Self Drive Safari Tanzania – Advantages and Disadvantages

Self Drive Safari Tanzania – Advantages and Disadvantages

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Self Drive Safari in Tanzania

Is It Possible to Drive on Your Own Tanzania Self Drive Safari?

What are the pros and cons of self drive safari Tanzania tours? Tanzania’s unique wildlife and mountain environment is a popular tourism destination for international visitors because of its safari and trekking certifications. A tiny percentage of Americans ponder whether they’d like to see the country’s sights on their own or with the assistance of a tour guide. What are the benefits and loopholes of doing so if you’re on your own? Today’s post is designed to help you make the best decision possible.

Around 1.53 million visitors dwelled in Tanzania’s national parks worldwide before the corona pandemic. A slim number of these tourists decided to go on a self drive safari Tanzania expeditions. However, what is the disadvantages of taking a safari expedition in a Land Cruiser, as most people do? Why do so many people travel with a guidebook in their hands? As a tour guide, I am well aware of the advantages of a guided tour. Even when traveling alone, I’m a fan of driving myself. Until now, this has only been an issue in Tanzania. Many blogs and forums are excellent sources of information for people who want to learn more about being a self-driven tourist in Tanzania over the past four years. Next, I’ll compare these self-driving excursions against a guided safari. It is important to remember that we provide two sorts of safaris with us:

  1. A preset safari route followed by a group of two to seven people.
  2. And private tours for a group of one to seven people traveling together as a single unit. A pre-booked agenda and no strangers accompany you on these private guided tours.

Inquiring minds want to know more about going to Tanzania. We’d be happy to help you out. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Tanzanian Self Drive Vacations

In the following parts, I’ve compiled a list of the benefits and drawbacks I found when researching self-driving blogs and forums. To be as current as possible, I only utilized examples from the last four years:

Benefits of Self Drive Safaris in Tanzania

Tourists have set up a picnic to watch animals in Serengeti during their self drive safari Tanzania tour
Tourists have set up a picnic to watch animals in Serengeti during their self drive safari Tanzania tour
  • Compared to guided group tours, self drive safari Tanzania tours, ushered by self-drive lodging tours, give you more freedom and control over your itinerary. Seeing more birds or elephants is more appealing. How long do you want to spend watching the lions? Is it okay if you stay another day at the national park? Guided private camping trips can also help you achieve this goal to a large extent.
  • Unlike a guided safari, you will not be traveling with strangers and will not be obliged to make arrangements with anyone; on the other hand, you’ll only have to deal with your guide.
  • Taking a self-drive holiday, especially in a remote place, can be even more thrilling without a guide.
  • There is a good chance of further surprises, both positively and negatively.
  • While a guide could have handled things, you are more likely to interact with locals.

Drawbacks of Self Driving Safaris in Tanzania

  • Lengthy rental car handover times and the need to locate inventory items that are not in the vehicle. There are instances like:
  1. Rental companies are forced to travel into the city to obtain the essential supplies.
  2. Pick up your camping equipment from the storage facility of the rental provider.
  • Several rental car companies prohibit driving in the Serengeti National Park; it can be too expensive. Flat-rate per-kilometer payments should also be used cautiously, as they can quickly become prohibitively expensive if the free miles offered are exceeded.
  • Retractable roof hatch Land Cruisers are more expensive than those with fixed roofs.
  • You must plan the entire trip and route on your own.
  • There are times when GPS is required to locate private campgrounds that are not designated; it is preferable to enter the coordinates ahead of time. However, precise coordinates are not always available, making it more challenging to locate campsites.
  • Scheduling and timing are often tricky, with routes taking longer than scheduled.
  • You’ll have to look for speed bumps, speed limits, and police checks. Addendum to other people’s regular rude driving manner, especially buses and trucks.
  • A usual occurrence is to become stuck on a sandy riverbed or get caught in a tropical rainstorm and become stranded in mud, and you need assistance to get out of it. The result is as follows:
  1. There is a chance that assistance will not arrive on time if it is sought.
  2. Emergency calls may not be possible on remote self drive safari Tanzania routes due to cell phone signal dead spots.
  • Errors caused by ignorance or inexperience can take longer to fix and cost more money in the long run, like if gate times are not clung to, you misinterpreted the 24-hour control of ticket admission, or you underestimated the need to refuel or forgot.
  • If the payment or code selection technology does not work and you do not know how to fix it or who to speak to, you may waste time at the gates.
  • Queue positions are occasionally contested.
  • Camp trips necessitate self-catering.
  • Convenience stores and supermarkets charge exorbitant prices.
  • Depending on the region and season, you may be hesitant to drive on the roads if they are in bad condition; as a result, more care should be used when driving eggs.
  • Each day and at all times, you must be highly flexible.
  • If you don’t have an experienced guide, you’ll have a far lower chance of seeing wildlife. So guides are regularly sought out for guidance on travel plans.
  • In contrast to traveling in a group, the costs and care required for an individual are higher. The Ngorongoro Crater is one of the most famous sights in Tanzania; however, some people prefer to avoid it to mitigate the cost.
  • You may think that driving alone will save you money, but this is not always the case in many cases. A guided tour is often less expensive or, at most, not more pricey.

Self-driving experiences in the previous categories have a long list of limitations. This is a fact that the vast majority of self-drivers do not try to hide. However, the few benefits outlined here have a considerably greater personal relevance due to several qualitative characteristics. Despite all the drawbacks, many people find the adventure worth it.

If you’re not scared off by all the possible drawbacks, you never know if you’ll be lucky; here are some things to ponder about:

  • Ensure that the rental automobile is in excellent condition when you receive it, without any doubt. An Automobile Club can include a set of rental car pick-up instructions that you can use. If your rental car breaks down in a national park, you will lose coffers and terms because the rental company is unlikely to reimburse you for the additional day.
  • You should ensure a sound navigation system or a reliable mobile app with the most recent maps., PocketEarth, and Tracks4Africa are also often cited alternatives. The park’s signposts become less and fewer as one goes away from major highways. There are undoubtedly many zebra stripes on the Serengeti’s roads. Sadly, these signs aren’t well-maintained road crossings of the vast wilderness in this location.
Some of the major features offered by Maps me
Some of the major features offered by Maps me
  • Additionally, a working cell phone is a must-have. Packing two fully charged phones while traveling in a group is a good idea. One of them must have a local SIM card to use local networks. Even if you’re stranded somewhere, having two mobile phones enhances the chances that one of them will pick up a signal.

If you want to get more feedback and opinions from different travelers who have actually experienced such an expedition, a self drive safari Tanzania forum such as this one Tripadvisor would be a great place to start.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Tanzanian Guided Tours

I’ve put up this summary based on the thoughts of several people I’ve met on group tours or one-on-one excursions over the previous few years.

Drawbacks of Tanzanian Guided Tours

  • Your trip will be appropriately planned and arranged, making you feel more comfortable. Adventure is still intense but less “adventurously unpredictable and unforeseeable” than a self-drive tour.
  • You have to cater to a wide range of hobbies and expectations on group safaris: some fellows may be birders, while others only want to see the Big Five. A private guided safari avoids or dramatically reduces the severity of this issue.
  • To have a private tour and a private self drive safari Tanzania tour you must be fortunate enough to be the only guest on your tour; otherwise, your group excursion will be treated as a public one. In any case, you’ll always have your guide.

Benefits of Tanzanian Guided Tours

  • The Land Cruiser safari vehicle will be in the best possible condition if you hire a tour operator.
  • Group tours for one to three people are generally more cost-effective for singles and couples than for one to three people traveling alone.
  • Private guided excursions can be tailored to the participant’s preferences. It is slightly more expensive than a guided group tour if at least four people are in your private party. One of the reasons is the cost of the safari vehicle and guide.
  • The Toyota Land Cruisers are always included in the trip charge, as are window seats and a pop-up canopy for a 360-degree view.
  • You’ll know upfront which expenses are covered and which ones you’ll have to cover out of pocket.
  • A team of seasoned and trained travel experts organizes, plans, and executes your safari. So that you can relax and enjoy your tour to the fullest
  • You don’t have to worry about making many decisions about your trip. Visitors who make decisions at home have informed me that this is extremely relaxing and pleasurable.
  • You can sit back and enjoy the scenery instead of driving. Neither the distance, time spent driving, nor the number of police checks is a worry. In addition, your driver will anticipate probable road and weather problems.
  • Your driver will take care of all car repairs and maintenance.
  • On the other hand, it is possible that the notion of driving a rental car on the left side of the road could make you nervous. When taking a safari with professionals, there is no need to operate an automobile.
  • Unlike the self drive safari Tanzania tours East African tour operators use radio to converse with each other. They can share information and spot animals more quickly on game drives in national parks. Additionally, they have a much better understanding of the Serengeti’s migratory pathways than any guidebook or computer program.
  • Your guide has a thorough knowledge of the landscape and the routes. Because of this, it will be easier to find what you are looking for, whether it be animals or lodging.
  • Guided camping safaris eliminate the hassle of meal preparation by providing delicious meals prepared by your team.
  • New friends are created on the group tours led by tour guides.
  • With fascinating facts about the animals and their environment, your guide will open a window into the culture of the country you’ll be visiting, allowing you to get a feel for the people and the way of life there.
  • Going on a guided tour is always safer than traveling alone in a new country. If you’re visiting Africa for the first time, it’s imperative to keep this in mind.

In light of the preceding considerations, it is evident that the benefits of guided excursions outweigh the drawbacks. Choosing between self-driving and guided expedition is often a matter of personal preference. A guided tour is typically the first step for most visitors, even if they return to the country for the second time. Very few that return for a second or third time tends to choose a self-guided tour. You now know more about the country and are more equipped for a road trip. There’s nothing more important than making the most of your time in Tanzania, regardless of whether you choose the self drive safari Tanzania option or go on a guided safari.

Tanzanian safaris are some of the most exciting ways to get up close and personal with wild animals and the natural world. It’s a must-see location. We’d be happy to assist you with any questions you might have and to help you arrange your Tanzanian safari. We are constantly kept informed of the current situation on-site. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We’ll help you design the Tanzanian adventure of your dreams.

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