Maasai Village Tour - What to Expect, Ideas and More

Maasai Village Tour Tanzania – What to Expect, Ideas and More

A Trip to a Maasai Village

Taking a stroll through the rolling hills of Ngorongoro‘s plateau for a Maasai village tour enhances your safari experience. Meet the locals, get to know their culture, and join in on the fun by singing and dancing alongside them.

Many tribal settlements in Tanzania have become primarily commercial, making it difficult to get an authentic cultural experience. Grand tented lodges on the crater rim, such as Entamanu and The Highlands, have built links with local Maasai communities in order to give guests a true taste of Maasai culture. Only tourists of Entamanu and the Highlands are eligible for the Maasai village tour. The villages you visit may vary depending on where you’re staying, but the fundamental structure of the excursions will remain the same. Consequently,

What to Anticipate on the Maasai Village Tour

On your Maasai village tour expect an afternoon excursion to the Ngorongoro highlands with your chaperone, an armed conservation officer, and a Maasai from the hamlet. Take your time and enjoy the scenery as you explore the area’s unique ecosystem on your leisurely 1.5-hour stroll. Game drives on the Crater floor do not include giraffes, but the Crater’s outer walls are home to numerous large herds. If you don’t want to walk, you can take a short drive (approximately 15 minutes) from the campground to the village.

It is common to be greeted with singing and dancing upon arrival which is the start of your Maasai village tour, and participation is highly encouraged! As part of cultural exchange, fire-making and bead-making will be taught to participants afterward. Visits to people‘s houses are also possible; queries are welcomed, and your chaperone will gladly interpret if necessary. Putting out flames inside might result in a lot of smoke, so keep that in mind.

Maasai village tour campers can purchase leather and beadwork from the villagers throughout their stay, although these products can also be purchased at the camp shop.

Maasai traditional jewelry in village market, Tanzania.
Maasai traditional jewelry in village market, Tanzania.

Sundowners can be enjoyed on the way back to camp when your time in the village is finished.

Closed-toed shoes and a reasonable fitness level are required for the hike to the village, which is steep and uneven in sections.

The Maasai Village Tour Itinerary (Verify with Your Own Tour Agency):

The Beginning Spot

The Highlands or Entamanu Ngorongoro

The Place Where Everything Comes to a Close

You’ve made it back to your safari camp, safe and sound.

No Provision for Meals

Despite meals are not included, guests are frequently served beverages and little snacks around sunset.

Duration of the Maasai Village Tour

A two to three-hour afternoon activity is recommended.

Maasai Village Tour Maximum Number of People in a Group Allowed

A total of six people

What to Expect:

Visitors can expect the locals to greet them traditionally throughout the Maasai village tour.

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