Swahili Food Recipe - Make Your Own Pilau Masala Recipe

Swahili Food Recipe: Make Your Own Pilau Masala Recipe

With the Finest Pilau Masala Spice Formula, you may create your own flavor blend at home. Pilau Masala is a flavor blend composed of cumin, black peppercorn seedlings, cardamom pods, and cinnamon (basic components), which are crushed and used to produce Pilau Rice.

If you’ve been around for long or know me, you’ll understand how much I adore my homemade flavors! They’re quite simple to make and contain no chemicals, which is fantastic! They also make excellent gifts for loved ones. I can’t count the number of times I’ve made Chermoula Flavor, French Fried-Chip Seasoning, or Hamburger Seasoning for my pals. I also enjoy making my own lemon pepper flavor!

The Difference Between Garam Masala and Pilau Masala

Garam Masala exists as a flavor mixture made up of green cardamoms, fennel seeds, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, and star anise. For scent, some Garam Masala mixtures incorporate bay leaves.

Pilau rice is still a delicious dish made by heating rice with Pilau masala ingredients, meat, veggies, and stock. Pilau rice, also known as Pulao, Pilaf, Palaw, or pelau, has its roots in Persia. Avicenna, the Persian researcher, documented various recipes in his works, including many pilaf formulas. He is regarded as the “Dad” of contemporary pilaf or Pilau prepared using Pilau masala.

Both spices are nearly identical, as you can observe. The key distinction is that Pilau flavor seasoning is utilized in the preparation of Pilaw rice, whereas Garam Masala is utilized in lentil meals, curries, and soups.

How to Make Pilau Masala Spice

Pilau Masala Ingredients: Components For Pilau Masala Seasoning Or Spice

To prepare this pilau masala spice, you will need the following key components (for proportions, please read the comprehensive recipe voucher at the end of this page):

  •  Cumin seeds
  •  Cinnamon sticks
  •  Black peppercorn seedlings
  •  Cardamom pods
  •  Clove (whole)

Pilau Masala Spice Recipe:

  1. In a clean, dry pan, combine ground nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, and black peppercorn seedlings.
  1. Roast the ingredients listed above under very low heat until fragrant. Stir with a spoon made from wood to prevent the spices from getting burnt.
  1. Remove the Pilau Masala spice ingredients from the hot pan and place them in a spice crusher or coffee crusher. Blend until smooth.

Useful Tips

How to Use Pilau Masala

  • You can roughly blend your spice mixture so that you still retain chunky full spices. The blend of ground and whole spices increases not only the smell but also the flavor.
  • How Much Pilau Masala to Use? About 1 1/2 to 2 tbsps of the unique Pilau masala flavor mix are needed for every Pilau rice recipe. However, you can increase or reduce your intake based on your spice capacity.
  • Are you on a low-carbohydrate diet? If you’re on a low carbohydrate or keto diet, you can definitely still cook Pilau rice. Simply combine the Pilau masala flavor mix with konjak rice or caulirice. I guarantee you that it still tastes delicious.
  • For a different take on this dish, try adding extra ground ginger (also known as ginger powders) for an added kick!

Storage of Pilau Masala Seasoning

This Pilau Masala spice seasoning, flavor mixture or dust can be safely stored for up to four months in a sealed container in a cold or dry area. Always scoop your mixed spice with a thoroughly dry and clean spoon to prevent contamination.

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