Biography of Irene Uwoya: An Overview of Career, Early life, Filmography, and More

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How Old is Irene Uwoya?

Irene Pancras Uwoya is a successful producer, actress, and entrepreneur from Tanzania. That said, if you have also been wondering about Irene Uwoya age, she was born on the 18th of December, 1988.

Irene Uwoya Oprah Character

Her portrayal of Oprah in the movie Irene Uwoya made her a household name. Bongo cinema actors Steven Kanumba, Vincent Kigosi, and many others were among her early colleagues as she launched her career in 2007.

Irene Uwoya Tanzania Early Life

Iren Uwoya was born on the 18th of December, 1988, in Tanzania’s Dodoma. She began her formal education at Mlimwa School, continued at Bunge School in Dar es Salaam, and finished at Greenville in Kampala, Uganda.

Personal Life – Irene Uwoya Husband

In 2008, Irene tied the knot with Hamad Ndikumana, the Rwandan national soccer team captain. After their wedding, Ndikumana unexpectedly passed away. In 2011, they welcomed a son they called Krish; however, she remarried. She wed bongo flava musician Abdulaziz Chande, better known by his stage name Dogo Janja, in 2017.

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With her fifth-place finish at the 2006 Miss Tanzania Beauty Pageant, Wema Sepetu was crowned Miss Tanzania 2006/07.

Irene Uwoya debuted in the film industry with Bongo Movies in 2007.

She has acted in over twenty films, both locally and internationally.


Irene Uwoya Movies

S/N Title Note Role Year
1 Nuru A Short Film: as an Executive Producer Nuru 2022
2 Bei Kali Tausi 2017
3 Pain 4 Nothing Magreth 2016
4 Wake up
5 Who is My Child 2014
6 Mikono Salama Aurelia
7 Aliyemchokoza Kaja
8 Figo
9 Rosemary Rosemary
10 Snitch
11 The Return of Omega Omega
12 Money Talk 2013
13 Nyati
14 Omega Confusion Omega
15 Question Mark
16 Safari
17 Zawadi Yangu Zawadi
18 Nyota Yangu Jojo
19 Last Card
20 Doa la Ndoa Winfrida
21 Ngumi ya Maria Maria 2012
22 Bar Maid
23 Sobbing Sound Menina
24 Mtihani
25 Chupa Nyeusi 2011
26 Dj Ben
27 Senior Bachelor Nuru
28 Kiapo Akida
29 Eagle Eyes Rebecca
30 Off Side Alice 2010
31 Fair Decision
32 Pretty Girl Scola 2009
33 My Dreams
34 Peace of Mind Diana
35 Damu Moja
36 Mid Night
37 Shakira Shakira
38 Tanzanite 2008
39 Oprah Oprah
40 Diversion of Love
41 Yolanda Advocate


S/N Title Note Role Year
1 Haikufuma Aired on Azam TV Natalia 2021
2 Sarafu A Dstv Channel aired on “Maisha Magic Bongo” Janeth 2020 to 2017

 Nominations and awards

S/N Recipient Event Result Price Year
1 Haikufuma Tanzania Film Board Awards Nominated Best Actress – Audience Choice 2021
2 Who is My Child Tanzania Film Awards Best Actress In Supporting Role 2015
3 Bar Maid Steps Entertainment Awards Best Leading Actress 2013
4 Diversion of Love Tanzania Vinara Film Awards Best Villain 2008
Best Upcoming Actress
Best Supporting Actress

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