
61 Mtumwa wa Mapenzi
62 Secretary Sodana 2009
63 Last Minutes
64 Jozani
65 Ndani Ya Gunia
66 Unfortunate Love
67 Midnight
68 Red Valentine Victoria
69 Roho Sita Revelation 2008
70 Family Tears Dr.Miranda
71 Oprah
72 Kipenzi Changu Lilian 2007
73 Ama Zako Ama Zangu Secretary


S/N Role Title Notes Year
1 Miriam Pazia A Dstv Channel Aired on Magic Magic Bongo 2021-present
2 Prisca Kapuni 2018 to 2020

Nominations and Awards

S/N Recipient Event Result Prize Year
1 Herself (Tuzo Za Watu)

Tanzania People’s Choice Awards 

Nominated Favorite Actress 2015
2 Ndoa Yangu Nominated 2014
3 Herself Ijumaa Magazine Awards Won Ijumaa Sexiest Girl 2012
4 Herself Tanzania Smile Face Awards Won Sexiest Actress 2010

Other Related Information and Frequently Asked Questions About Jacqueline Wolper

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  • Jacqueline Wolper freemason rumors, are they true? – There is no credible information or evidence to suggest that Jacqueline Wolper, a Tanzanian actress and entrepreneur, is a Freemason. Freemasonry is a fraternal organization with its own rituals, symbols, and principles, and its membership is not publicly disclosed. It’s important to avoid spreading unfounded rumors or speculations about someone’s affiliations without reliable sources or evidence to support such claims.

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