Quick Guide on Tanzania Shopping as a Tourist

Quick Guide on Tanzania Shopping as a Tourist

The Art of Shopping in Tanzania

We thought of coming up with a Tanzania shopping guide for tourists because in most well-known tourist destinations such as the beautiful country, you will get an opportunity to buy African items and various curios not found on any other corner of the world. On approaching the parks and reserves and coastal roads leading to beach resorts, you’ll see wayside vendors and marketplaces crowding the Zanzibar island, and Tanzania cities such as Dar es Salaam, Stone Town, and Arusha. A wide variety of African artefacts, including batiks, African drums, basketry, soapstone trinkets, and handcrafted chess sets, can be purchased at the museum. Also available are paintings of Maasai people and Serengeti scenery in the popular Tinga tinga style, as well as large wooden carvings of animals or salad bowls fashioned from one piece of teak, mninga, or ebony.

Tingatinga store in oysterbay dar es salaam
Tingatinga store in oysterbay dar es salaam

You cannot talk about Tanzania shopping errands without mentioning beaded jewelry, carved gourds, and the distinctive red checkered blankets used by Maasai men which are popular gifts. Colourful kangas and kikois, worn by both men and women, are a common sight on the streets. Other things, including clothes and cushion covers are made from these. Visit Stone Town in Zanzibar, where you can find old tiles, antique bowls, and the iconic carved wooden Zanzibar chests (formerly used as Sultans storage, but now magnificent replicas) as well as spice packets from Zanzibar.

For many Tanzanians, the semi-precious stone Tanzanite, which comes in various shades of blue and purple, is a must-have. Arusha, Dar es Salaam, and Zanzibar’s Stone Town’s luxury curio and jewelers shops sell tanzanite jewelry.

Curio shops, unlike others, allow you some friendly haggling, especially if the shop is quiet or you are purchasing numerous items. In most Tanzania shopping markets especially the ones in streets, haggling is often anticipated.

Remarks on Tanzania Shopping Regulations

There are regulations by the convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). Smuggling attempts can result in confiscation, penalties, and even jail time. Contraventions to international law restrict the illegal trade in elephant ivory, rhino horn, sea turtle shells, and wild cat skins like a leopard.

Tanzania Shopping Stores Regular Working Hours

Monday through Friday, 0800-17:30; Saturday, 0830-1230.

Some tourist Tanzania shopping centers are open on Sundays, whereas Muslim-owned supermarkets and other businesses close on Friday evenings but may be open on Sundays as well. Some shops in Zanzibar close for a siesta between 1200 and 1500, then reopen at 1900. In major cities, markets are open daily from 8 am to 8 pm.

Alternative Tanzania Shopping Options

A Selection of Tanzania Shopping Stores Specialized in Perfumes:

  1. Shopping at Empire: empiregreeting.com

In 1998, the Empire organization set up shop in Tanzania’s capital city of Dar es Salaam. Gifts and cards were the primary focus of its business. Wilson, Reliable, Archies, Simon Elvin, and a range of other greeting card companies from India and the United Kingdom were its exclusive wholesalers.

As the greeting card market deteriorated, the company’s Tanzania shopping business began to decline as well. To counteract this decline in sales, it began expanding our product lines to include school supplies, office supplies, party supplies, home appliances, children‘s toys, board games, and timepieces.

Personalized presents, handbags, school bags, laptop bags, phone covers, and athletic goods are just a few of its company’s current best-sellers.

The company decided to rethink its Tanzania shopping business and launch an internet store because of Tanzania’s booming economy and technology improvements. Online purchases of its items are now available for customers in Tanzania and around the world.

The company’s mission has always been to provide the best possible products and services at the lowest possible cost. Tanzania shopping customers and suppliers alike have come to know this store as a reliable and trustworthy company.

The company’s online store has been adding new products daily since the beginning of the year. As a last resort, if they don’t have the item you need, please get in touch with them, and usually they’ll do their best to get it for you.

  1. Shopping at Rozanas: https://rozanas.com/
  2. Shopping at Zawadis: https://www.zawadis.com/collections/fragrance-men-women/ysl

Tanzania Shopping Online Marketplace for Buying and Selling

Shopping at Jumia: https://www.jumia.co.tz/

Tanzania Shopping Options for Buying Groceries Online

Fast and Fresh


This is a home delivery Tanzania shopping minimart service. In addition to perishables, the company also produces farm-fresh eggs and meat. According to their website, they buy farm products directly from farmers and deliver them to their customers. High-quality, regionally sourced products are always top of their list.

Areas of the Country Fast and Fresh Provide Services

Fast and Fresh now delivers to Upanga; Mikocheni, Masaki, Msasani, Kariakoo, Oysterbay, Kijitonyama, and plans expansion area in the near future.

Fast and Fresh Turnaround time

As per their website, all of their orders are delivered the following day, unless otherwise specified. The following day is used by default if no time is supplied.

Suppose you can’t find what you need on the website.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with them if you need something that isn’t on this list. The items that are often requested will be added.

Tanzania Shopping MiniMarts

Village Supermarket Ltd


No matter where you’re from, you’ll be at peace when you purchase with them.

Family-owned Village Supermarket Ltd. is situated in Tanzania’s capital, Dar Es Salaam.

Food, wine, baked goods, and high-quality kitchenware and home furnishings from all around the world are all available in its boutique-style shops.

UK, UAE, CA & US products are all imports for our business. Whether you’re shopping for produce, wine, dairy, or groceries, the supermarket’s carefully selected selection ensures that you’ll always have access to the freshest products. Its selection of organic, gluten-free, and sugar-free products is the largest in the business.

This Tanzania shopping market’s aisles are lined with a variety of well-known brands, such as Nestle, Nature’s Path, Maille, Lindt, Heinz, Rachel’s Organic, Wilton, and Nespresso. According to their website, the market is dedicated to providing customers with the best possible selection, quality, and service. No matter where you’re from, you’ll be at peace when you purchase from them.

The Slipway Shopping Centre in Dar es Salaam

A craft market, restaurants, an ice cream parlour, and stunning sunset vistas are part of this waterfront commercial neighbourhood.

Slipway Shopping Centre in Dar es Salaam
Slipway Shopping Centre in Dar es Salaam

Game shopping mall Tanzania

Game – https://www.game.co.tz/en/

Tanzania Shopping Businesses in Tanzania that Deal in Computers Sector

Arusha Cultural Heritage Art Galleries and Shops

Africa’s most prominent art gallery and restaurant, as well as an antiques and jewelry shop, are among the offerings at this one-of-a-kind shop. We’ve got it all!

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