Swahili Food Recipe - The Famous Coconut Donuts (Visheti)

Swahili Food Recipe: The Famous Coconut Donuts (Visheti)

Visheti Recipe Ingredients

What is Visheti in English? They are pretty much coconut donuts, and here are the ingredients used to make them:

  •  1 1/2 kilogram flour (wheat)
  •  Vanilla Essence, one cap (Bottle of Vanilla)
  •  2 tsp. melted butter
  •  three teaspoons of custard powder
  •  1/4 gallon milk/1/4 gallon water
  •  A sprinkle of salt
  •  1-litre oil (cooking)

Sugar Syrup Ingredients

  •  One cup of water
  •  Sugar, 3/4 cup
  •  ten pieces of cardamom

Visheti Preparation Method

  •  Dissolve the butter.
  •  Combine the custard powder, salt, melted butter, and wheat flour in a mixing basin.
  •  steadily pour in the cream and mix it in.
  •  Pull the contents together to make a dough (do not mix the dough if you prefer non-soft vikokoto\visheti).
  •  Separate the batter into three balls.
  • Cut the batter into long and thin strips using both hands and a knife.
  •  Cut each strand into smaller pieces with a knife.
  •  The slices are ready for deep frying right away.

Visheti Deep Frying Instructions

  •  In a frying skillet, heat the oil until it is hot.
  •  Please take a few squares and drop them into a pot of boiling water.
  • After five mins, turn the visheti and fry until the preferred gold-like brown colour is achieved.
  • Drain all excess oil after removing it from the oil.
  • Allow it cool completely before dipping your visheti into the sugar syrup.

Sugar Syrup Coating for Visheti

  • In a saucepan, combine the sugar, vanilla, water, and cardamom.
  •  Bring the entire mixture to a boiling point, then reduce the fire to a low flame and let it cook.
  •  Saute for a few mins till it thickens moderately.
  •  Pour in the syrup on top of the fried Vishete.
  •  Throw  the vishete in syrup and shake it.
  •  Continue to shake the pan to flip the vishete up into the air, then return it to the fire until the sugar coating on the visheti turns whitish.
  •  Take the Visheti off the fire and place the them on a tray to cool completely.

Then, to keep the crunchiness, preserve them in a sealed container.

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