Best Hotels in Moshi Tanzania - Luxury, Comfort, Budget Accommodations

Best Hotels in Moshi Tanzania – Luxury, Comfort, Budget Accommodations

Among the 15 Finest Hotels in Moshi Town, Kilimanjaro

Moshi, Tanzania, is a sleepy hamlet in the shadow of Kilimanjaro National Park and the mountain itself. Just about 200,000 people are living in Moshi, with the majority being Chagga and Pare. Moshi has been deemed the cleanest city in Tanzania by an UN-Habitat assessment.

Many hikers, including my friends, choose Moshi as a home base before and after summiting Kilimanjaro because of the town’s convenient location. I always book an extra night in a hotel in Moshi before and after my Kilimanjaro trips with my preferred Tanzanian tour providers. Every one of my visits to Moshi has been the definition of relaxation.

This post will help you find the best hotels in Moshi if you plan to travel to Tanzania and arrange your climbing expedition. Available recommendations range from the most expensive to the most reasonably priced options. Check out the resources I’ve included after the piece if you have any inquiries about the hotels I’ve discussed here.

Okay, so let’s begin.

The Kaliwa Lodgings

This is the most incredible option if you’re looking for a place to stay in Moshi. Everything from the tasty food to the spotless rooms and attentive staff members makes this an unforgettable experience. The terrace offers breathtaking views of Kilimanjaro. Staying at the Kaliwa Lodge in Moshi will be one of the highlights of your trip.

  • Prices for a single room start at $80, while a double room with breakfast included would set you back $160.
  • Those looking for a luxurious vacation with top-notch service and stunning photo ops of Kilimanjaro should look no further as the Kalawwa lodgings take the first place for the best hotels in Moshi.
  • The terrace offers stunning views of the surrounding forest and Mount Kilimanjaro, and the property’s position near Machame gate and isolation from Moshi town are other selling factors. Overall, great attention to detail.

Moshi’s Parkview Inn

Moshi’s Parkview Inn
Moshi’s Parkview Inn

Reputable hotel on par with moderately priced Western counterparts. Located in the heart of Moshi Town but yanked enough to provide guests some quiet time. Guests can relax with a drink and take in the stunning view of Mount Kilimanjaro from the rooftop bar, which is known for its excellent service. Moshi’s Parkview Inn is among the best hotels in Moshi for peace and tranquility lovers.

  • Breakfast is included in the price of a standard double room ($80) or a premium double room ($130).
  • Most suitable for the average, Western-style tourist. Ideal for kids and adults alike.
  • To a large extent, the pool’s appeal is responsible for the property’s success. It’s a nice Western-style hotel, and they serve a great breakfast. Service that is both competent and friendly. Free Wi-Fi can be found at most cafes and restaurants.

The Chanya Lodgings

The Chanya Lodge, not far from Moshi, is an excellent pick for budget-conscious vacationers. Rooms are spotless, meals are unique, and there’s a bar beside the pool.

  • The cheapest double room, including breakfast, can be found for around $100 per night.
  • Any traveler looking for a first-rate hotel who doesn’t mind being on the outskirts of town will find this an ideal option (it only needs a brief taxi ride).
  • Most guests are drawn in by the hotel’s alluring pool and bar. There is public access to Wi-Fi (although connectivity is generally in Tanzania, so it’s relatively poor).

Alternative Lodgings and Relaxing Options

  • Moshi’s Keys Hotel is a great place to stay if you’re planning on doing any hiking. With few conveniences yet a warm and welcoming atmosphere with 60 to 80 USD per night.
  • The “Dual Mountain View” gives you a clue as to what you can expect to see from here: breathtaking panoramas of two mountains for 70$ to 80$ per night.
  • The Nyumbani Hotel is an excellent choice for any traveler in a prime location in the heart of Moshi. Rooms and suites are spotless and quite comfortable. Nightly rates range from $80 to $90.
  • The Secret Garden Lodge is well-known among the best hotels in Moshi. This lodging option is in the heart of Moshi. Providing low prices and delicious food! Price range: $40 – $110.
  • The Springlands Hotel is another well-liked place to stay for hikers. Rates are between $100 and $120.00 per night.
  • The San Salinero lodging is more pricey than the average hotel, yet it has beautiful cabins and an excellent pool for $120 to $150 per night.

Moshi’s Best Value Hotels for Vacationers

Hotel Osy Grand

Hotel Osy Grand Moshi
Hotel Osy Grand Moshi

Maybe “Grand” is a bit of an exaggeration. This motel is around Moshi town, but the rates are still relatively affordable.

  • Prices start at $35 for a standard twin and go up to $55 for an executive double.
  • This hotel should suffice for those who are accustomed to low-cost travel in Asia or Africa and are not picky.
  • Location in a safe part of Moshi is the main selling point. Staff members are kind, and rates are fair.
  • Only cash is accepted. There is no elevator, so guests sleeping on higher floors must be prepared for extra walking. Not everyone will appreciate the hotel’s design.

Alternative Budgeting Options

  • The Rafiki Backpackers, located on Moshi’s outskirts, is a fantastic six-room hostel. Prices range from $20 per night for a private room to $12 per night for a shared room.
  • The Hibiscus B&B is a no-frills but very affordable alternative for staying. For about $30 a night, you can sleep soundly.
  • At an affordable price, the Kilimanjaro Safaris Lodging is in the middle of Moshi. From $40 to $50 per night.
  • The Leopard Hotel has a convenient location and basic accommodations for a reasonable price. Costs $60 per night

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Conclusion About Best Hotels in Moshi Town

Our review of the best hotels in Moshi comes to a close here. I wish you a successful Kilimanjaro climb and a relaxing stay in charming Moshi, as described in this piece.

If you still have questions regarding Moshi hotels or hotels in Kilimanjaro, please leave a comment below. Alternatively, if you have stayed at one of these hotels and want to provide feedback in the form of a review, please do so below. Finally, if you think another hotel should be included on our list, please suggest it in the space provided below. Thanks!

When in doubt, err on the side of caution. Get yourself some good Tanzania travel insurance before you go. Make use of World Nomads’ handy cost calculator. Hiking up to 6,000 meters is covered by World Nomads’ all-inclusive travel insurance, making it an excellent choice for those climbing Kilimanjaro.

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