Swahili Food Recipe - The Famous Chips Mayai (Fries & Eggs)

Swahili Food Recipe: The Famous Chips Mayai (Fries & Eggs)

So, there you go, Tanzania’s most popular street dish, Chips Mayai. Chips Mayai is simple to prepare, tasty, and filling! You can appreciate it on its own or with a side of kachumbari salad for a much more substantial dinner. Chips Mayai is best served hot, so don’t let the Chips Mayai sit too long before serving it to your guests!

Chips Mayai Recipe

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 25 minutes

Have you eaten Chips Mayai before? It’s a street meal in Tanzania comprised of French fries plus eggs. From Dodoma city to Dar city, it may be found in every single corner of the Eastern African nation. Chips translates to chips, while Mayai translates to eggs in Kiswahili. Chips mayai in english translate to French fries omelet. Many African countries, including Tanzania, use this Bantu language as their primary language. It is heavily influenced by Indian and Arabic cuisine. Tanzanian cuisine is a fusion of many diverse tastes.

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What Really is Chips Mayai?

Chips Mayai Tanzania, a.k.a zege chips mayai as referred to by the locals, is a platter of deliciousness! Eggs and potatoes are the two primary ingredients in this formula. Instead of producing a traditional omelet, you make French fries and then turn them into a plain omelet. You can add bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, and other recipes to suit your tastes.

Tanzanian cuisine is a fusion of many diverse tastes. It is heavily influenced by Indian and Arabic cuisine. It’s a delight for your personal taste buds, be it Muhogo, Mayai, or Mishkaki. You will unquestionably see an oiled saucepan bubbling with gorgeously cut potato wedges as you travel through Tanzanian streets. You may rest assured that Tanzania Chips mayai is on the menu.


Potatoes: The primary component in Chips Mayai is fresh potato. You can peel the thin skin completely off or leave it on.

Eggs: The second most crucial component of Chips Mayai is eggs. Using free-range eggs rather than factory-farmed eggs is a good option because they carry more proteins and have a superior flavor.

Veggie Oil: Chips Mayai is indeed a fried meal, so you will require oil to fry the eggs and potatoes. Olive oil is among the most excellent choices because it has numerous health benefits as well as a delicious flavor. If you wish, you can use any other type of vegetable oil; however olive oil works great in the Chips Mayai dish.

Salt: Chips Mayai needs salt as a spice. Himalayan pink, sea, or table salt can all be used.

Pepper: Black pepper adds an extra kick to Chips Mayai. Depending on your taste, you can add as little or as much as possible.

Onion: Sliced onions give Chips Mayai taste and texture.

Carrots: Chopped carrots offer a wonderful flavor to Chips Mayai.

Bell Peppers: They are optional, but nevertheless, they make Chips Mayai taste better and brighter overall. You can make use of any colored bell pepper, all three that are green, yellow, and red – if you choose.

Coriander: It is optional, but nevertheless, it adds a slight spark and taste to Chips Mayai.

Tomato: Sliced tomatoes will give you that added option if you want to add more taste to your amazing Chips Mayai.

Garlic: Garlic pods can be incorporated for more flavor.

How to Make Chips Mayai

Street vendor making Chips Mayai in the streets of Dar es Salaam Tanzania
Street vendor making Chips Mayai in the streets of Dar es Salaam Tanzania

Chips Mayai is indeed a simple dish to prepare at home. The materials are basic and can be located in any grocery shop. Chips Mayai includes a few stages, but they’re all fast, so you can make it in a matter of minutes. Let us walk through how to make Chips Mayai:

  • In a frying pan, heat the oil over moderate heat to begin.
  • Chop the potatoes into small wedges and fry in the heated oil. Fry them until they turn golden brown.
  •  Start removing the fries that are inside the hot oil and place them on a platter lined with paper towels.
  • Split the eggs as well as scramble them in the very same pan.
  • In a large mixing bowl, combine the onions, garlic, carrots, tomatoes, and bell pepper, if using.
  • Put the fries back in when the eggs have finished cooking and fold them gently into the eggs.
  • Sprinkle with salt, coriander, and pepper, then stir it for one last time.
  • Serve the Chips Mayai while it’s still hot.

Chips Mayai can be served with chili sauce, kachumbari, or ketchup. It’s a filling and delicious meal that you’ll enjoy. So, the next time you’re in Tanzania, make sure to taste this popular street dish!

Chips Mayai Variations

Chips Mayai can be made with any vegetable you like, but below are some frequent variations:

How to Cook Chips Mayai Made with Mushrooms:

  1. Before putting in the potato wedges, fork-mash the to-be-used eggs.
  2. Bring down the flames to a much lower setting and cook for some minutes after adding them to the pan.
  3. Put in chopped mushrooms and simmer until they soften.

Chips Mayai Recipe Kenya

Chips Mayai made with Chicken: While the Chips Mayai is still in the saucepan, put in cooked chicken slices. You could either put them in at the start or near the end of the cooking period.

Chips Mayai made with Beef: Another famous variation is Chips Mayai made with beef. While the Chips Mayai is still hot, put in cooked diced beef or ground ones. You could either put them in at the start or near the end of the cooking period.

Chips Mayai Hints and Tips

To assist you in making great Chips Mayai every time, here are some recipe hints and tricks:

  • When frying your potatoes, use a high-quality oil. For instance, olive oil is a suitable choice, just like any vegetable oil.
  • When frying your potatoes, don’t overcrowd the frying pan. They’ll get crispy from the outside this way.
  • If you wish your homemade Chips Mayai to really be crispy, sprinkle the potatoes with baking soda before frying.
  • Season to taste with salt, chili, and other spices. With simply pepper and salt, Chips mayai is excellent, but be free to add your own spices and herbs.
  • You can make a scrambled egg form or make them in an omelet form.
  • Chips Mayai is best served hot with chili sauce, ketchup, or your preferred condiment. It’s a filling and delicious supper that will fulfill your hunger!

Ways to Serve

Chips Mayai is best served with a fresh salad with onion, Kachumbari, tomato, and cucumber. Many people dish it alongside pili pili, a native chili sauce to add acidity. It’s also good with ketchup. It’s delicious for brunch, breakfast, or a quick snack. When it pertains to Chips Mayai, the oil aspect cannot be overlooked. It’s oily but oh so delicious. By adding veggies, you can ensure it is a little healthier. Otherwise, simply sprinkle with salt and chilli and enjoy. A fabulous way to light up your day!

How to Make Chips Mayai with an Air Fryer

If you own an air fryer, you can prepare chips mayai by following these steps:

You may definitely make use of an air fryer to make Chips Mayai. You can simply air fry the potatoes instead of cooking them in oil. The benefit of utilizing an air fryer to make Chips Mayai is that it cooks with no oil or maybe just a little. In comparison to Chips Mayai fried in oil, Chips Mayai produced with an air fryer is completely healthier. Prepare the potatoes by cutting them into thick slices and then tossing them in oil.

Season with salt, garlic powder, pepper, and other ingredients to taste.

Place the potato pieces in the air-fryer basket and simmer for about fifteen minutes at 400° f, or until crispy.

Extract the items from the air-fryer basket and place them in the corner.

In a mixing bowl, whisk together the salt, pepper, eggs, and coriander, then give it one last stir. Cook until the potato pieces are done in the pan with the omelet mixture. Chips Mayai is hot and ready to eat. Enjoy your healthy and delicious Chips Mayai!

How to Preserve Chips Mayai

Chips Mayai can be preserved in the refrigerator for up to a total of three days in a sealed container. You may also preserve it in the deep freezer for a total of two months. Simply place it in the refrigerator to defrost before you reheat and serve. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions About Chips Mayai

What is the composition of chips Mayai?

Fried potatoes are combined with an omelet or scrambled eggs to make Chips Mayai. Flavourful meat, vegetables, spices, and herbs can be added to the dish to make it even better.

What is the flavor of Chips Mayai?

Chips Mayai is a delectable combination of crunchy French fries and an egg. Doesn’t it sound appealing? It’s oily but oh so delicious! Home fries with eggs, a potato omelet, or hashbrowns are all flavors that come to mind.

Is it possible to make Vegan Chips Mayai?

Yes, you can make Chips Mayai vegan by replacing the eggs with a vegan substitute such as flaxseed meal, chia seeds, or silken tofu combined with water.

In English, what really is Chips Mayai?

Chips Mayai translates to Chips Plus Eggs in English. Chips are known in Swahili as Chips (pronounced “chip-see”), and Eggs are known in Swahili as Mayai.

What is the right way to enunciation Chips Mayai?

Chips Mayai is proclaimed as [“chip-see ma-yaa-ee.”] Chips (French fries) and Mayai (eggs) are two words in Swahili, Tanzania’s official language.

What are the amount calories in Chips Mayai?

Chips Mayai is indeed a high-calorie dish, containing around 350 kcal per serving. It’s a filling supper because it’s high in protein and fat. Chips Mayai can be eaten in the mornings or as a midday snack.

How do I prevent Chips Mayai from sticking to the pan?

Using a nonstick saucepan is the simplest approach to keep our dinner from getting stuck to the pan. You can also make use of olive oil or cooking spray, or butter to lubricate the pan. It’ll not stick until you follow these simple procedures! If Chips Mayai is fried at a sufficiently high temperature over moderate flame and on a nonstick saucepan, it will definitely not stick. Chips Mayai is done when both sides are golden brown.

What is the proper manner of consuming it?

Chips mayai is indeed a dish that should be consumed with both hands. If you like, you can consume it with a knife and fork. Eat Chips Mayai right out of the saucepan while it’s still hot!

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