Beer in Tanzania – Breweries, Craft Breweries and Domestic Brands

Beer in Tanzania – Breweries, Craft Breweries and Domestic Brands

Beer (called bia in Kiswahili) and alcohol form a core part of the Tanzanian society. Tanzanian beer brands are loved by Tanzanians as it evokes a powerful feeling of national delight. Beer brewing and drinking are widespread in Tanzania. In terms of beer consumption, Tanzania is ranked sixth in Africa, and the country contributes more than three percent to the total beer consumption in Africa. However, more than ninety percent of the Beer in Tanzania production is either home-brewed or made in the informal sector. The beer price in Tanzania for bottled/canned beer is highly priced and costs almost six times more than maize beers. Nevertheless, beer taxes and sales are core parts of the country’s economy.

Beer is a huge component of Tanzania’s economy. Tanzania Breweries Ltd. and East African Breweries Ltd. (EABL) through Serengeti Breweries Ltd are the two biggest beer makers. The two companies are listed on the stock and securities exchange and generate some of the biggest income in Tanzania. Tanzania Breweries pays the largest tax in Tanzania. In 2014, the company nearly made more than a trillion Tanzanian shillings in income.

Breweries With the Best Beer in Tanzania

Qingdao Sino Tanzania Breweries

The company was formally registered in 2005. It is a Chinese-owned brewery and a minor player in the Tanzanian beer market. It is best known for its two beer brands, King Oryx Dark Lager and King Oryx Lager.

Serengeti Breweries Ltd.

Serengeti Breweries is the second-biggest brewer in Tanzania and producer of all types of Beer in Tanzania and owns almost 15 percent share of the bottled/canned beer market. It was established as Associated Breweries Ltd. in 1988 with its flagship beer Serengeti Lager. The company was rechristened Serengeti Breweries Ltd. in 2002 and is headquartered in the city of Dar es Salaam. East African Breweries Ltd. acquired 51 percent of Serengeti Breweries in 2010. The acquisition marked their return to the Tanzanian market since they were forced to leave in 1976. It operates three production facilities in  Moshi (500,000 hectoliters), Mwanza (600,000 hectoliters), and Dar es Salaam (300,000 hectoliters). Serengeti Breweries is not traded directly on the Dar es Salaam exchange, although its parent company (East African Breweries) is listed on the Nairobi Stock Exchange.

Tanzania Breweries Limited

A worker in one of the assembly lines at the Tanzania Breweries Limited
A worker in one of the assembly lines at the Tanzania Breweries Limited

The brewery started in 1932 and was known as Tanganyika Breweries before Kenya Breweries Ltd. acquired it in 1935. The two companies merged in 1936 to become the current East African Breweries Ltd, which is still operational. The government nationalized Tanzania Breweries in 1976 in line with the Arusha Declaration. In 1993, the government sold the brewery to SAB Miller after operating it unsuccessfully for 25 years. The ownership composition of the company has changed many times, although SAB Miller still owns the majority stake. The company is currently listed as TBL on DSE. Tanzania Breweries pays the highest tax in Tanzania; it is also the stock traded most on DSE. Currently, TBL owns 80 percent of the market share of beer in Tanzania.

Craft Breweries

Presently, small-scale local breweries brew the majority of the craft beer. The craft brewery market is undeveloped, and presently just two craft breweries exist in Tanzania – Arusha-based Twiga Brewery and Dar es Salaam – based Crafty Dee Brewing Company Limited. Twiga Brewery was established in 2015. It is the first craft brewery in Tanzania and has two beer brands – Twiga Stout and Twiga Ale. On the other hand, Dee’s Gold is Crafty Dee’s major brand.

Imported Beer in Tanzania

In Tanzania, two of the most popular imported beers are Budweiser and Windhoek. Both brands are widely available throughout the country, and they are usually priced similarly. However, there can be some variation in price depending on the specific product, the retailer, and other factors.

Budweiser beer price in Tanzania is typically between 2000 and 3000 TZS per bottle, while Windhoek beer price in Tanzania is usually priced between 1500 and 3000 TZS per bottle. However, prices can vary depending on the particular product, the retailer, and other factors. For example, Windhoek Lager is sometimes priced higher than Budweiser due to its higher alcohol content.

Domestic Brands of Beer in Tanzania

Many beer brands are produced in Tanzania, and there are many global brands like Pilsner and Caster Lager. The table below lists twelve domestic brands.

Tanzania Caster Lager
Tanzania Caster Lager
Brand Style ABV Brewer
Tanzanian Kibo Gold Pale lager 4.8% Tanzania Breweries Ltd
Kilimanjaro Premium Lager Pale lager 4.5% Tanzania Breweries Ltd
Serengeti The Kick Strong Pale Lager/ Imperial Pils 7% Serengeti Breweries Ltd
Uhuru Peak Lager Vienna/Amber Lager 5.8% Serengeti Breweries Ltd
King Oryx Lager Pale lager 6% Qingdao Sino Breweries
Bia Bingwa Strong Pale Lager/ Imperial Pils 7% Tanzania Breweries Ltd
Twiga Ale Golden Ale 4.5% Twiga Brewery
King Oryx Dark Lager Tmavy/ Dunkel   Qingdao Sino Breweries
Twiga Stout Stout 5.6% Twiga Brewery
Serengeti Premium Lager Premium lager 5.5% Serengeti Breweries Ltd
Safari Lager Pale lager 5.5% Tanzania Breweries Ltd
Ndovu Special Malt Pale lager 4.8% Tanzania Breweries Ltd

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