Materuni Waterfalls - Hiking, Location, Booking, Experience and More

Materuni Waterfalls and Coffee Farm Tour – Hiking, Location, Booking, Experience and More

Coffee Tour Near Moshi and a Walk to the Materuni Waterfalls

Materuni Waterfalls location – This is a powerful waterfall situated around 15 kilometres from the city of Moshi. Before or after your climb of Mount Kilimanjaro, a coffee tour in the hamlet provides a perfect day trip. It’s a great way to get your legs moving and immerse yourself in the culture simultaneously, with around eight kilometres of walking and 300 metres of ascent. First, the tour examines the entire process of brewing coffee, from seed to mug. You’ll visit the massive Materuni Waterfalls after a lunch made with locally sourced ingredients.

The writer of this article will go over all you need to know about Materuni Waterfalls, from where it is to how much it costs.

Booking Your Waterfalls Hike

The writer’s Materuni Waterfalls Hike and Coffee Tour was scheduled with a company called Altezza Travel which delivered the experience to his highest expectations.

Hiking the Materuni Waterfall

It Stretches: A total of 8 kilometres (out and back), including the trek up to the coffee farm, are covered by the hike.

Time-span: The hike to and from the waterfall should take no more than 1.5-2 hours, but the trip as a whole should take 3-4 hours if the coffee farm tour is included.

Hiking Strain: This is a doable trail. All hikers who went with the writer were fine even in the rain as long as they took it slow. Eventually, the road turns into a single-track trail. It’ll be a piece of cake if you’re not worried about the uneven ground or a slight elevation change.

Hike Slope: There is a 321-meter climb on the return trip, including the coffee estate.

Materuni Waterfalls Location

This waterfall is known locally as Nambe Waterfall, which means ‘first-born’ in the native language. Mount Kilimanjaro‘s first waterfall has been given this name because of its location. However, this waterfall is known as Materuni Waterfalls since it is located in Materuni, a village. It is fitting that the Materu, whose members make up the vast majority of Materuni’s population, are the inspiration for the community‘s name. Because Materuni Waterfalls is not the official name, it displays on the Google Maps pinpoint below, whilst the need to go ahead and explain why. Visitors to Mount Kilimanjaro can enjoy a day excursion to this waterfall, which is just 15 kilometres from the city of Moshi.

View of Mount Kilimanjaro from Moshi
View of Mount Kilimanjaro from Moshi

Reservation for a Materuni Waterfall Tour for Hiking and Coffee Tour

The locals have beautifully orchestrated this tour. A single waterfall became a cultural event that was enjoyable and beneficial to the community, including coffee farmers, artisans, and of course, the local guides themselves. Altezza arranged for hotel pickup and drop-off and a picnic lunch for me as part of my trip package.

Materuni Waterfalls Hiking and Coffee Tour Milestones

The writer and other hikers’ journey to Materuni Waterfalls began with a 1.5-hour drive through Moshi Town from the Aishi Machame Hotel in nearby Moshi. Arriving at the house, we filled out paperwork and made our way up a muddy dirt path to the modest cottage where the coffee tour was taking place. On a clear day, Mount Kilimanjaro can be seen in all its glory from here.

In Tanzanian style, local coffee producers take you through the entire process of transforming a coffee bean into a cup of coffee. In addition to the music, the farmers put in a lot of effort, and it was a fascinating process. From the beans to the mug, the process was meticulous and resulted in a fresh cup of Materuni coffee. An illustration of some of the numerous steps in the procedure can be seen here.

The writer and other hikers were treated to a lunch feast produced entirely from locally sourced foods after being served a freshly brewed pot of coffee. Vegetables, rice, and chicken with banana and yam soup were on the menu. An appetizing and filling meal was needed before our walk.

Caffeinated and energized, the writer and other hikers set out for Materuni’s crown treasure, the Nambe Waterfall. We got caught in a downpour on our way to the falls, which made for an exciting and dangerous walk on the muddy route. As they say in Swahili, “pole, pole,” it was done slowly and gradually. There is a woodland village along the way where you can look around at the houses and connect with the locals. Bananas, guavas, and avocados are among the many fruits that line the walkway. A few “forest bars” will be serving up banana wine, which is more potent and alcoholic than regular beer and wine.

The giant waterfall, Nambe, can be found in the area. There was a fantastic spray at the foot of the falls because we visited during a week of heavy rain! Because this valley is so verdant, it’s not a surprise. The falls are swimmable on a quiet day, but they stayed well away from the massive force rushing down into the waterfall’s basin during the wet season.

Finally, hikers returned through the woods after our time at the waterfall. We had walked for eight kilometres and gained 320 metres in height, so all had worked off their local lunch while also getting to see one of Tanzania’s most beautiful waterfalls. The Nambe Waterfall in Materuni Village was a highlight of all hikers’ trip to Tanzania.

Recommended Company for Treks, Safaris, and Other Excursions?

For all of the writer’s treks, tours, safaris, and transportation, he relied on the travel agency Altezza. It was a pleasure working with the guides and drivers, who were always on time, well-trained, and provided a wide range of tours, hikes, and activities. 

Recommended Accommodations in Arusha Near Materuni Waterfall Moshi

With a breathtaking view of Mount Meru and 5-star magnificence, the Gran Melia Arusha is the best overall hotel in the region.

The Wakawaka Hostel was the go-to place for a low-cost stay because of its terrific location and laid-back atmosphere.

It’s hard to beat the low prices at Tulia Boutique Hotel & Spa, which also has a pool and high-end amenities.

Materuni waterfalls entrance fee – About $42USD per non citizen adult.

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