Biography of Yvonne Cherrie - An Overview of Career, Early life, Filmography, and More

Biography of Yvonne Cherrie – An Overview of Career, Early life, Filmography, and More

Yvonne Cherry Background

Tanzanian actress Yvonne Cherrie (born August 19, 1981, also known as Monalisa) won the “Best Actress” award at the 2010 International Film Festival in Zanzibar. At the 2011 Nigeria Entertainment Awards, she was nominated for Pan African Actress of the Year. She has been a trailblazer in the development of Tanzania’s film industry and is widely regarded as one of the best actresses in the country. She also started the Act With Monalisa initiative, which aims to help young Tanzanian women get started in the acting industry by providing them with guidance and a platform to demonstrate their talents. She also directs (AWAFFEST) the African Women’s Arts and Film Festival.

Education and Early Life

The Muhimbili Hospital in Tanzania is where Cherrie and her family began their lives together on August 19, 1981. Her mom is an actress also; her name is Suzan Lewis.

She started her formal education in Angola’s Luanda, where her dad worked. She continued it at Muungano Primary School in Temeke, Dar Es Salaam, and Zanaki Girls High School before enrolling in the secretarial program at Tanzania Public Service College.

She started learning English in 2002 at the British Council Tanzania’s Pre-Advanced level and then acquired a diploma in mass communication from Wilnag Media Training College in Nairobi.


Her role as a young lady trying to maintain healthy relationships in the 1998 series Mambo Hayo earned her the moniker “Monalisa.” Monalisa made her debut in the feature film industry in 2002’s Girlfriend, playing the role of Tumpale, TID’s Girlfriend who is motivated to change her ways after being banished by her father. Since then, she’s had appearances in movies like She Is My Sister (2006), Binti Nusa, Dilemma (2004), Sabrina (2003), Network and Kwa Heshima Ya Penzi. The 2010 International Film Festival in Zanzibar named her “Best Actress,” and the 2011 Nigeria Entertainment Awards nominated her for “Pan African Actress of the Year” for her performance on Black Sunday.

Yvonne Cherrie Filmography

S/N Name Notes Role Year
1 Sinia A Dstv Channel: Aired on Maisha Magic Bongo  Rosemary Venus 2021
2 Tanzania Movie Talents Aired on ITV: An Acting Competition Judge 2015 



3 Siri Ya Mtungi An East Africa Television (EATV) and TV 1 Television

Produced by Media for Development International.

4 Mambo Hayo Cast: Single Mtambalike (Richie), Jacob Steven(Jb), Bishanga, Cathy and Waridi.

An Independent Television Tanzania (ITV).

Monalisa  1998

Yvonne Cherrie Stage Plays

S/N Notes Names Year
1 Russian Cultural Centre (Tanzania) Don’t Dress For Dinner


2 Little Theatre (Tanzania) The Song Of Lawino
3 Kenya National Theatre A Man of the people
4 Kiu
5 Zanzibar International Film Festival Zawadi Ya Ushindi 2002
6 Bagamoyo Arts and Culture Festival The Government Inspector 2001 To



S/N Name  Notes  Role Year
1 Daddy’s Wedding Banana Zoro, With Sandra Temu, Raheem, 2016
2 Umuhimu Wako Suzan Lewis, With Rose Ndauka, Raheem, 2015
3 Damian Casts with Jemedari Gwatwambilileghe (Damian), Hashim Kambi (Dr.ambi), Monalisa


4 Network With Charles Rom, Simon Mwakafamba, Brian Ibrick, Shikunzi Haonga,  Detective Elizabeth
5 Bana Congo With Salum Haji (Mboto)
6 Daladala Casts with Amri Athuman (King Majuto), Suleiman Barafu,


7 Dakika Ya Mwisho Cast with Niva
8 Sistahili Kusamehewa Cast with Mohamed Fungafunga , Alex Wasponga, Patcho Mwamba, Suleiman Barafu,
9 Five Girls Cast with Hashimu Kambi and Grace Mapunda.
10 Mwisho Wa Siku With Victor Mwikala, Lucy Komba, Jennifer Kakolaki,
11 In Between Cast with Salum Haji (Mboto), Suzan Lewis,
12 Hidden Treasure Cast with Mohammed Yondo, Bad Boy,
13 Ujinga Wangu Cast with Salum Haji (Mboto) and Hemedi Suleiman Ritha


14 Tell Me The Truth  
15 Uyoga Cast with Single Mtambalike
16 Chai Moto Mussa Banzi, Jeniffer Mgendi, Juma Mtima & Christina Matai
17 The trial, Pastor Myamba, Emmanuel Myamba, Sarah 2011
18 38 Weeks Cast with Salum Haji (Mboto)
19 Maza House Cast with Deogratius Shida, Suzan Lewis,


20 Binti Nusa 2& 3 Cast with Elizabeth Chijumba, Suzan Lewis, Hashim Kambi, Malaika
21 Payback Cast with Steven Kanumba and Yusuph Mlela Rebecca
22 Black Sunday Cast with Aunty Ezekiel, Steven Kanumba, Yusuph Mlela, Sharon
23 Cellular Cast with Thea,Sajuki 2009
24 Wrong Number Cast with Hemedi Suleiman, Riyama Ally, Gadner Habash, Rehema
25 Jeraha La Ndoa Cast with Bakari Makuka, Haji Adam,
26 Kaburi Moja Cast with Hemedi Suleiman


27 Behind The Scenes Cast with Blandina Chagula, Vincent Kigosi, Suzan Lewis, Carey
28 Binti Nusa part 1 Cast with Hashimu Kambi, Suzan Lewis, Malaika
29 Chanzo Ni Mama Cast with Suzan Lewis, Deogratiua Shija, 2007
30 Kwa Heshima Ya Penzi Cast with Mtambalike and Single Jacob Steven Miranda
31 She Is My Sister Cast with Mercy Johnson, Steven Kanumba,  Nkiru Sylvanus. Rose 2006
32 Dilemma 2004
33 Sabrina Sabrina 2003
34 Girlfriend Cast: AY, Nina, Crazy Gk and TID, Tumpale 2002

Yvonne Cherry Nominations and Awards

S/N Recipient Event Result Prize Year
1 Herself The African Prestigious Awards (Ghana) Won Best Female Movie Star 2018
2 Filamonata (With Suzan Lewis) Tanzania Film Awards Nominated Tribute Award(Media)


3 Daddy’s Wedding Nominated Best Actress In A Leading Role
4 Black Sunday 2011 Nigeria Entertainment Awards Nominated Pan African Actress Of The Year 2011
5 Binti Nusa Filamu Central Best Of 2010 Won Best Actress 2010
6 Black Sunday Zanzibar International Film Festival Won Best Actress
7 Herself Kiu Media Awards Won Queen Of Bongo Movies 2008

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